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Our boys in Congo…

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It’s been a while since I wrote about our two boys in Congo.
Joshua French and Tjostolv Moland.
The appeal has started now, because they were given life for espionage, murder etc.
Lately both of them got sick with Malaria… and they had to wait a few days before getting the medicine they need.
Moland snapped, poor thing. When he was in court last week he had serious mood swings, laughed one minute and started to cry the next. And he tried to leave several times, but he was brought back by the guards or French stopped him. They, Moland and French, also had a fight in their cell, and Moland moved out after that. He also was taken away to the hospital to see if they could do something about his erratic behaviour.
The newspapers say he’s getting better, but I don’t know. I think he’s still in the hospital. And hopefully they aren’t making him sleep all the time.
We haven’t really learned anything new of late…
Well, that’s not all true.
The murder weapon the driver was supposedly killed with was found in Norway, in the National Guards possession. It has never left Norway, and even better, it’s a softgun. It shoots rubber bullets.
A letter was sent to the Foreign department naming three congolese soldiers for killing the driver.
My guess is that Moland and French might be MAYBE, HIGLY UNLIKELY get pardoned for the murder, but they’ll make sure the espionage bit, the conspiracy to commit robbery and whatnot… all of those charges will still stick. They might get a lighter sentence… however, I doubt it..
My other guess is.. they’ll blame it all on Norwegian spies and throw out any evidence that says the guys are innocent.
Heck, even Foreign Department guys are being accused of giving Moland a drug that made him crazy.
the judge ordered Moland checked out by three different doctors to figure out what’s wrong with him… and three different doctors are hard to find, I guess.
So the court is adjourned till the guys are well enough to come to the courtroom.

Darn swine flu…
it’s taking the focus away from the guys…
I hope, if they are given lighter sentences, that they are allowed to serve the time in Norway.
I don’t think the environment down there is good for them… if they are to serve their time there, they won’t last long…


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So yeah…
I wrote yesterday that I was going to look at shoes today… shoes and slippers…
I found some really cool shoes I wanted to try, and did so today… but they were a little pinchy, so I decided not to..
And then I looked at slippers… I wanted some that I had seen on the shoestores website.. but they didn’t have them..
Instead I got the same I had before… pink and fluffy.. =D

They are really lovely and fluffy and pink ^_^
My old ones are sad… they got holes in them and look pretty tattered. It’s about time they get retired.
Retirement is here, guys… You have been lovely and all, but it’s time for me to say thanks and goodbye…

I think I need to look elsewhere to find winter shoes…


More Swine flu hysteria

I’m seriously getting pissed of at the Norwegian press!!
In the Norwegian newspaper, Dagbladet, we can read that Norway is on TOP when it comes to mortality rate when it comes to swine flu.
We’ve lost 13 people, and even though I’m not taking it lightly, THE NORWEGIAN PRESS HAS GOT TO STOP THIS NONESENSE!!!! Or at least if they are going to scare people, GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!!

Yes, we do have many deaths, but Great Britain has a total of 130 deaths…
and Spain 54. We’re on third place, so to speak, with 13… closely followed by Ireland and France with 9 deaths.
Or am I wrong in thinking that Great Britain and Spain are countries in Europe? Did they get thrown out??  Were they eradicated??? It can’t be.. I’m talking to my English friend right now… the country must still be there.

The swine flu virus has shown itself to be rather bad at killing people in general. The last update given by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control tells us that so far 5542 people has died…
A regular seasonal flu kills, according to World Health Organisation on a yearly basis 250 000 – 500 000 people.

