Monthly Archives: October 2016

Just a quick update


Yeah, it’s been ages. And I have been meaning to post something for ages, but I haven’t had anything really to write about. Which is weird because this has been some of the most busy months for me. We’ve been busy dealing with selling dad’s house and a lot of other things.
But the thing I really want to write about has to wait a little longer. The story behind the story. It’ll be a long entry, but I want it out, but now is not the time. I know I’m being cryptic. And why shouldn’t I? I want you to stay interested.
But I can promise you it has drama.

I’m also struggling a lot with feelings of guilt. I feel terrible that we sold the house. I feel terrible for what happened to my dad right before he died, the pain he had to go through. It also struck me the other day that “shit, he won’t be around for Christmas.” Do I pick up the thread where he left off? Do I buy Christmas gifts for my cousins instead? I don’t want them to miss out, you know.. even though they are as old as I am.
But I must soldier on. I can’t lay down and let it get to me.
First thing on the agenda… a shower.

I promise my story will be told. And I will do it soon…ish. I just have to figure out the right time.

Be good to yourself. And each other.