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Early one Tuesday…

Mood: Good, but tired. Had really weird dreams. Colorful.
Listening to: Brothers Johnson – Strawberry Letter 23. Very catchy and funky. If you’ve seen “Jackie Brown” (one of my favorites) you can hear it while Samuel L Jackson drives around with Boumont in the trunk.

So yeah.
I had decided to do an entry yesterday, but I took a shower first. When I got out of the shower and got all dry and stuff, hair poofy for three seconds, I got an sms from a friend of mine asking me if I wanted to go to Sweden with her and a friend we have in common. So, L, B and I went to Sweden. Because… The only other thing I had to do at home was the laundry.. and I already did that this morning. The first thing we did in Sweden was to go to Aram Restaurant (Shout out! WOOT!) and had lunch. We usually do Kebab pizza, but this time we wanted to change it up. So we had hamburgers. So good.
Next we went to the “junk house”, so called because they have a lot of junk… but also a lot of cool things. We found Nemo there, so people, you can stop looking for him/her.. I put her, because he’s a clown fish, and he should be the age now where he changes gender. It all depends, tho, if the ruling male or female fish has died. It’s not important.. never mind… Let’s just say he was found and he’s well.
After that we went to the mall and shopping. The first thing I got was painkillers. I’ll write more about that later in the entry. Then I bought some underwear. Always nice to get some new things. The jewelery store had a sale, so I got loads of new bracelets, one ring and two necklaces, all for the sum of 160 kr. The REAL price for everything would have been 624 kr. I think I made a great deal.
Then I got new socks. Ankle socks. Spring is coming, and almost all the old ones I had were all mingy and icky. These were soft and NEON COLORED!!! How could I not get them?!?! After I knit the neon colored wrist warmers I’ll be golden. XD
Eventually we went to the grocery store where I found dumplings! I’ve wanted to make those for ages, but I don’t know where to get those dumpling wraps… unless I go all the way to Askim, and I hardly ever do. So I’ll try to make pod stickers. *squee*
On our way home we stopped at McDonald’s (Yes, I know.. but I didn’t get the no-taste hamburger) for Chili Cheese tops. So effing good!

Then we went home and all was good.

And now over to the painkillers.
Last week, on Wednesday, Jan came home from work, night shift, so it was like 7:30 am. He said his legs was hurting so bad that he needed to get it checked out by a doctor. His leg had been hurting since that Monday.
He called when the office opened, at 8am and got an appointment at 9am. He came home at 9:40am, said he was being send on to Fredrikstad Akutten (Fredrikstad A & E) to have an ultrasound and take tests and stuff. The taxi was picking him up at 10am. So.. from then till we got the test results at 2:35 pm I was dissolved in tears. I couldn’t stop crying; I was so scared what it might be. My rational mind kept telling me he’d be fine. He’s had it before and he got painkillers for it and he was fine. But then the asshole mind kept chiming in “Yeah.. but what if!”… and it was winning all the time. I took a shower and stood there, bawling my eyes out, screaming, sobbing, struggling to breath.
But yeah.. his test results (blood test etc.) said he was fine. There was nothing wrong. And the Ultrasound backed that up. He had clear veins from his groin all the way down to his toes. When I got the call of him telling me he was OK I was alright again. No more tears.

Also, yesterday, before I went to Sweden, I was playing a little Minecraft.
When I spawned at my house I could see that there was something wrong. All my art was gone. So I announced that someone had stolen my art, and Elew2 asked if I meant plagiarized or burglary. I had to inform him that it was indeed burglary. So I went on a little wander about the island, saw a pole outside my house I had no idea what was for, went to the stable and we suddenly had cows and all the sheep were gone. Even Disco sheep… and the horses. I was outraged!
Elew2 again informed me that an admin had done some experiments by the island because it was something… It was fucked up, is what it was!
I was pissed.. and I really didn’t want to go on. So I kinda rage quit and went to watch the GameFront Minecraft episode instead.
That was also something I wanted to write about in the blog entry, but then the Sweden trip took head billing.

