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Dracula Untold *SPOILERS*

So, in his spare time, Bard from “The Hobbit” is moonlighting as a prince. And he takes Turks. I don’t blame him. I have yet to hear of one that can be trusted.

So Vlad the Impaler gets in trouble with the Turks who wants his boys, every boy in his country, to fight for them. And weaved into the tapestry of history there is something dark.

I’m afraid that all I’ll take away from this movie is “Never trust a Turk” and they are greedy bastards. No, not just back in the day. Now, too.  Go on, prove me wrong. Make my mothers deadbeat boyfriend go to Turkey and sell her apartment… like he said he would AGES AGO!!! All this without bitching and moaning about not having money. Go on. Prove me wrong! Need more examples? How about her first Turkish boyfriend who admitted to only wanting to marry her so he could get a green card. How about the next one? The one that physically attacked her and then gladly took things of hers that were valuable. I guess you could call that stealing. So why didn’t she call the police? Would you? They aren’t trustworthy either. So please. Prove me wrong.

Enough of them for now, though. One plus to the movie. Charles Dance is in it. He is the Master Vampire. It is somewhat difficult to see under all the make-up, but it’s him. He is a great bad guy.

OK, so Vlad drank the blood of Master after he gave him a story about how, if he managed to go three days without drinking blood, he’d go back to his old self. And then, after he has drunk the blood he asks “What now?” and the Master says “You die…”. Does that mean that if he does manage to not drink blood he’ll die since he’s already dead? So many questions.

And he can turn into a flock of bats.. I get serious Van Helsing vibes from Vlad. They should have called the movie Van Dracula vs The Turks instead.
It started out as a nice story. Now it’s just meh. It just turned very meh. And we’re not even halfway.
No! No no no no!! It’s supposed to be the CANINE TEETH!!! Not the incisors! I hate it when they get that wrong. Why did they shy away from canine teeth? There’s a reason they are pointy.. and there’s a reason incisors are NOT pointy. They are for cutting.. canines are for puncturing! GAH!! When did they stop doing that? Is it all Vampire Diaries fault? Ugh. Such rage. It looks STUPID!!!!
And they got the impaling wrong too. It was a punishment and the person being impaled was impaled through the arse, thought the body and out the neck. Of course I don’t know if that was practiced on the battlefield in the middle of a war. I’ve forgotten a lot of the story about Vlad. I know he was taken by the Turks when he was a kid. But I can’t remember if the Turks taught him the art of impaling.
And they are using, seemingly, Lord of the Rings surplus swords. Good thing nothing goes to waste.
300 got nothing on Vlad.
OK! Plot twist.
Vlad turns everyone into vampires. Didn’t see that one coming.
So, the Turks are beaten and Vlad kills “his people” by making the sun come out (because Dracula has the power to make it cloudy).
But Vlad is then saved by his human servant.
Cut to modern day. Vlad finds Mina, the spitting image of his dead wife. And Charles Dance looking gorgeous in a suit. I thought Master Vampire was supposed to die or something when Vlad drank blood. Or was that just to release him from the cave he was in. Oh well…
He says something about games and to let them begin. Will there be yet another Dracula movie?
I hope not.
Let’s just say that I’ve shied away from vampire things of late. They aren’t good. They don’t get the teeth thing right and that pisses me off. I’ll stick to Hammer vampires and Coppola’s Dracula. Those were good ones.
But that said. The acting was good and all. Story was good. Everything was OK. But I don’t know.. It didn’t keep me on tenterhooks. It was just there and yeah. 5/10
Unless you’re really into vampires and don’t care about the teeth, watch it.