Personally I’m not afraid of getting this swine flu…
I wasn’t afraid of catching the bird flu either, which is much more aggressive than swine flu… I didn’t get bird flu…
I doubt that I’ll catch swine flu…

To the Norwegian Press


P.S. So Ed was right and it was per capita…
But I stull think it’s fucked up scare people…

Harry Potter vs Twilight

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Is there seriously any contest?
Wizards vs sparkling vampires??? Seriously???
1. Harry Potter has much better gathering of actors/actresses (no, I don’t mean Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson (dear god. The actress that lets her eyebrows do all the acting) and Rupert Grint (the only one I see that will have a solid acting career after the whole Harry Potter thingie is over with) like Maggie Smith, Richard Harris (rip), Michael Gambon, Robbie Coltrain, Julie Walters, Emma Thompson and not forgetting Alan Rickman.
2. There are no sparkling vampires…
3. There are NO sparkling vampires…
And then there’s Twilight… and as for actors they have… The only one I recognise is the guy who died in Harry Potter. The one who’s full of himself.. But the rest…. Bishonen… and Bishojo… basically… not not all that, either.
And no, I’m not saying that th young people in Harry Potter are all that either. They aren’t. But at least they don’t sparkle.
And I’m not saying that I’ve ever read Twilight… but I doubt it oh so very very much that sparkling vampires will manage to hold my interest for very long.
So… In conclusion… Harry Potter rules, Twilight drools… End of discussion..
And in other story…
I should seriously NOT have watched the Paranormal Activity trailer yesterday… Just the trailer scared the shit out of me.. so yeah, I’m pretty tired right now… I didn’t sleep well, or at all, last night.
At least I know I won’t be watching that movie when it comes out… never ever…
There was one more thing, but I can’t remember now.. so I guess I’ll be maybe adding something later.
But for now…

Don’t sparkle, it’s lame…


Swineflu hysteria

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Yes, I am at the course, but it doesn’t stop me voicing my opinion.
On October 23rd the Norwegian population was urged to get vaccinated against swine flu.
I still don’t think I’ll get vaccinated. There are numerous reasons why… Shall I? *hand gesture*
1. In Norway between 1000-1500 (yes, there are more people than that in Norway) people die of your regular, garden variety flu every year.
2. I hardly ever, or I have never, to my knowledge, been sick with the flu. Heavy colds, yes, but I hardly get those either.
4. The chances of me getting swine flu are slim at best.
Usually young people get ill. This is usually because they hug, kiss, drink from ach others bottles etc. They all huddle in herds and the illness flourish like mad in these small groups. Which is also why illnesses have such massive outbreaks in kindergartens etc.

The thing is with those who have died… Some of them were oldish and some were young… some had underlining illnesses that didn’t get better by getting swine flu… and those who had seemingly no underlining illnesses… well… Usually the Norwegian press don’t put things like this in their articles. And it’s sad because it only adds to the hysteria. I believe that all of them had some kind of underlining illness.. something they might not even have known about.
And no, I’m not saying that I’m the perfect picture of health, far from it… but I refuse to join in on the bandwagon, joining the hysteria, getting sick from the vaccine and maybe dying from IT instead of surviving swine flu. Because that’s the thing… If you get swine flu, it doesn’t mean you’re doomed. It doesn’t mean you’ll even stay in bed, sick, for 14 days. Who knows.. maybe I’ve already had it and it didn’t let me know.

Of course it’s all up to you, but I’m taking all this hysteria with a grain of salt.
In my eyes it’s basically paying to die.
And of course not everyone dies from getting the injection of vaccine. But you might get ill from it… Even more so than from the flu itself…


Sunday Round-up

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So yes…
I almost forgot that it was Sunday.. how sad is that.. lol
A lot has happened this week… well, not a lot.. but some…
There’s the course…
Monday – went fine
Tuesday – went fine
Wedensday – went fine (and Jan told me he had been at the place I had applied for a job that I wasn’t sure I would take, and he had seen a new chick there. So appearently she’s hired someone.. and now I don’t have to worry.. *relaxes* )
Thursday – went out handing out open applications, which went shit, to be honest, but at least I got out one.. and that’s one more than I would have handed out if I hadn’t gone..
Friday – boring day.. I don’t know what went on with me on Friday, but my heart wasn’t in it… so Luckily I had msn and Camilla and Ellie to talk to.