The reason I didn’t write about Jan before is because I didn’t want Camilla to find out by reading it. I don’t know if she reads my blog, but still.. what a terrible way to find out. So Jan called her… and then it wasn’t really a pressing matter.

Things are good. I’m hungry. I’ll try to update more often. 😛

Be utterly excellent to each other.


This is what’s happening…

Mood: Pretty good
Listening to: some woman translating french from a trial in Kongo where Joshua French has been accused of Molands murder and is now sitting trial for said murder…

Let’s get to it.
I think you can find an earlier entrance from be regarding the farce of a trial when Moland and French were arrested and put in trial for the murder of a chauffeur. They were found guilty of murder, espionage and a few other things.
Last August Moland was found dead in the cell they shared. Norwegian coroners did an autopsy and found out that there were no illegal means which killed him, that he died, unfortunately, by his own hands. The Congolese police concluded, last autumn, that it was a suicide. But then the Congolese military stuck their nose in it and they found some trace of a drug, I don’t remember the name of, and that this was proof that he was killed.
Watching and listening to how the prosecutor is nitpicking the strangest things… it’s like.. mind boggling. There’s a man’s life on the line here and the prosecutor is stuck up on why the conclusion to the Norwegian KRIPOS autopsy is on the front and NOT in the back like it’s supposed to be. They are focusing on the wrong things. It’s annoying. It’s laughable. It’s sad… and they could have done so much better. I know they can do so much better.

I’ve been playing Minecraft, as you know. And the GameFront server has been smashed together with another server. Which is pretty good, cause the old one was terrible.
So… a few weeks ago I was sitting there in my house, minding my own business, when Omega_Appeltaart asked me to come visit his island. Which was essentially on the other side of the world. I got in my boat and shoved off. Many a peril I didn’t experience on the ride there. It was event free. And I don’t mind that. I prefer not meeting creepers and zombies and whatnot. I was also pleased to be out of the house/castle, because Enderman had a nasty habit of visiting me whenever it was raining.
So I got to the island and it was pretty darn awesome. We started mining and then James, from GameFront, logged on and said that everything we just did would be deleted and that the merger of the two servers would happen that night. We were a little unhappy, but took it in stride.
The following day I asked Omega if he still wanted me to move to his island and he said of course. So I got some pointers from him and Boryoku, to go to his place and then take the tunnel that leads to the island. So I did. Got a little lost on the way… stopped by Hexaloons place, by accident… but finally found my way. Man, it’s a LONG way. But I eventually came to my new home island. What I like about it is that there are torches everywhere so no monster will spawn.
So I built a new house and it looks like a huge stone monster crawling out of the sea onto the beach.
I have to say that Omega is a very hardworking guy. You should see some of the structures he’s made. I have no idea where he’s picking it from… and if it’s from his brain, then that brain must be working overtime.
So far, the only thing I’ve contributed, apart from the house, is a waterfall..
He has even made a spider crushing machine. I love that thing, honestly.

here is a glitchy spider getting out of the cage

Here spiders are getting crushed XD


And here is one glitchy world…

That last one happened last night. I had done something and was heading back to the spider crushed and I had to stop and watch the wonders of the un-world.

Also, we had griefers on the server. These assholes came in and ruined all the hard work so many people have put into Spawn Town.
I seriously don’t get people. What sick pleasure do you take from doing this?
This is like top level arseholery.
There are also creepy people on the server. The same day the dickheads rolled in, there was a guy asking people if they had skype. I’m not going to throw accusations out there, but damn…

Anyway.. I have to go.
Be utterly excellent to each other.


Minecraft, again…

I was fishing by my lonesome in my own private world, and this happened…










Yeah, I have no idea how something can go up a waterfall… But it’s fun, though..