The Godfather Book vs. Movie

The Godfather is one of my all time favorite movies, so I decided to read the book to see if there were a lot of changes made.  I’m pleased to say that most of the movie is exactly how it was written in 1969 by Mario Puzo.  There are some things left out and honestly I don’t see these things as important.
Ex. At the beginning of the movie, at the wedding, Sonny Corleone retreats to the house for some hot nookie with one of the bridesmaids. You get to know more about her story in the book, and after *SPOILER* Sonny dies, we learn of how she’s sent to Las Vegas by the Don and Hagen to keep an eye on Fredo, of how she gets a boyfriend and how she doesn’t want to sleep with him because her vag is as big as a cathedral. Needless to say, her boyfriend, a doctor, finally gets her in the sack and figures out why she was so unwilling. He tells her she can get her “problem” fixed…and she does. To me it just seems like filler.
The same goes for Johnny Fontane and how the Godfather helps him make it in Hollywood. Filler.  I can see why they didn’t put it in the movie, because unless she hid Michael Corleone up her vag for the fie years he was in hiding, I don’t see the relevance at all.
While reading the book I also figured out some things about myself. One being that I think I need to stop reading books translated into Norwegian. Especially when the translation is sucky. I lose the will to read when I see crappy translations.
I was reading Hugh Laurie’s “The Gun Seller”, which was funny and entertaining, but crappy translations made me want to claw my eyes out. It is clear that the main character is an all English chap, an old bean – eh whot? and all that…but about in the middle of the book, Norwegian translation, he’s at a strip club and a woman in tight leather skirt is at the door and he gives her a smile that shows her that he is from Norway, and that The Shala (strip club) is the right place to relax after a hard day of being Norwegian.
That just ruined it for me. It’s so sloppy! I thought that when you were a translator, you translate, not rewrite the bloody book.
I’ll stick to English books. At least then I’ll get the whole story as it’s supposed to be and not how the person translated it read it.
But yeah, The Godfather.
Both book and movie is great. If you have the time, read the book. It’s worth it.

