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Minecraft diary entry

I think I have finally figured out this map thing. I got lost again and I had been wandering around for ages, and I didn’t want to kill myself again. I also found discarded things on the ground. Wooden axes I haven’t used in ages. I’m unsure when I threw them away, and it was a mystery to me. But I had more mysteries to solve. I prayed to a higher power for a way to find my way home and suddenly an image appeared in my head. They were of all the areas I had been to in this world. But still it didn’t help me. I needed to make some kind of marker so that I could spot where I was in the map. Before I got that, collecting cobblestone to make the marker, I found my way home.
I studdied th map deeply and finally found the hut I made to keep the emeralds and diamonds safe. I hurried there and on the way leaving stone pillars with tourches on them to point the way.
“There and back again. A miners tale…”
I set out at dawn, walked through the day and night and got there about mid-day. Then I walked home again. I found caves on the way there that I need to have a better look at. I need more gold and redstone. Especially if I’m going to make a railroad 1 km long.
I have no idea how to measure that. I guess I’ll just have to build and see. If I am correct, 1000 blocks is 1 km. Which means I’ll need about 15 stacks of 64 of tracks and power rails in between. And this is where I need gold and redstone. I hope I find it soon.
And when I’ve found it, I hope I find my way home easily enough.
I’m still at a loss about the endermen. I don’t like how they rage like they do for no reason. I know that if you look at them they get mad, but I thought you were safe when watching them through a window. At least that’s what’s stated in the encyclopedia.
I’ve also made a quilt for my floor in all the colors possible. It looks really nice. And in the second floor I’ve made a Slytherin carpet… of course.
One thing that I discovered on my travels was a village that had potatoes and carrots. I have to admot that I stole some from them. None of them were willing to trade reasonably. One emerald for 18 of wheat??? NO!
They also want an absurd amount of wheat for bread. One loaf… An amount that if you had that wheat you could make loads more bread than one. It would be fun to see how far they are willing to go.
I long to make a baked potato and pumpkin pie.
I’ve also read in the encyclopedia that if you dig to the center of the earth and then elevate yourself 6-7 levels, you will find diamonds more easily. I tried it and it worked!… and then it stopped working.
I’ve also gotten two dogs… and they had a puppy. I think three dogs is enough, for now. I had a weird thing happen the other day. I was watching a skeleton outside my house, decided I didn’t want it there so I broke the window and shot it with a bow and arrow. Of course I killed it, but when I turned around the tree dogs were watching me. The weird part was that I had them sitting by the enchantment table on the second floor. I didn’t think they’d be able to move while sitting. Would have been fun watching them, tho. Just imagine it… all three dogs scooting across the floor *giggles*.
I’m going to continue baiting the endermen… sooner or later I’ll find out why they rage. I’ll put it in my journal when I find out.

Monday morning…

Mood: Pretty good.
Listening to: Red vs. Blue on Youtube… a very funny show made by Rooster Teeth. Check it out.

Speaking of Red vs. Blue.
I have been putting it off for ever because I’m not into the whole Halo thing, but the show is loads better than I thought it would be.
I decided to give it a try. I had already watched all their pod casts a few times, so I wanted something new. So I started with season 1 and watched it while I was knitting… and when I went to bed I was on season 5. And I’m continuing now. I did watch some of the episodes after I went to bed, but I lost a lot of the thread because I was reading “Hannibal” too.
But I do urge you to check out Red vs. Blue.
What else is new?  Nothing really. Annoying costumers are still annoying. Awesome costumers are still awesome. I worked every night last week and all day Saturday, so I’ve been pretty beat. Good thing Sundays are “relax and have a drink” day. We also ordered pizza yesterday. It’s HUGE! One of those huge pizza’s is enough for 4 people… now we have two pizza dinners in the freezer.
The pizza guy even gave me the pizza sour-cream dressing thingie for free.
I really don’t have anything exciting to tell. Been too busy working and stuff for cool things to have happened to me.
We did see “The Thing”, the new one, the other day… well, I came home from work and there it was… but it was already like 50 min into it and I want to see the whole thing. But now I can’t find it again… and THAT bug the shit out of me.
Yeah, I’m knitting a sweater. I’m working on the back piece and so far so good. I’ll post a picture of it when I’m done…. or something. It’s knitted with alpaca wool and it’s so soft! I can’t wait for it to be done. I’ll never freeze again.
But now I’ll have some chocolate milk.
If anything exciting happens, I’ll post it.