What’s today? Tuesday??

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We’ve started demolishing the living room.

terrible color. Never mind the clutter on the table in the background.











So that’s what it used to look in the olden days. Before rooms got divided and so forth. When you remove the lilac paneling you come to this…


Ick. Dust gatherer. That and the tarp thing which also has been hiding behind newer chip boards etc…

So you see the lovely light green which we had on the walls before. We’re hoping we’ll end up with white ones this time. When looking at what lays behind you kinda wonder what on earth they were thinking, picking colors for the walls. This was the walls they had to live with. Lilac.. and further into the room, where there was originally another room, there’s pink! As much as I like pink I don’t think I’d like it on my walls…

And here’s the frame work…

I’m really looking forward till we get the studs up and get going on doing things.

That’s about it, really, for what’s going on. Of course there’s Minecraft, but nothing much has changed there.

My nails have turned to shit, for some reason. I thought it was iron deficiency, and it still might be it.. I started taking iron tablets and I haven’t seen a change…
I know, I know. I have to take them longer than a week or so. And nails will have to grow out before you see a change. But ugh. I want my nails to be nice-ish again. I have this really kick ass nail decal decor thing, and I need long nails for it to look good. And we have started eating more green veggies or veggies in general. I don’t know.
I’m sure my nails won’t get any better as long as we’re doing this room stuff… but on the other hand I don’t have work for any foreseeable future, which sucks, but they will, maybe, not splinter and get all manky.
Why I don’t have work, you ask. There are reasons. Like people getting hours I should have had, rightfully, if seniority worked properly. And the firm wanting to save money, which I understand. It’s just frustrating. I just want to work and earn money. I want tattoos and a license.. and a car. So I seriously need to win the lottery. That’s the only way I can see me getting the money I need. And if I get the money I need, I don’t need to work.
Well, that took a dark turn. Maybe I should do some dishes or something instead of wallowing in my worklessness. Sometimes being a temp sucks.

Be utterly excellent to each other.

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