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Another day, not another dollar…. No work today…

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It was hard getting back to work. Not really hard, but pretty hard. Luckily I have good costumers and they made me get right back into the game. I have to admit that I did get a little beved up this weekend. As soon as I got home on Saturday I got me a Captain Morgan and Coke. It was so good. We bbq’d our dinner, and we used the party tent, so it felt fitting. On Sunday, before watching the movie, I thought to myself that I’d take a sip of Sambuca every time something stupid happened. After 5 minutes I figured out I’d die of alcohol poisoning if I did that. The movie we watched was “2-headed Shark Attack”. For your own sanity’s sake, don’t watch the movie.
Speaking of this weekend. There was a big to-do somewhere… Yeah, I pay attention. Well, no. Because I don’t care. But whatever happened it plastered Miley Cyrus all over my internet front page, and now I can’t get away from her annoying mug. Is she incapable of keeping her tongue in her mouth? Every photo I’ve seen of her from the whatever, her tongue is out. I think she must have eaten or “eaten” something nasty making her tongue want to run away…. Or maybe it just want to run away from the singing.
How can I make her go away? I don’t want to open my internet again and see her. I’m fed up with all these people who doesn’t matter. Justin Bieber, Cyrus, One Direction, Chris Brown, Madonna with her grylz… IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!
Just.. go away.
So, venting over….
I’m trying to do my nails. After having had a vacation, my nails are somewhat long… and I can finally do french tips and stuff. I already did the french tip, but it got a little uneven. I think I need more practice.
And if you’re a Stephen King fan… read “The Wind Through the Keyhole”. It’s pretty good. Yeah, it’s not like the other Dark Tower books, but I don’t think it’s meant to be. The book before this one, “Wizard and Glass”, was all about Rolands journey to the Mejis, about lovely Susan Delgado, Rhea of the Cöos, about Rolands mother and her affair with Marten Broadcloak. “The Wind Through the Keyhole” is more about how Roland dealt with things after this story. How he was sent to a Debaria to find a “skin-man”, a shape shifter.
I think it’s a good story, but it seems my taste in books is different to most people.
I was talking to one of the security guards last week about books. She said she’s not a big reader and I said I love reading. I wasn’t big on reading before, but I started reading more and it helped me with my writing problem. I had big problems in school with correct spelling. Anyway. I told her she should read “The Godfather” since she likes “The Supranos”. But she was a little meh about it. I told her a little about the plot, how it’s not much different from the movie. Well, except for the woman with the cooch the size of a cathedral. She wrinkled her nose… Understandably.

Well, I’m gonna continue on my nails… so if I have more I’ll give more.
Be excellent to each other.



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So, a lot has happened since last time I blogged. I can’t even remember what I blogged about last time… OK, so I just read up… and a lot of what I wrote about last time I’ll somewhat revisit now.
I did get my Nintendo 3DS. I love it to bits! I’m a mayor.. I’m awesome! People love me! I get things done! I’ve got over half the bugs and fishes already!
My birthday has come and gone.. with a kick-ass party and all.
Of course family and friends knew it was my birthday, so Jan and I got collaborated gifts. Gift cards and that like. The people from Jan’s work… they didn’t know. So during dinner they got all:
“Eh, Lene? Is it your birthday today?”
“Eh, yeah… Jan even said so when he visited work.”
“We didn’t know! No one told us! We’ve been on holiday!”
“Well, can’t be helped. I know he told people.”
“It’s really no big deal.”
“What do you want?”
“Well, Captain Morgan is always nice… or a bottle of Bacardi… or a Sambuca…”
I’m not holding my breath. It really is no big deal. We had a great party and that’s all that matters.
Also, I was introduced to Sambuca on the first day of my vacation, which I’ve had. We had a party to see if the new party-tent could be partied in. So we invited Asbjørn and Brit-Mari, some friends of ours and she had Sambuca with her. I was skeptical at first. It smelled like Ozou… and I found out it tasted like it too. And it was the kind of drink that sneaks up on you. I have to admit that as soon as I got home from work, made the salad and all that… when I sat down I made myself a drink. I had about three drinks before I tried the Sambuca, and later on in the evening I felt my brain wouldn’t keep up. If I looked around it would like slowly turn with my head. So yeah.. scary drink. Scary good drink.
I got a bottle when I got my pay. That and a bottle of Captain Morgan. I have hardly had a glass of him. I want him to keep for a long time. But I will drink of him come weekend. I also got loads of other things. I got some huge pillows, 70 x 100 cm, because I’ve wanted those for like.. forever. And they are really soft and lovely. And it’s like being at a hotel all the time.
What else…. Oh yeah… Salad.. for the party. I bought salad ingredients for like 900 kr ($138)… and people hardly ate salad…
My brother and I got to play London 2012 on my Ps3. AND I GOT TO BE MARK NUTT! XD
Omg, we had such a great time playing. I wish we had recorded the whole thing. We played it blind, so we had to figure it out as we went. And oh my god how we laughed. Especially at the javelin throw. I went first… and I started running… and kept running… And at the replay we just saw a guy running past the camera… like “hello.. just passing though with my javelin…”
And so the family left for the rest of their vacation on Monday 12th of August. Jan and I were getting ready for our fishing trip. Jan was upstairs getting something, I was hanging clothes up to dry. There had been some thundering in the distance. I was counting and they stayed about 7-10 away… It had been a while since the last lightning, so I went up to help Jan. We were talking for a bit and then there was a sudden pink flash outside.. and I didn’t even have time to start thinking about counting before it thundered. It became pitch black and so we ran downstairs. The UPS was screaming its head off… and of course nothing worked… because of the power out. We waited for like an hour or so before attempting to put the power back on, and it worked. And so… damage control.
The modem was broken, so was the cable exits for the internet..the wall plugs, the blue-ray was broken, the TV tuner was broken, my computer and my ps3. Good thing we have a laptop so I can do normal things while I wait for a new one. I’m really sad about the ps3, tho. All my Skyrim is lost.. I have to start over… and all my London Olympics trophies are gone… I’ll have to wait for my brother to visit again for us to get back to where we were. And I got to be Japan.
At first we were a team, and I picked England… and archery… and Mark Nutt XD
But when we were individuals I was Japan.
And at least I have my 3DS, so I have something to keep me occupied.
I think that was it, really.
Oh, the fishing trip!
Yeah, we went to Gudbrandsdalen, to Heggerud, as we do, and stayed there from Wednesday to Saturday, just relaxing and enjoying ourselves. I got the first fish too, on my new rod. Jan broke my old rod, so he gave me a new one for my birthday. I’m just happy it works. And it’s really cool looking too. So yeah, the first trout. Asbjørn and Brit-Mari was with us too, and Jans sister, Britt and her kids, Christoffer Robin (Robin) and Ida Synöve (Ida) and a friend of Robin’s, Rene. I’ve been in those tiny cabins before with two kids, I can only imagine how much worse it is with three. OH OH OH!!! Speaking of kids. I got a Slytherin scarf, made by the people who made the scarves for the movie, from the kids for my bday.. and a Slytherin mug…. for evil tea drinking. For when I’m plotting.
Now I don’t think there is more… I’m sure if I forgot anything I’ll put it in the next entry.
Oh, and my mother brought the sweater I posted ages ago… I love that sweater. It is so soft, warm and lovely.