All last week I also lived on asian inspired foods.. mmmm… well, on monday I had fish thing… baked in the oven.. very good. but on tuesday I made something REALLY tasty with minced beef and asian condements and stuff… well.. not that monay condements… it had oyster sauce, soy sauce and Kecap Manis in it.. with eggnodles.. broccoli and spring onions… so good.. I’m so making it again… didn’t have time to take a picture.. I was hungry and it was too good…
And then I had japanese curry.. and everyone knows how I looooove me some japanese curry…
Next week I’ll try to make springrolls with chicken.. I found a recipe I just HAVE to try…

And I made pizza yesterday… Lene’s good old home made pizza… I think I have a picture of one I made a while back, but it’s basically the same thing, so…

I usually have green peppers on it too… or started too not too long ago.. I usually make them like this. With the sauce all made in one pot.. with the meat, shrooms, onion and tomatoes… this is left to bubble for.. well.. basically, the longer it stands the better.  In the meantime I make the pizza base, top it with the sauce and put loads of cheese on top… and then put red and green peppers ontop of that with onions… bake in the over for 20 min on 225 C
it’s delicious… ^_^

Oh, and I found a picture of myself while I was looking through my photobucket…

It was taken in 1997…and I haven’t changed all that much… shorter hair, I’ve lost the bangs… But no wrinkles and that’s about it.. haha…

Erm, what else… hmm…
Oh, right.. Jan and I made a counter for the garage.. for him to store all his tools.. and after he finished it.. woah.. the garage is stunnigly clean… Totally proud of him.

And I guess that’s about it for this week… Not alot has happened this week. Well, apart from G gone missing. His sight is not there… He must have been locked in his vault… or his hell hounds got really hungry…

So I guess I’ll write more when I have more to write about.. ^_^

Ciao, Lene

I’m bored (Kinda a 28 Days Later movie review.. but my heart isn’t in it)

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Listening to: 28 Days Later soundtrack. More specifically “In the House – In a heartbeat”
I knew I had heard it someplace before when I heard it in a Resident Evil fan thingie on youtube… And I couldn’t remember WHERE I got it from… but I wanted to watch 28 Weeks Later, and couldn’t find one that works… So I tried to listen to some music on youtube instead and there it was…  =3=  *wobbles*

But it doesn’t diminish my boredomness…. and seeing as I love to hear my own voice, I thought I’d type a little.
That’s one of the problems when I’m bored..
I get all nonsensical. And try to expand on my vocabulary.

I wasn’t planning on making this a movie review.. so I won’t put it as one.. but seeing as I’m in the 28 Days Later mood, I might as well, right?
It is a must see movie…