Splice, a Lene movie review

Finally, it’s on my TV!!! After years of waiting to catch it on the Internet, it’s HERE!!! Wheee….
I don’t know if any of you have seen it, but apparently it’s about aliens.. or DNA from an alien.. spliced with a toad. (IT’S REALLY ABOUT SCIENTISTS MIXING DNA FROM LOADS OF CREATURS, MAKING A THING FOR MEDICAL BENIFITS) Idk.. I havne’t seen it before, and I’ve forgotten the back story.
OK, yeah… Aliens.. more of them. A science lab has two of them, introduced them to each other and they mated.
Of course, there are bad people in this movie, the “company”, meaning to shut down everything. So.. the clincher, I guess, that they mean to slice alien DNA with human DNA, cause that’s always a good idea.
So instead of being shut down, the science people decide to go ahead with it.. like I said.. always a good idea.
Also the science people are into each other… and I foresee bad things in the future.
Oh, good… the female scientist has hijacked the embryo.. good times. And splicing commences.
WHAT??? They have a fake uterus???? What the eff??? Ugh, movie love… I need Ice cream for this…
Shit… so stuff happened while I was getting ice cream… the female scientist got her hand bitten by the splice thing and male scientist has to save her by breaking the fake womb. and they put the splice thingie in an incubator. Then they got up enough courage they went back to look at it, but it’s dead… but no.. it’s kinda cute, actually. I have to admit that this whole setup reminds me of Species.
Anyway.. they figure our how to feed it, and she slowly grows.
Too bad I won’t be able to watch the whole movie, but at least I know it’s there now.
Oh yeah.. the movie. Dren, the thing, got ill and male scientist tried to drown her. And when he actually saved her he got all “OF COURSE I KNEW SHE HAD AMPHIBIOUS LUNGES HAHAHAH!!!”
And she goes of growing. OK, so it’s not alien DNA. The two thingies at the beginning were made. Like by the science people.
And now Dren has escaped. This is why women shouldn’t be scientists. Not when they get too attached to things they make. I’m not saying that men are cold, but can just as easily get too attached too.
Oh ,great… She escaped again… and evolved… growing wings. And she’s in love with male scientist (Poor thing must be soooo desperate).
Damn, I have to got to bed. I’m tired and I have a headache. And it’s about time.
Male scientist is dancing.. ugh..
Oh yeah.. female scientist used her own DNA to make Dren.
(Next day) OK, so I watched the whole thing and let’s just say that the last 30 min were action filled.
I have to admit that I missed some things.. like the two mating things were made to help people with something.. Serum made or something, and the two scientists were asked to do something by the bosses. I thin it was to make the making of the two mating thing public, and later they did have a presentation introducing them to the world. The only problem was that the female mating thing turned into a male while the scientists were busy taking care of Dren. So at the presentation the two male mating things turned into two spike wielding killing thing.. and they both died, splattering blood all over the front row.
The bosses get mad and start to investigate what the hell happened.
So… Dren danced with male scientist and found out she needed luuurv. Female scientist is a bitch and taked Dren’s cat away, only to give it back a few days later, but Dren is pissed off and stabs the cat with her poisoned stinger in her tail. Female scientist slaps her for it and Dren attacks her and steals the key to the padlock that keeps her lock in. Just as she’s about to take her tentative steps into freedom, female scientist hits her over the head with a shovel.
Later the male scientist comes home and he goes to see her. And, even though they know nothing about Dren, I mean.. she might have a downstairs like the one in “Teeth”, he has sex with her. Female scientist catches them in the act and leaves. He follows her and they have a heart to heart (but honestly, seeing as she used her own DNA… it’s like making love to her, right? He could say that he was lovin’ her DNA.. not Drens…). Before they had sex, though, female scientist tortured Dren a little.. like removing the stinger from her tail and anything that made her look human.
After they had their heart to heart they go back to take care of Dren. They find her ill and later she dies. They bury her, and while they burning her stuff their boss turns up. He demands to see what they have been up to and is taken out by a not dead, but a changing Dren. She takes off and they follow. Male scientist loses his flashlight in a pond and tried to get it back. Dren is hiding in the pond and drags him in.  He gets back out and passes out, and as female scientist is watching, Dren comes out of the pond, fully changes into male Dren. He chases her, catches her and rapes her, and at the climax male scientist stabs Dren with a branch. He turns and attacks, knocking male scientist down. Female scientist knocks Dren with a huge rock and before she can deliver the final blow, he stabs male scientist with his stinger, killing him. Female scientist throws down the rock, killing Dren.
The screen foes dark, and you know what it’ll say “A few months later”. But it doesn’t. Instead you see female boss person talking to female scientist. I have to admit that I missed most of what she daid, but I got the underlining message. “You get money to spend if we get what’s in your belly.”
And she goes for it, cause “What’s the worst that could happen?”

I’m expecting a Splice 2. And it reminds me of The Fly and The Fly 2.
It’s a good movie, but I need to watch it again, I think.. lol
The CGI is seamless and they did a good job at it.

