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I’ve been busy….

Mood: blaish…
Listening to: TheRadBrad playing The Last of Us. It’s a pretty good looking game.

So I’ve been busy, which is why there hasn’t been an update in a while. I’ve been working and all that.
Earlier this week the new bus ride time thingies came out, and they suck. Basically they’ve screwed me over big time. Of course I don’t think they did it to screw me over. I am aware that they want to save money and that cutting some of the rides will help them do that. What is the point of having a ride on the streets if no one is taking them. However, how they managed to cut out every bus I’d possibly take is like a… I don’t know. I think they used a magic lamp to figure that one out. So it means, this summer, I won’t be able to get to work in the mornings. But that’s fine… Except for the weekends, which they also cut out. No buses at all during the weekends…pure genius!!!! So I won’t be able to get to work on Saturday unless Jan drives me…. or I can get someone to drive me. I’ll talk to one of my coworkers and see if we can’t change the Saturdays we’re working. She can get a car… I can too, but I can’t drive it. 😛
I also really need a drivers license. I really do… *sighs*
Speaking of work… I get some days off in between. That’s actually very good. It means I get things done at home too. There are a lot of things we need to get done. Paint one of the walls outside. Oil the new front porch. Or wood stain it. I think we’ll go with wood stain. I’ve found a color, Burmateak, which is really nice.
Yesterday while I was having a little breather in the backroom at work I had an epiphany. What if we threw out Espen’s bed and made his room into a walk-in/walk-through closet. The room doesn’t have a window anyway so it’s unfit to be a bedroom. I mentioned it to Jan and he seemed to like the idea. Use the room for storage rather than having it stand empty.
I’ve also not played too much Skyrim. Since I’ve been working and that I don’t have the time. Which is fine.
I really do love playing it, but on the other hand.. I hate meeting dragons. Which kinda sucks since I’m a dragonborn and it’s my job to kill them. One thing is for sure, though. I need to get my levels up. I’m at level 8 now.. and the Dark Brotherhood just recruited me. I’m sticking with the Brotherhood till I kill Tullius. At this moment I’m on a mission for them. Some chick wanted us to kill her ex, and I got the job. I’m on my way there now, to talk to the woman. I saved the game outside a mine that’s been overrun with draugr, apparently. I was debating with myself weather I should do that first or not… but I kept walking, met a woman who attacked me out of the blue.. and she killed me. So I was thinking I’d do the draugr first and then take on her. Maybe I level up some before things start to happen. The area I’m in is really dodgy too, so I just know I’ll met up with a dragon. I’d already killed one… I was hiding in the bushes the whole time, having fishermen and hunters attack it. It took me ages before I finally got it, but I got it. But yeah.. I hate killing dragons… I get so stressed. 🙁
I think I need a game that’s relaxing and fun. I think I need Little Big Planet 1 and 2. And I’m getting London Olympics 2012. But first I need money.
THEN, when I get used to playing and the controls and all that, THEN I’ll get Dead Space and Dark Souls.

I suck at being a gamer girl.. XD
I think I need more practice. :p It was a lovely thought in theory, but actually playing it isn’t as easy as I thought. Which is also a reason why I want to level up tons before continuing. I don’t want things to be hard. Yeah, go figure.
Of course there’s the lovely sense of accomplishment when you’ve done something great on the first try…. or not so many tries as it took before. I won’t give up, though. I won’t give up.

Not just Skyrim is going on in my life…

Mood: Good…
Listening to: Burnie Burns and Ashley play “Flock” on Youtube.

So I played more today, even though it’s before work. I got my dragon shouts, some of them. The Greybeards were very nice. I was nervous about the Frost Troll before you reach the place, and he did kill me once.. The second time I sneaked passed and I was almost home, there, when he spotted me. But I found out which button makes you sprint… and that’s what I did. So I made it indoors safe and sound. After learning the shouty thingies they wanted me to go to a place and get a jug or something. I met a dragon when I was almost there. I’m sure I spent like 45 min trying to kill that fucker… and I almost had him SO MANY TIMES!!!! *sighs* So I eventually decided to go get stronger before I take him on. I think I have to be at least level 5 before I take him on, and I’m almost there. I’ll just do some side quests or something. I also got a horse. I feel bad for my companion, Lydia, for having to run everywhere.. oh well. I’m sure I’ll get over it. I’ve already been a bitch to a lady who was being hunted by some people. So on her wish I went to kill all those who wished to get her. I found the cave, got to the guy and he was all “oh, she said she was the victim? Please. She’s a bitch and she deserves to be taken into custody.” So basically I went back to her and had her run away… but at the stables the guy was waiting and he stunned her. I got 500 gold for it… Totally work it XD

In other news. Well, not a whole lot.
Yesterday I got carded when I bought smokes for Jan. I was stunned. I, by no means, look 18 or younger. But I heard from good authority that he was probably somewhat hitting on me. Kinda cute, but yeah… ineffective.

But now I have to get ready for work.

Be utterly excellent to each other. :3

Sunday update

Mood: Pretty good.
Listening to: Some asshole announcing shit at the track across the road where there’s a motor rally thing. Very annoying.

So, I finally had the time to play some more Skyrim today. I think I did well in not playing before work. All of a sudden 4 hours had sped by and I was shocked. But I am a lever 4 now and on my way to see the Graybeards.
I am not looking forward to seeing the ice troll. I kinda want to go on a wander for a bit, just to up my experience and that so that things won’t be so hard for me. But then again, where would the challenge be?
You should have seen my take down of my first dragon. That was stuff legends are made of. No wonder I’m the Dragonborn.
But yeah. I had to stop now cause I’m starving.. and I had to shave my legs… and I’m going to attempt self tanning gel. Should be fun.. hehehe.. with all the success I’ve had in the past.  😛
And I should eat something. I’m hungry. So I’ll update you later. I might play some more tomorrow before work. If I start early I’ll get it out of my system while Jan sleeps.

I’ve got a PS3 <3

Mood: Excited!!
Listening to: nothing right now, but I will be watching Rooster Teeth Podcast #220 pretty soon.

So, I got myself a PS3. And I bought Just Dance 4 and Skyrim. I tried Skyrim… It’s hard! Not at all how I expected. The controls are all over the place, and I’m pretty sure my Kajit looks drunk. But I’m having fun.. and I’ve only died once, so far. I think it was Riverwood I’d gotten to.
But yeah, I’m really enjoying it. It’s scary, but what can you do.
I’ll keep you updated on my progress.