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Monday entries…

Mood: Pretty good.
Listening to: Some people talking. I’m watching videos on Youtube; Real life Paranormal Activity. Yeah, I’m bored, and I’ll get on Lobosjr later on.

So, I fucked up Skyrim… lol
I made Bale, like I said earlier, and he was going to be awesome and strong and not scared of dragons, even though he does run away from them from time to time. But that’s just healthy scepticism when it comes to dangerous, possibly life threatening situations. So the fuck up is… There’s a mission, along the main quest tree, where you have to crash a party. Before that you’re supposed to an elf and hand him whatever you’ll need at the party, like armour, weapons, potions and lockpicks. I had totally forgot about that, but I did click a weapon for him to grab for me. Later I found out he didn’t take the weapon, and when I was doing the mission I was out of potions, I had found a few after killing some guards, and I was in a bad way. I couldn’t get ahead. So I had to backtrack.. reload former save… and I’m at the stable.. I still don’t have the things I need for the mission, but I reckon that if I level up loads and get more powerful magic, then I can do it. I’ll get a familiar and some shit. It’s just really annoying. I’ll work on it, at least.

What else…
We, hubby and I, have been helping out his dad with the conservatory. Like this weekend we were there on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday we did odd jobs, picking up cut offs and stuff and putting it all in a nice fire. And then I started painting one of the walls. It’s the one where the long window will be, and we decided it would be better to get it done before the window people came to put it in. On Sunday, yesterday, I started painting the wall where the door is going to be, but hubby and his dad measured the door and found our the opening was too small. So I had to stop painting while they demolished parts of the opening. I really hope that the door that’s out there is the right door, that they didn’t make the opening larger for no reason.
And the guy who was paid to do it, is almost always a no show. I seriously hope he gives back the money he got, but I know he won’t. The fucked up thing is that he’s a friend of hubbies brother. But on the other hand… we can make his life a living hell.
I don’t know if I’ve written about it, but we worked with him, hubby, his brother and I not too long ago, and I was doing something. And then, while I was standing right next to him, he asked brother in law where I was from. I told that he could have just asked me. I was right there. But he just looked at me and was all “oh, uh uh, I was just wondering.. like from the north or something…” totally back peddling. And brother in law, who is a kidder, saw where I was coming from and told him to ask me. And when he couldn’t figure it out we tried to help him. Like what’s the biggest town on the West Coast. And he was clueless and started mumbling about me being from the south of Norway. In all honesty it doesn’t help that hubby says I’m not from Norway. But yeah, eventually, he found out I’m from Bergen, and then went “Is Bergen really the largest city on the West Coast?”  Well, duh.
And then he tried to muscle in on my job! Hubby will leave me to it, he knows I won’t give up. And brother in law said “leave her. She’s not a quitter”. But seriously. Mind your own job, please. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I need help at all times. Yes, it’s a hand saw.. it’s not rocket science. And I did it too. Not cut the board in half.. the job was a little more involved than that.. lol.
I had to cut out small squares in the board so that it could be put up against some struts.

I really think that’s about it. Nothing special has really happened.
I’ll write more when I have more.

Be good to each other.

Yeah, I know… sorry…

Mood: Very good. Just had a shower..
Listening to: Achievement Hunters, some of them anyway, play Rainbow Six Vegas. It’s so funny listening to Ray rage when Gavin kills him on accident time and time again.. hehehe.

So yeah, I know it’s been a while. Almost a month. But nothing has happened, really. I started taking Nail Strong, a natural tablet thing to make your nails stronger and not flake like mine has been doing for ages. I’ve been taking them for a little over a month now and they work. I’m really pleased. I finally have the possibility to get long nails! It’s amazing. They are a bit expensive, but they are totally worth it. The only down side to them is that they smell like crap. If you breathe out your nose when you swallow you get a whaft of revulsion, but on the plus side of that, it only lasts for a second or two. So if you don’t breathe when you take them, you’re golden. It says on the package that you have to take them for three months to get the best result, so I hope I have the money for next month. But still, if my nails keep up, I’m not worried.