The Thing From Another World – a Lene Movie review

In celebration of the new The Thing movie being released today, I thought it’d be cool to do a Lene review of what got it all started.
This is one of my favor it movies. Those who know me know I do enjoy the old cheesy scary movies that were made in the 50’s and 60’s. This one was made in 1951.
So, let’s get started… oh, and *SPOILER**SPOILER**SPOILER**SPOILER**SPOILER*
Something has crashed on the North Pole and the American Air Force is sent to investigate. They find a UFO which they plan to get out of the ice its stuck in, but sadly they manage to blow it up instead. They find an alien, though, and manage to get it back to base without ruining it. They put it in a storage room and break a glass to keep it cool. They also put guards on the darn thing, but they are being careless and the heating blankets they use to keep themselves warm melt the ice the alien is in and soon it is set free and starts trying to kill everything that moves.
Of course the scientists and army people are butting heads over what to do. The army guys wants to keep it on ice and the scientists want to thaw it out… because that’s what you do when you find an alien life form….especially out where no one lives. Of course its the best place for it, no one other than the people on the base will be killed it the alien life form decides humans are on the top of its “Damn, they taste delicious” list.
But I digress.
Of course there is love in this movie. There has to be in these movies, in the old fashioned “Shucks, but you’re pudry, lady. Her’s get married and have lots of sex and babies” way.
But before tha the army guys start to chase the escaped alien while the scientists try to save it. At least the dogs are willing to play with it…in a “ZOMG!! KILL IT BEFORE IT KILLS US!!!” kind of way. It cost the alien an arm… Good thing it did, cause the scientists analyze it and find out it is bloodless and that it’s a cross between a beetle back and a rose thorn…. or a vegetable.
And thus Carrot Top came to Earth.
One thing I will say about the movie. There is a lot of talk. Good thing it’s all relevant to the story.
Unfortunately the head Dr. scientists guy wants to marry the f’ing hand and make it his bitch. A true vegetarian if I ever saw one.
The scientist Dr. guy finds out that someone has been in their greenhouse and, of course, since he knows best, doesn’t tell anyone. They find a dead dog and then decide they HAVE TO find it first so that they can communicate with it. I don’t see how they will be able to. Have you ever tried to talk to a vegetable? (not the human kind.. that’s mean!!!) It’s pretty one sided.
Pretty soon the thing starts attacking people. They find it in the green house and manage to capture it. The doctor gets his ass chewed out by the army guy, and he finally gets wise and maybe the army people are right… but he still thinks the scientists are the ones to handle it.
He also tells his co-workers that he has been giving the arm blood and that the darn thing has started to bloom. Sometimes sciency guys can be so annoying.
The army guy figures out that the blood is missing, and his zomg, perdy lady shows him the doctors notes.
The higher up army guys people wants them to keep the thing alive.
A big question soon arises. What to do if the thing attacks since nothing seems to harm it. It can live in extreme cold…
I know.. how about KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!
and they try just that..
When that kinda works and the thing jumps out the window to put itself out, they set to work trying to kill it. Since the thing has turned off the oil heater, they will try electricity.
Science is apparently more important than lives, according to Dr. Mengele science Dr guy.
I do love the fact that the door the army people barricade was in inward swinging door. And as the thing walks very slowly towards them, the Dr. idiot turns the generator off. He gets tackled and they run back to the thing, who is patiently waiting for them to get their things in order to kill him. As they wait for it to get into the butter zone, the doctor runs towards it and tried to reason with it… and it clobbers him. It ends with the thing getting killed and the reporter guy, that I totally forgot to talk about, gets his story.

Keep watching the skies, guys and gals.

Barbarella, a movie review by Lene

First off I have no idea why I decided to download this movie, but I did and now I have to watch it. *sighs*

The special effects used at the start of the movie during the credits are amazing. Well, basic and…ok.. not really amazing. Inventive.. I’ll give them that. They would have been better if they did NOT show the reflections from both camera as the visor goes down and of her hands when she takes of her gloves. And I love how her hair is not effected by the zero-g she’s supposed to be in. Must be a special space shampoo or something. And after like 3 minutes and 30 seconds it becomes clear why this movie was made. Nudity.
I read on IMdB that Barbarella was based on a comic, and it made me want to find out more about it. And I did. Let’s just say… grown comics… <.<;;
Another thing. Her spaceship. It’s so not how I’d decorate mine, to be honest.
Again I must stress that I have no idea why I downloaded the movie. I really had no wish to look at Jane Fonda’s naked boobs. But it has been years since I’ve seen it, the movie.. not her boobs… and I think I’ve always missed the beginning.
OMG! A green sparkler is attacking her ship!!!
It must be great to have a spaceship you don’t have to navigate. Wonder if that’s the function of “cruise control” on a car. I shall get my drivers license, get a car and find out.
A pink spaceship? That’s what I would have done to mine… or make it a blue police box…
OMG!!! EVIL TWINS!!! … ca

(This is where I figured out that this movie review was shit.. so I stopped…)

F**k me, I can’t do this… *hangs head*

All I can say is.. the movie was made because of boobs and nudity.. and probably for the movie makers to see how far they could go with the comic theme.
As I’ve said I found out from ImDb that it used to be a comic, and honestly the movie makers could have done far far worse… both sex wise and other.. lol

The first time I saw it, ages and ages ago, the only thing I remembered was the sex machine thing. Honestly, it’s a hard thing to forget. Not to mention her costumes… and the sex…
Even if, in the future, they find out that sex is redundant, I very much doubt people will give it up.
And I think only people who never get any find it redundant.

