Monthly Archives: April 2012

It’s Easter…

Mood: Bored.
Listening to: Mitch from GameFronDotCom playing Dark Souls. Yes, it’s on Youtube, of course.
These guys are hilarious…which means there are more of them. Mitch, James and Zac are the ones that deal with the game play… Mostly Mitch and James. And they are great at pranking. For April 1st they made everyone think that James got pissed off and quit his job because he wanted to be an interpretive dancer instead. They did have me worried… up until he said that. But they did put in a good show.

Anyways… It’s Easter and I’m bored. I wish I had Skyrim.. I want to play. But I need a better computer for it. AND!!!!! Since Diablo III comes out in May (May 15th YAY!!) I will need a better computer for that game too. *sighs*
I’m sure Skyrim would work on my computer, I’m just scared it’s be choppy and result in a blue screen of death before long. Or the game will just crash and I’ll get pissed off.

On the plus side of today.. which was not always boring… we went to Sweden. I’ve been keeping an eye on a top in one of the stores at the mall there, and yesterday when I checked their website it was gone… and I got sad. But I went into the store anyway because I wanted a cardigan, which I found… and I was looking at the sales rack AND THERE WAS THE TOP!!! =D
I was very pleased… So I got that and the cardigan.
And I got cracker jacks. I’ve never tried them, but I felt it was time.. hehehe. I just hope I like them. Would be sad if I found out I don’t like them like I found out with Jelly Babies. That really broke my heart.

I know.. I’ll knit.

I want chocolate….