What would you have done if you woke up in the hospital one day and no one was around. You can’t remember anything, well hardly anything… well, except that you lost an argument with a car…
Honestly. Even though it is a good movie… well… there are things that makes me think a little..
The guy, Jim, wakes up after 28 days in a coma, yeah? Well… if everyone turned into zombies, how come he didn’t die of dehydration? Well, Lene… Not everyone turned all at once, so there would have been some people left to treat people in hospitals and stuff…
Then, why wasn’t he evacuated with the other people?
Could be that his condition were such that he couldn’t be moved? Seeing as he had massive head trauma.
well… Anyways.. Jim wanders around London, screaming HELLOOO?!??! getting very upset… Which I can totally understand. I’d be out of my mind had I woken up and no one was around, anywhere.
But he eventually meets a priest who tried to beat his ass, a guy, on fire, who wants to beat his ass… so I guess he thinks everyone hates him.. until he meets Selena and some other guy… the other guy gets bitten after they go to Jim’s parents house and they find them dead… Oh… btw.. SPOILER!!!!
So Selena killes him and they both agree that if either one gets infected that the otherone will kill him/her.
They, Selena and Jim, soon spots Christmas lights and finds people… Mr Mad Eye Moody and his daughter.
They find,on the radio, a call thingie that tells people to get their ass to someplace fast and stuff, and they all leave.
Well there they met military people.. or what’s left of a unit, I guess.. but best of all =3= Christopher Eccleston <3
The most handsome Dr Who… The Doctor… but not THE Doctor… THE Doctor is Tom Baker…
So yeah.. anyway… they find out that everyone, but the girls, are expendable… and seeing as Mr Mad Eye gets killer before they met the soldier people, that only leaves Jim to be sorted. However, he has a cunning plan… as a jet flies overhead he lies down and plays dead.
And after that Selena gives the daughter girl drugs so she won’t feel anything.. and Jim comes to save them… and he goes crazy bat shit on their asses. But he gets shot as they drive away… as those of the soldiers who doesn’t get killed by Jim gets killed by soldiers who’s been infected.. or ragefied.
There are two endings to this movie.  One where Jim dies and one where he wakes up and they are all far far far out in the country where the zombies can’t get to them without starving first.
So, if they meet a zombie with a well packed backpack they are in trouble.
OH, I almost forgot… Selena almost killed Jim because she thought he was infected.. but then she hesitates and he says “That was longer than a heartbeat” which is where this melody comes into the picture.. it is such an amazing melody…
Makes me all goose pimply…
So… in other news…
Jan rented a dumpster thingie.. huge ass dumpster thingie where we can throw all the trash we have in our house…
So already we’ve cleaned out all that’s not being used from the garage (including my bike.. bye bye XD *waves happily*) and a lot of trash that we found while taring down the old out house… things that we didn’t have room to throw last time we rented one of those dumpster thingies.
And I’ve thrown out loads of toys belonging to the kids.. and more to come tomorrow…
And I made pizza for dinner today… mmmmm… twas good.. Haven’t had it in ages and ages…
And there’s a Torchwood Marathon on TV… Of course there is now when I can’t watch it.. *sighs*
Well, I can, but I choose to stay on my computer. I prefer to watch Torchwood when I’m alone. That way I don’t have to listen to stupid comments from others.
*sighs* I’m so restless… I hate it when the movie site is down… Even if he hasn’t uploaded a movie, there is always something to do… or talk to.. or comment…
What’s happened??? D=
At least I know it isn’t my fault this time… lol
Meh, I’m going back to youtube to look at cool stuff… :3


TGI Friday!!!

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Listening to: TV.. that English dog lay is working her magic..
Personally, when I die and get reborn, I want to be reborn as a dog in Cesar Millan’s pack… Perfect balance… =3=

Oh, hang on.. gonna get me some more pasta before I go on..

Yes… Thank God It’s Friday!
I’m tired today… even though I slept like a big sleeping thing. And the course… so boring today…
And dear lord.. some people can be so… I don’t know… We’re all adults at the course… yet.. a grown woman there.. I don’t know.. she’s late 30’s maybe? Passing notes… O.o
And being all *whisper whisper* with the guy she’s passing notes to… Of course they could have a thing going, however, he’s like 65 or something… and of course that could be her turn on’s… however… Passing notes like that.. like we were in high school… please…
On Monday I helped the same guy maneuvering the Internet.. and the computer. He had no computer know how what so ever, and seeing as I have my CV together, I know how to write an application etc. I decided to help him.
And we talked.. all the time.. and loads… and none of it had one thing to do with finding a job. And the course dude didn’t seem to mind.. I told him that I can do all this at home.. Of course I look and do what I have to, but I can help him all the same. I can multitask. And I told the old guy that if he had any questions at all, just to ask… But he hasn’t. He’s been all quiet and looked kinda scared, really.. well, not really.. but visiting the same site over and over again… I don’t think he can get out of it… lol
But, if he doesn’t want help, I can’t force it upon him… And.. he did have a talk with the course guy.. he might have told the old guy not to bother me with his trivial computer questions. And that if he wants to learn about computers, to do it on his own damned time… but of course I’m only speculating…
But it does make you wonder… Oh well.. not my problem.