There… I tried…
The movie is shit!!! Go watch something else, for the sake of your fathers!

Resident Evil: Afterlife, a Lene review.


The movie starts off pretty bumping. Japan, in the wain, a person attacking people. This is where the other movie left off, where Alice contacted whomever and said she was coming. Well, she came and not in the delicious way. So she, all of hers, kick some hapanese ass. We also get introduces to Wesker, again.. not as cool as in the game, but pfft. And later we meet Chris, also from the game… and some people seemingly infected by the Umborosboros, from the game… and the huge dude with the giant axhammer..
Anyways… Alice goes to Alaska, to find Arcadia, but finds only Clair Redfield from the other movie. She has a strange metal bug on her chest that is making her go nuts, but Alice manages to kick her ass. She removes the bug and they fly to Hollywood… like you do… There they find survivors and crash their plane into the jail where the survivors are holding up. Most of the survivors are OK, except for the douchbag… THey all think they are safe until they find out they aren’t. So they decide to let Chris lead them to safety. Appearently he was put in jail by someone.. I think it was the prisoners… like a final “Fuck you, pig” like thing.. Not that he is police… he be army.. or something… can’t remember.. didn’t have much sleep last night.. I’ll tell you all about it in the round-up tomorrow.. *sighs*
ANYWAY!!!! Chris says he knows how they can get out of jail, because appearently the army had a secret gun stash hidden IN JAIL!!! So.. seeing as the basement is filled with water that they have to go through to get to the gun room.. a few of them go.. Chris, Alice and a chick who swam in school… to get guns..while some dude is trying to keep the huge big dude with the axhammer from smashing through the front gate and flood the compound with infected another dude is looking at the van Chris was talking about to get them out. The motor has been taken out of it… and the douchbag figures out that if he is to live he needs to get his ass out.. so he shoots the dude and steals the plane Alice and Clair came in.
Needless to say the huge dude with the axhammer manages to rip the gates down… and the jail gets infested by infected… so the survivors decide to escape through the hole the infected came in through… Yeah, they did get in.. Never seen a tunneling zombie? yeah, they get in and kill the chick swimming with Chris and Alice… *shrug*
They eventually get out, but they lose a few people along the way.
They get to the Arcadia… which is a boat and NOT the promised land, and as they investigates they see the Umbrella emblem, and Clair starts to remember… that they got to Alaska and as they landed people arrived in smaller boats to help them out.. and they attacked them and planted metal bugs on them. A door opens and General Ackbar is all “IT’S A TRAP!!” Ok, so Alice is all “It’s a trap”. Now… if I think something is a trap I head the other way.. and fast.. but not them.. They have people to save.. and they do… And then Alice finds Wesker and his puppies. Let’s just put it like this: “Shit gets killed”, the heros win.. but only just.
There will be another movie. If not then that cliffhanger will get the director killed.
All in all it’s an OK movie. I do feel that they are trying too hard.. or not hard enough.,. I don’t know. I like it, but I don’t know. I guess I didn’t see enough zombies… and I missed not having any lickers there.. or any cool monsters… just the huge dude with the axhammer.
One thing that annoyed me was how they almost carbon copied the fight between Wesker and Chris at the end. Almost exactly like the one in Resident Evil 4, the game. At least I think it was 4.
There is also alot of Matrixy stuff in it.
Oh, well… If you have an hour and a half to spare and you want to watch something where you don’t have to think, be my guest. Personally I like the two first movies more.