Be excellent to each other.

Just another update…

Mood: pretty good. I’m hungry, so I’ll make some lunch soon.
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Not a whole lot has been going on lately.
I can’t believe it’s August 1st already. Just 9 days till my birthday…and a huge ass party. I’m actually really looking forward to it.
I’ve also decided, after we had a visit from Camilla, that I need a new Nintendo 3DS. Well, I have a Nintendo DS, so I need an upgrade. The buttons are really bugging me on the DS. And I want the new Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
Yeah, yeah. I know I just got a PS3, but I don’t have the PS3 in my bedroom, so yeah…
It’s also the season of thunder here. I really wish I had charged my camera up so that I could take fantastic pictures. But there are other days. I have so many plans with that camera. Like I want to try and take pictures of the night sky.
Also the family is coming to visit next week. I’m really looking forward to that. I haven’t seen them since Easter. Should be lovely. And I get to play video games with my brother XD
I remember when we were young, he got a Commodore something and one of the games he had was an Olympic game. So I got London Olympic 2012 for my PS3 for us to play. I haven’t played it yet.. I want this to be as fun as possible. Of course I’ll be England… I want to be Mark Nutt in the archery contest. All other times I’d be Japan.

But now I want food. So stay excellent to each other.

Minecraft entry, update…

Dear Journal.

I had heard news about a new type of creature entering my realm. Something called horse. It was supposed to be about the same size as a cow, but more regal in stature and you could ride on them.
I wanted to find such a creature, make it my friend and bring it home.
I looked for a long time on the nearby plains, but there were none to be found.  I finally decided that maybe they hadn’t come to my realm after all, that maybe I would have to move to a new realm for them to appear. Disheartened I went on with my normal life, planting wheat, potatoes, carrots and so forth, making new buildings. One of them turned out to be a stables. Maybe, just maybe, if you build it, they will come.
One day I wanted to have a walk. I picked up my compass and headed out the door, walked in one direction as far as I could and then headed back home. Somehow I missed my house…and I eventually got lost. For days I walked around in the wilderness, finding monster houses with crates, finding saddles and horse armor. I found villages, jungle dungeons and desert dungeons. I experienced more on those days and weeks than I have in such a long time. But after circling around the same snowy peak five times in ever increasing circles, I decided that I needed to get home. I walked onto a plain and found what I had been looking for. I finally found a horse. It was majestic!  It became my friend and I rode it into whatever direction I thought was home. On the way I somehow blacked out and when I came to the horse was gone with my saddle. I walked back to the plain and found a village…and more horses. Elated I made a chest and put all my things in it. I decided to jump of a cliff so that I would teleport home. It worked.
I then found my map and looked for the huge H I made outside the village. I wasn’t really that far from home. It would be easy to get back to the village, find a horse, tame it and bring it home.
I found a lovely gray steed, jumped on its back and.. he threw me off. I tried again, and again he would have nothing to do with me.
I tried and tried and eventually he loved me. I broke his will, but he will be loved, treated with all the respect he deserve. And I brought him home.
I then started to make him a run. A horse like him needs to be out in the fresh air all day, and nice and snuggled up warm at night.
After the run was done I decided to give him a mate, so I went back to the village and found a nice brown filly. When I brought her home they seemed to like each other very well.. after I gave them golden apples. And they made a tiny foal. It is a male horse and he looks exactly like his father. I have been thinking about a name for him, and I have decided I will call him Man (A Horse named Man… from the movie A Man named Horse).
I am happy with my expanding family, but it has also come to my attention that there are things out there that looks like horses but are called mule. They are able to carry great weights. I hope I will find one of those one day.
All I need now is a cat…