And G… your site is down… again… :'(
And I was so looking forward to movie night tonight… D=


What a day…

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So yeah…
Yesterday… woah.. what a day.
The day started off great. Like they always do… I went to the street and waited for the preggers lady…and she came. After we went to the course she left to see the doctors. At the course we learned about interviews. Yeah, I don’t know naught about that…
Then she came back from the doctors.. She got sick leave for the rest of the course… so bang goes my ride. So.. I asked the sweet sweet lady from Finland is she could drive me up the long winding hilly road to where I live, and she said sure.  I also discovered that the unemployed office hasn’t given me the money I should get for attending the course. So.. I called them and the guy I talked to said he could see I hadn’t gotten any money, but that I had to talk to my caseworker to sort it out… but.. my caseworker was gone yesterday and today.. so… I got put on hold for one of his coworkers.. the lady I talked to seemed like a scatter head… and she said she’d call me back in 10 min. she needed time to figure things out.
I waited for 10 min. 20 min. 30 min. 40 min. And by now I was getting even more pissed than I was before.
About 30 min or so before the course was over the Finish lady said she couldn’t drive me after all. So, in desperation I turned to the crowd and asked if there was anyone else… Luckily there was.
When he dropped me off he got all “Oh, I can pick you up AND drop you off every day if you want”… a little to eager for me. So I’ll try not to if I can help it. I mean.. I’m willing to walk down, that’s not a problem.
But for tomorrow my Jan can drive me and pick me up, so no worries. Hopefully the other guy will forget all about it.

Well home the unemployment office lady finally called me back… like a few minutes before the unemployment office close (at 4pm) and told me that the people who decide if you get money had decided that my money would be payed next time I send in a card thingie… So I have to wait 14 days.. yay…

After I had talked to her my Internet went down, and I struggled to get it back up. When I finally got it back up I finally got on the movie site.. and it seemed I couldn’t say anything right.
Ed, WHO CAME CRAWLING ON HAND AND KNEES, BEGGING FOR MY FORGIVENESS FOR THE WHOLE UGLY CHARLTON HESTON INCIDENT, got upset because I hadn’t mentioned that he had COME CRAWLING ON HANDS AND KNEES, BEGGING FOR MY FORGIVENESS FOR THE WHOLE UGLY CHARLTON HESTON INCIDENT… and I called him a drama queen when he was struggling to get the knife out of his back that I figuratively stabbed him with.
And then G got upset because I said I didn’t like PeeWee Herman.

But yeah… even though I got pissed of and things didn’t really go well yesterday, I don’t mind it. There are good days and there are bad…

Speaking of days..  Today I went out to hand out open applications…. I only got to hand out one. All them others were all full up with helpers and stuff… so yeah… I don’t think they’ll be too happy with me, but they can go fuck themselves if they are unhappy with my work. I did what I was supposed to do today. It’s not my fault they don’t need people.
I guess the only thing for me to do is start my own business…
Bra Heaven… sounds nice XD


