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Minecraft Diary entry: new…

Dear Diary.

I have had some horrible days. I moved on from my old home and found a mountain to dwell on. I like the area. I have woods near by, snowy woods, swamps and seas. I also have loads of new grounds to explore, and I have been. I’ve got enough gold and iron now to make whatever I need. Although, even though I wasted a lot of the gold on a Tower Of Pimps (see RoosterTeeth on Youtube.. they have a Minecraft let’s play which is hilarious), I feel I have enough. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have more.
So, I was exploring and found a craves which had almost everything I’d ever want. When I came to the surface again I realised I was lost. So very, very lost. I started to walk, and I walked and walked… and I realised that I might fall of a cliff and die, so I made a shelter, made a chest and put all the important things I wanted to keep in it; gold, diamonds, enchanted books and so forth. I even had the foresight to write down the coordinates to the shelter. I went on, hoping I’d find my way. After days of walking I got caught out in the rain… and after circling the same mountain range three times I made another shelter, put all the thing I wanted to keep in a chest, wrote down the coordinates and jumped off a cliff. It was the only way I could think off to get home. It was first when I got back home that I noticed I had forgotten to write down the z: coordinate. *sighs* I DID take a screenshot of the first shelter, so I had the z: thing there, but I tried to find it, but… I almost got lost again. And it was on this reconnaissance mission that I found the exit to the massive cave I had been in, and it was RIGHT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FUCKING MOUNTAIN FROM WHERE MY HOUSE IS!!!! I could punch a baby.
Needless to say I haven’t found my secret hideouts yet, but I won’t give up. The new map system sucks, by the way. Having loads of tiny maps doesn’t help me at all! I know I can stitch them together, but ain’t nobody got time for dat!
So, I was out looking for cows. I needed leather to make books. Damn it, I have an enchantment table and I intend to have hieroglyphs jump from the bookshelves to the book. It’s cool! So anyway.. I was run-jumping to make up for lost time, I had found a tiny hole to dig for coal and iron, and I thought I was lost when I got up… so I ran.. and jumped.. and suddenly the ground was gone. I had time to look up and see that hole I was falling down.. and I looked down, seeing the ground come screaming towards me.. it was dark.. and was thinking: “FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!” and a waterfall caught me and placed me gently on the bottom of the chasm. I was relieved. I hardly ever make sounds when I play, but this time a moan of defeat escaped me. I managed to find my way out and eventually made my way home. I think I need to make some kind of marker so that if I get lost again, then I might stumble upon them and get home faster. I’ve tried stacking cobblestone and putting torches on them, but that’s not good enough. Maybe if I plant them closer…
And Endermen! I had one outside my house… and that was something I noticed in the other house too…. they raged… They aren’t suppose to rage if you look at them through a window, but they did. I looked at them and they started to shake with rage. I was worried he’d teleport into my house and attack me.
Please tell me it’s something new and that I don’t have psyco endermen in my game…
Callisto sure is a scary place.


Mood: Pretty darn good.
Listening to: Lonely Island – Cool guys don’t look at Explosions (I didn’t even know this song existed until I heard it on Geekcounty’s Twitch channel when they were invaded by a guy with mad codes…. You had to be there. It was SO fucking funny).

So, a new year.
As always I don’t have any resolutions. I don’t believe in them. All I can do is be a better me, and that’s a life goal and not a resolution.
As for yesterday. It was a very quiet day. We didn’t have a huge party, partly because Jan had work in the morning and because we didn’t really feel like it. But I did make roasted duck. As far as I know it’s the first time. I think I made Peking duck once, or tried to… but I’m not sure.. I know, it’s weird to not remember food, but there you go. It was a smashing success. Even though I didn’t have molasses for the glaze I made due with the honey and other things that I had. I’m totally going to make it again. Jan suggested that we’d do a goose upcoming new year and why not. But for a goose I think we’ll need more people.
With the duck I served potatoes and a creamy mushroom sauce. It was mmm-m good.
And then there was the fireworks. We didn’t have any because we don’t want to waste money on it. Our neighbours spend loads, so we enjoy watching theirs instead. But last night was so foggy I could hardly see anything. And with the droopy weather we had I had more a feeling of WW3 than New Years Eve. Especially when the fog horn started to sound.

Anyway. I hope this new year is good to you and that whatever dreams and hopes you have will come true.