I also downloaded an app for my cellphone. It’s called Plant Nanny and it’s supposed to help you drink more. It worked great the first day, but after that I kinda cheated. Well, I say cheated, but I do drink more. Just not as much as the app would like me to drink. It says I should drink 6 500 ml glasses a day… and I drink about 4-5 a day. I think that’s pretty darn good, considering my activity level. So, yeah… But still.. every two hours I get a “Water your plant and yourself!” notification, and I just water my plant and that’s about it.
I got a new glass with a lid and a straw. I thought it would be better for me, and my electronics, to have it. Mostly because I spill. I did it again on my ps3. Luckily it wasn’t much and it was sugar free what I spilled, but yeah.. I need to stop being such a cluts.

Speaking of the ps3. I can’t remember if I said I’d be getting a TV by my computer so that I can play whenever I want. But I did, and it’s awesome! I also need to get loud speakers for the TV, but that’s no biggie. I made a small table for the TV to stand on so that I have room for the loud speakers when I get them. So yeah, my new set up is great. Ah, the freedom. =D
Right now I’m playing Lego Harry Potter. I’m in year 3 and Scabbers has just been found out. I’ve met the Dementors and seen someone’s Patronus. Who on earth could that be? Heh heh heh.
I also made a new Skyrim character called Bale. He looks mysteriously a lot like Geralt from the Witcher series. Go figure. XD
Only Bale has ice blue eyes. What can I say.. I love them blue eyes. Maybe I should play some Skyrim. I just don’t like killing dragons, for some reason. Some of those are really hard to kill too.. I entered into the Dark Brotherhood and was sent out a shack in the middle of nowhere, and after I had killed all three people, because I can and I’m somewhat ruthless, but only when I want to, I walked outside and I couldn’t fast travel because there was an enemy nearby. I thought it was a wolf or something and then suddenly a fucking dragon flew over me. I ran and hid like a bitch! But I did take it down. And my sven, or whatever the hell she is.. she’s sworn to carry my burdens, anyway.. she’s tough! I wonder if she’s been nerfed. I can remember her dying like right away when she met some of those dragons.. but she’s been hanging in there. On the way to The Throat of the World, she held her own against the Frost Troll. I was always scared of those things.. so I found a ledge and just shot it with arrows. XD
I like sniping. I prefer it to face to face combat. It’s so unnerving. And I have no idea what to put where in my trees. 😛
I wonder if I should just level up everything and take it from there.

I started to follow Markiplier on Twitter. I don’t know if that was good or bad, but all of a sudden all these people I have NO IDEA who is started to follow me. Like…why? I don’t do anything interesting.. nor are my post that funny. Well, some are, but most of it is just rambling. I just don’t get it. If I was a great Youtuber, producing play-through’s and interesting content I could understand, but not like this..
And speaking of Markiplier; I saw him on Jimmy Kimmel, and Kimmel has no clue. He couldn’t understand why people would sit and watch other people play games. There are loads of reasons why we watch other people playing games. For one we might not have the opportunity to play ourselves, and the other one could be because it’s really entertaining. It’s like watching a movie or watching sports. Not that I watch sports. I can’t understand why people watch that, but it’s the same thing. Interest. I’m interested in games and therefore I watch people play it. So I can imagine people who are interested in sports watch sports. But yeah, he was really mean about it, totally stereo typing Mark for being a gamer. Like, you’re a gamer, so you must be a loser, not having a life, being socially awkward and single, yet still sleeping with all of your fans. And then Kimmel pulled them all into a very disturbing hug, which lasted for far too long, and I don’t blame Mark for breaking out of it. If I had to hug on Kimmel for that long, I’d want to get away too. Gamers do a lot of good. Not all of them are assholes who threaten to kill people if they lose a match on whatever. A lot of gamers raise money to help children’s hospitals and other organisations which need donations to keep their services going. They aren’t just losers living in their parents basement any more. But I guess some people will never understand and keep thinking that gaming is a bad thing, that it breeds violence. No, not always. Most people can play a violent game without being effected negatively by it, but there are some that can’t distinguish between reality and fantasy. But not all of them go out and shoot people. Only a few do. Games has been blamed for far too many things, and it’s about time parents, politicians and news people realised it and stopped blaming the wrong people.

Anyway… this rant must stop.
I’ll write more when I need to vent again.

Be good to each other. You are good enough! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.