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He finally showed his true colors…

Mood: Pretty darn good, actually.
Listening to: The AH crew, well, Geoff, Michael, Ray and Gavin, playing Rainbow Six Co-op.

So, some things have happened since I blogged last.
The most notable is that my mother called me one day and said her dead beat boyfriend demanded money from her and when she said she couldn’t he got pissy and claimed that she didn’t love him. So he told her that he’d go to Turkey and sell her apartment and give all the money to his sister because she has helped him more than my mother has, apparently.
So my mother informed him that if he went to Turkey, she’d inform her friends to keep an eye out for him, and he replied that he’d never go back to Turkey, that he’d go to the Netherlands instead. So yeah, his true colors shone through. I really hope mum is done with him. Sure, it’s fucked up that he won’t give her the money, but it’s a small price to pay for getting trash out of your life.
She also said she’d tell him to at least pay me back the money I sent him, but I highly doubt I’ll see any of it. I still have the papers and stuff, but it’s like.. whatever.
The kicker is, mum wants to go back… I can see why, if it helps her health, but seriously.. just don’t fall in love with the locals. They aren’t good. She has tried some of them, they didn’t work out.. leave it alone. PLEASE!

In other news. My friend, Keri, and I have been writing a book. I think I might have mentioned in before, I can’t remember.. Hang on…
Nope. Haven’t mentioned it.
Anyways. The story is; a long, long time ago. I can still remember how the music used to make me smile. OR, if you prefer: A long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… *EPIC INTRO*
So, my friend Keri contacted me before Christmas. We had fallen out of touch for like 6 years or so, and back then we were really good friends. Never met each other, talked on the phone at least once, I think.. or via computer thing.
The story is that back then we started a collaborative book. It has Kings, Princes, Princesses, love and wars. Although, I don’t think war was big in our old story. It had love too, of course.. and sex. You can’t have medieval stuff without sex. When we initially wrote our story we had “her” character get bitten by a vampire. But since we stopped talking we stopped writing.. and it just died, in a way. But now we’ve started writing again. We’ve dropped the vampire from the story. We felt the market is flooded with vampires, and hardly any of them good. So we stick with, hopefully, a good story with tasteful sex in it.
We’re still working on it, but entering the final few chapters. My wish for this book is that it’ll give me some fans, and that’ll it be easier to release other things, like my murder mystery stuff, which I’m also working on, but have been put on the back-burner for the time being. I’ll keep you posted, whoever you are.. I have no idea if this blog ever gets read. Hehehe.

I hope that I’ll get a new computer soon.
This old girl is really not happy. It had an update yesterday and, even though it has Vista on it, went back to standard Windows look. I was in shock when I saw it.. and when I tried to restart it she was spinning for like 5 minutes before I pushed the button on her.. But at least she restarted.. and after another 8 minutes she was up and running. Looking like her old self.
I also think that when I get the new computer, I might get GTA V from steam. I just don’t know if it’ll be better on PC or PS3. So many decisions. D=
I also saw A gamer on youtube, pretty well known guy, Markiplier, play Dead Space and Dead Space 2. I need Dead Space!!! It’s not that expensive on CDON, but it’s sold out, so I’ll have to wait..

Anyway, that’s it for now..

Be good to yourself and each other.