Piranha 3D, a Lene review

Let it be known that I did not get to see the whole movie, and I have been scouting for it so that I could see the whole thing.
I came in right before the half way mark, when people on a boat were having fun with tequila and cameras. It became appearent to me pretty soon why this movie was made, and I could imagine this conversation between the ideamakers of this movie:
A:”So, how can we make a movie with boobs in it?”
B:”I don’t know. Where do you usually find alot of boobs?”
*long pause*
B:”Girls, alcohol, wet t-shirts,boobs, douchbags, boobs, more alcohol, bikinis, tits in 3D coming at you, more tits, some blood and gore, boobs and fish.”
A:”Sounds good to me..”
B:”I just love boobs so much” *cries*

from what I’ve read ib ImDb, there was an earthquake…and it created a rift to a lake within a lake, freeing piranha’s from days gone by… like a million years ago or something. They are alot more agressive than their amazonian relatives, so they soon start to eat everything within sight. The police find out and try to stop springbreakers from bathing in the lake where the piranha’s are, but young people being young people, they are stupid and don’t listen to reason.
There is also a backstory, as there always is, but it’s boring.
The movie does have a few celebs:
Richard Dreyfuss
Elisabeth Shue
Christopher Lloyd
Jerry O’Connell to mention a few.
Kinda distracting to have Lloyd in a movie that’s not Back to the FUture. You keep expecting him to exclaim “GREAT SCOTT!” when something happens.

Let me just say that… if you want to watch boobs, blood and things that could never happen, and I don’t mean the piranha’s, but just the way people die…. like one chick got her hair caught in a boats propeller and she douch in the boat tried to start it, and eventually he managed to start the boat, and it ripped the chicks face and hair clean off. It gave me a good laugh, though.
Honestly, I’m disapointed. It’s not like I expected a tender love story or anything, but they could have made a movie consisting of more than boobs.
But this is just my opinion. You might love the movie…and if you do, odds are you’re a guy. As a girl I don’t see the facination with boobs flapping through water. That’s part of the 3D effect, by the way. It kinda works, but not all the way because you don’t have the right equipment. If I did get a 3D player and TV and all that, I might get the full effect…not that I’d enjoy it…cause it’s basically boobs.

So… watch it or don’t watch it… I don’t care, really.

The Day of the Triffids (2009)

The Day of the Triffids (2009) a movie review.. a bit here and there.. not really that well written…

