My Birthday

Mood: So so so good.
Listening to: TheRadBrad playing Cryostasis on Youtube. (By the way, I stopped listening to/watch GhostRobo ages ago. He started to get on my nerves. He was annoying and just pissed off so many people with his “Oh, I don’t want to play that game. It’s too hard (Dark Souls).” and repeating stuff while he was playing his game… “I’m a beast, I’m a beast, I’m a beast beast beast. I’m a beast, I’m a beast, I’m a beast.” and “ARH!! YOU FREAK OF NATURE. Get out of my brain space”). I prefer to listen to/watch people who will stick with a game, like their fans and all that. So TheRadBrad, GameFrontDotCom, EpicnameBro, Vash12349, Eclipse10, Scorch82 . Thank you for being awesome and entertaining.

So, anyways…  My birthday, which was yesterday, was AMAZING!!!! (yesterday being Friday the 10th of August).
My dad came on Monday, on Tuesday we went to Sweden to get loads of stuff for the party, on Wednesday Camilla dropped in to get some T-bone steak before she left. She was visiting a friend on Friday so she couldn’t come then.. which is why she came by on Wednesday instead. The T-bone steak was soooo delicious. I love cow, I’m telling you. On Thursday my mom, her bf and my brother came and we had a really great late supper of oven baked and grilled trout. Yes, two trouts. 6 people staying here is the most I’ve ever had, I think. But we did great. Sat out till late, had a wonderful time. Then on Friday I got showered with money. Everyone gave me money, which is great, cause that’s what I wanted. And mom gave me pink roses. They are so gorgeous. I’ll take a picture of them when they bloom a little more. The day started out rainy and not very nice, but around noon the sky cleared up and we had sun the rest of the day. Later we bbq’d. Jan had gotten some marinated beef (tenderloin) and some marinated pork (tenderloin) served with potaotes, salad and a tomatoe/onion salad. You didn’t even have to chew the meat it was so tender. We got so stuffed. And we have so much meat left for dinner today. XD
Then we got our drink on and moved the tables around the lawn to catch the sun. Eventually we ended up on the new pourch (Oh yeah. That’s new. I’ll post pictures) and sat there till 1am. And for the first time in my life I saw shooting stars. 4 of them. It totally compleeted my day.
The day was perfect. If I were to have my bday again, I want that day. But now I think I want to scavange for a pork chop… which we also had… mmmmm… leftovers…


2 responses to “My Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday Lene! Just had mine August 19th. don’t mind telling you I didn’t know if I’d see it this year. Everything is good here, hope you all are doing well. Miss you guys/gals.

  2. Happy Birthday, G. Long time no see. I’m so glad that you got to experience the day.
    If you want to drop by and say hello to the gang, feel free to do so. We miss you too.