Sunday Round-up

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Listening to: 1812 Overture

I’ve come up with a new concept. Hopefully it’ll be a good one.. It’s called Sunday Round-up, and by that I mean that every Sunday I write about what has happened through the week. It doesn’t mean that I’ll blog ONLY on Sundays; I’ll still blog when I feel like it and I’ll still do reviews. It’s just that now I’ll blog on Sunday about what happened… and add things I haven’t blogged about earlier.
Like… I haven’t blogged yet about the interview I had on Thursday… with the gambling cafe, legal, of course, where I applied for a job.
The interview itself went great. We talked for over two hours about things. She talked about things relevant to the job, asked questions etc, and I answered questions, asked questions etc. She was great.
However, there were some things that didn’t sit well with me. Such as… the salary. 75 Nkr during training and 100Nkr as regular salary after the training was done. So… that’s crap salary. The second thing is that with the gambling/lottery/betting registers; if there are money missing from them, you have to pay out of your own pocket.
Luckily I talked to the course leader about it, and she said that there were several things that were illegal. Like the low pay… because it doesn’t, or she, rather, doesn’t have wage agreement. There are laws here that I can’t talk about, because I have NO idea what they say, etc. But wage agreement is a good thing. It takes care of the people working at a place, and if you have prior knowledge/have worked at a cafe or depending on how old you are… THIS sets the pay you get, NOT the owner of said store/cafe etc. At least I think that’s right… lol
So, it doesn’t seem like she has heard of it… although I’m sure she has… but she did say that she couldn’t afford paying more at the moment. Which really sucks for her.. because that means she has to work there all by herself… which she didn’t want to do…
The course leader also said that the workplace lady has NO right to make people sign a contract saying that they have to pay out of their own pocket if money is missing from the register. So she suggested that I think about it, and I have… I’m really glad that I brought up the interview and everything else. It has helped me make a really hard decision.
I was very conflicted when it came to weather or not I should take the job; I didn’t feel like it was a job that would be good for me, so to speak, and I was struggling with myself on figuring out what to do. So I settled my mind on the fact that I had two weeks to figure out what to do. But after I talked with three different people and all of them said “listen to your gut” I’ve made my mind up. Now all I have to do is figure out what to tell her IF she calls and asks if I want the job.
I know I’ve been raving like I already got the job, I didn’t. I was spazzing, I think, because I didn’t want to take the job, even though I handed in a application.
And it’s not like I have tons of job offers lined up, but I don’t think I’m willing to sacrifice my sense of self. And this job really seems dodgy. I’m sure she’s had her reasons to fire people in the past, but I’m also sure some of the people have quit for some reason or another.
So yeah… to be continued on this one… the job thing, not the blog entry on this subject matter… lol

As you might have guessed I’ve been sent to yet another course. It’s a 4 week long one, which isn’t that bad. Like, I get to go home at 3pm every day.. and I get to stay at home during the weekends, so it’s not like I’ve been shipped of to Azerbaijan…
But yeah.. on Thursday, again.. everything happens on Thursdays… I had to walk to the course… and I haven’t moved like that in… ages… so my legs are all “Oh no… no thank you…” now…
And my Jan’s massage pillow is really hurting my legs when I try it… but it’s a good hurt…

Well, I should really start at the beginning of the week, really.
On Monday I started the course. I was really pissed, I guess, because I didn’t want to go.. but as I’ve said before.. Hey, free money… and I need new bras, so yay…
It seems like I really don’t have anything to worry about.. maybe a little.. but as long as I stay head strong, I’ll make it through again.. lol

On Tuesday… nothing happened. Not that I can remember, anyway…

On Wednesday nothing happened again… I went to course, did what was asked of me.. well, almost..
I found out that ages ago I registered at Manpower and Adecco, two temp agencies… you might have heard of Manpower, they are global…
Anyway… they, the course leaders, there are two ; Sverke and Mona Lisa (seriously.. that’s her name.. lol.. easy to remember XD) and they are both great. I knew Sverke from the last course I was in, and I remember him being cool… and he’s still cool… and so is she… I think I like this better than the last course, actually. I don’t want to badmouth people, but the course leader leader from the other course… he was too “So tell me what we can do for you? What do you need? TELL ME WHAT YOU FEEL!” type guy, almost running after you for you to let him help you, and it didn’t work well with me.  I’m more like “just leave me alone and let me do thing my way, and if I need help I’ll come to you…”
So yeah… this should be good.. But it’s still just the first week… I’ll let you know at the end of next week if I still feel the same.. lol

On Thursday I had the interview thing, and you already know that…

On Friday we had a lunch at the course… Like huge lunch.. smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, ham and cheese… and dessert.. one of the ones attending the course made a cake.. but it was a little too sweet for me…
And we had doughnuts… there were leftovers and Mona Lisa gave me three… ^_^
Yes, I’m teachers pet… ^_^
They were very good ^_^

That’s been pretty much my week..
Oh, and there was the whole ugly incident with Charlton Heston on the movie site, but no need to rehash that, so just leave it and we’re moving along!!!! *runs*

I hope you like my idea of Sunday round-up…
if not then.. you’ll have to suffer though every Sunday.. haha
So yeah… That’s been my week.. Hope yours has been an eventful one too… if not.. Well, there’s always next week..