**SPOILER** **SPOILER** **SPOILER** **SPOILER** **SPOILER** and bad language…

is you don’t get it there’s no hope for you…
but to begin..
O! M! G!
I mean.. there is probably some reason why one shoudn’t remake classics, but if the remake has Eddie Izzard in it, I don’t see the problem… I don’t, frankly, care if people find it bad etc.. it has Eddie Izzard in it for fuck sake.
But honestly, it’s not a remake remake, seeing as the meteor shower that made people blind and which signaled the comming of the Triffids in the 1962 movie is in this one a sunstorm. There is still a guy who’s had his eyes operated on, but this guy seems to be a doctor, specialized in Triffids (well, that’s handy). Seems this they have been on earth for ages and has come to a “symbiotic relationship” with humans. And it seems that “Triffid Oil” helped earth from global warming.
But back to the important bit. Eddie Izzard. About 10 min. or so into the moive we meet him on a plane. He was asleep through the whole sunstorm thing so he is the only one on the plane who can see. As soon as he wakes up it seems that he gets the situation and starts saving his own ass. And I love it. You know me. I love bad guys. He was somewhat badguy in “My super ex-girlfriend” but that doesn’t really count because what he did he did out of love. But is it love in this movie too, me thinks. Love for himself, love of life and wanting to survive and I fankly see nothing wrong with that.
But yeah… he does have that “I am a bad guy” look to him. Even with make-up. I think it’s the eyebrows. They are so devlish XD
But yes… Maybe a little power trippy too, but that alright. I think he might be wanting the “ruler of the world” title, but that’s alright too…
But honestly, besides Eddie and daughter Redgrave it seems they threw everything but the kitchen siink at this thing to see if anything would stick.
For an over two hour long movie it is filled with somewhat boring stuff.
I wonder if they used ome of the old BBC series as a guide thingie too. I never really payed much attention to the series becuse.. well… I like the good old movie best…
I read a, os should I said I looked briefly at a comment thing about this 2009 remake on imDb, and it saud it was shit. This person clearly don’t enjoy the brilliance that is Eddie Izzard. I guess I’m just a huge ass fan of his.
I kinda get the “28 days later” vibe from this. The only thing missing in this movie is that the people who gets killed by the Triffids stay dead and don’t come back to life, which would make it even more thrilling. XD
What I don’t get is why it’s being called horrible when clearly it’s brilliantly made.
ex. As I said Eddie is a bad guy and when he meets Major Roker (Jason Priestley), who wants to help the blind and thus puts spanners in Torrence’s (Eddie) wheels, he does what he sees fit and undermines him, takes over and convinces Jo (Redgrave daughter) to make an emergency broadcast thing on the radio. As he is talking about how pleased Roker will be about it and stuff the camera pans over and several faces of Eddie appears (two faced, double crossing… speaking with forked tongue, if you will (in case it escaped you)).
Well, I thought it was brilliant anyway..
And mother Redgrave is in it too. Not untill the second half. Yes, it’s a two parter. But if I can do it, so can you. Another thing I don’t get is why Venessa Redgrave keeps picking complex, slightly evil, whtout being evil really, charecters. She does them well, I’ll give her that, but I’d love to see her as a sweet lady, for once.
OK. There is only one thing I have to poo-poo upon in this second half.
In the first half the good doctor gets sent away by Torrence and he in turn tells Jo that he died. And, of course, she believes him. But then she realises he’s full of shit and runs away. They, the doctor and Jo, eventually meet and they are all =D, laughing and other happy stuff. And then she gives him his belongings and they dance. Like you always do.. right? Well, I do… whenever my Jan comes home from work we always dance <.< And second half, not so fun, even thought you get the conclution to the whole thing.. They run away to the Isle of Wsomething... there they start to take out the Triffids and they all live happily ever after... And in the second half you get less Eddie.. and you jus tknow he's going to die because of his assholery... All in all... I liked it. If you're not into the whole sci-fi thing and have no idea who Eddie Izzard is then you probably won't like it.. lol But I still think it's worth a gander.

Honey, I’m home

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Yes, I’m now back from my holiday… on the ice planet of Hoth…
OK, not really, but we did drive past where the beginning of Star Wars V.. the frosen bit… was recorded.

But yeah… I’ve been away… taht’s why I havn’t been online too much…
I had but a few days visiting my mum, my brother and my dad… so I decided I’d be with them and just check out emails and stuff once a day…
But now I’m home, and it’s bloody freezing here…
it’s like the inside of the rebel base on Hoth…

I should do something to get warm…

Good to be home, ya’ll….


Happy December 1st

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And so this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over… a new one just begun.
OK, not yet, but it’s’ only like 30 days.. Holy shit….
I, however, am already filled to the brim with Christmas spirit and I’m REALLY looking forward to spending this Christmas in the sole company of the love of my life. And it seems like he doesn’t have to work on Christmas Eve either. =D
This just keeps getting better and better ^_^

I have, also, finished my Christmas gifts. Well, there is one more I have to get, but honestly, it’s no big deal.

Finally my movie site came back too… finally…
I know he must have fought hard against the evils of the world to free himself and come back to us, but our G foiled them all! You go, G!
And it’s New and Improved site too… Looks rather fancy, if I do say so myself.

There is a lot of things going on now, so this will be a rather short entry.
I’ll elaborate more on Friday, if I have the time.

Happy happy ^_^