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After the last blog post I’ve been pinged from here to kingdom come… well… my blog site, not me personally…
I’ve been trying to figure out why… and just a few seconds ago I figured it out…
I got pinged by World of Warcraft’s site thingie.. and I figured out that it was because of my wow in the heading… so… I’ll never use wow in my headings again…
AND I got a ping from dell because of me mentioning spell check…
Lord knows how much I’ll get pinged now… I hope nothing because it’s REALLY annoying and I just delete the fucking posts anyway.

Have a nice one XD


Wow… time flies

Good morning, ladies and germs… (Yes, I’ve been watching M*A*S*H)

I’m really sorry I missed last thursday, but I was working, and I was totally pooped when I got home… Much like I am right now, but I had to go to the course, so there you have it. Well, I didn’t HAVE to have to since it’s by choice now, but hey… it’s money.. XD
I can’t believe that it’s almost the first of December… I’ve only got three gifts down… I won’t tell you guys what it is… seeing as… well… my mom, dad and brother might be having a look-see at my blog, and then the surprise will be gone when they open their gifties… OH, I forgot… I got Camilla one too XD
I DEFINATELY won’t say what she’s getting… heh heh heh…

I had a terrible dream last night… I dreamt that someone had stolen my bank card… D: DE HORROR!!!!!

Speaking of horrors… Last thursday I was thinking about watching The Strangers when I got home… I started the online watching thingie and hoped it would be fully loaded when I got back from work… but no such luck.. And watching a movie in pieces is no way of watching a movie… although, that was how I watched The Da Vinci Code.. I still don’t think I’ve seen all of it… I’m missing the very beginning. I have yet to see Stilas/Silar/Silva/Albino dude kill the old guy… Oh… that’s a movie spoiler if you haven’t read the book or watched the movie… sorry…

Omg, it was so stressfull at work yesterday… and it was all my fault.. well, not really… I didn’t have to get all stressy, but the computer wouldn’t work because I couldn’t spell… XP
I was trying to find the number for a decorative star thingie with lights to hang in your window, but someone has thrown away the box it came in, so it was a slight bother. But on the computer you can type in for instance “star” and all the star related items comes up. However, when I did that, the star I was looking for wasn’t there. So I had to be spesific… Well, needless to say, people started to gather round the register to pay for their things, and I was still trying to find the darn star.. in my desperation I tried one last thing… I cut out one of the s’s in the word, and suddenly, there it was.
And LAST thursday it was someone else who was kinda stressy. One of the hairdressers at the mall came in to the store to get a gift, and right after I had wrapped it an alarm started to ring out. She looked at me and said “It’s the fire alarm” and I looked back at her “it is? I haven’t heard the fire alarm here before” and she nodded, walked rather quickly out the store and started telling people to get out of the mall because if was the fire alarm sounding. The lady in the store across from my store looked at me and shrugged her shoulders, and the pet shop guy was totally indifferent. But the guy who used to have the store next to ours was there, and he said it wasnt a fire alarm, so we didn’t have to worry. But the hair dresser didn’t hear that, I think; she ran back to the hairdresser shop and told the girls, I guess. I looked at the lady across from me and asked her if she minded looking after the store while I went to inform information about the alarm…. and so I did. Stood there in line for about 3 min. before the haridresser came and told the information about the alarm (it’s not my fault it was a line there and me being too polite…) Turns out it was the alarm in the pharmacy that had gone off… why, we do not know… but it stopped all on its own…

Anyways… I should stop now… But I have to come back here when I get home, because the spell check don’t work here.. and I HAVE to do spell check… I just know there are things misspelled here…
So… see yous later :3


Se7en, movie review

Plot (borrowed from IMDb): Police drama about two cops, one new and one about to retire, after a serial killer using the seven deadly sins as his MO.

It starts with a man getting dressed. He’s a cop… homicide… I know this because I’ve seen the movie before, and he is at this moment standing over a dead body discussing murder with another guy, who is also a cop. They could, of course, be bad guys, but as I said… I’ve seen the movie before… and the other guy is talking about how glad they all will be when the first dude retires. And if they were bad guys, the only way to retire is when someone kills you… and I don’t think the first dude would take his retirement so lightheartedly if that was the truth. But there is also another clue… The first guy is Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt just walked up the stairs, looked at Freeman and said “Detective Summerset?” So let’s just assume they are cops and be done with it.

I remember watching this movie in the theater. I loved it then and I love it now. Let me just first say that I, as a rule of thumb, don’t like movies with Brad Pitt in them. I don’t like him as an actor…but in Se7en he’s good. He is the perfect new guy on the block with things to prove.
As for Morgan Freeman…. I have never denied that he is one of my favorite actors, and as Summerset he is perfect. The voice of reason and knowledge… He does whatever he can to teach Mills what he knows.
Kevin Spacy is in this lovely movie too. He didn’t want his name to be in the credits or have top billing cause people would expect to see him right away in the movie, and when they didn’t they’d think a bit they’d realise he’s the bad guy… And what a bad guy!!! Ace killer…
I had totally forgotten Gwyneth Paltrow was in this movie (but she dies, so no biggie)

The movie Se7en is about a crazy killer with a grudge, killing people in the way of the seven deadly sins.
Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Pride, Lust and Envy… And he really got some crazy ways of killing those people too. Well, Sloth guy didn’t really die…but I bet he wished he had…
The movie takes you on a journey though the mid of a madman, only showing ou the end result of his craziness. Not until later do we find out exactly why the killer did what he did. Not that it is at all comforting…seeing as anyone can snap and kill people… anyone can be the victim because no one is without sin. Even the most saintly heart must have felt the stab of envy, even for the briefest of seconds. Hell, even I am not without sin. BUT IF ANYONE CRAZY PEOPLE READ THIS, I AM REALLY NICE AND UNJUDGEMENTAL!!!!! <.<;;;;;;
So yeah… Killer kills people, police tried to catch killer, killer ups the any by letting the police catch him and say “there are two more victims, let me take you to them” and of course the police say “YAY”
Turns out the killer has killed Mills’ wife (Gwyneth) which leaves one… the killer… envy… Mills kills killer and end of story…
I think this has to be one of the best scary movies I’ve seen. As I’ve said before I don’t scare easily and I need something exciting to keep me interested. This is such a movie. All of these new movies made: “House of 10000000 corpses”, “The Hills have eyes”, “House of wax” etc. did nothing for me at all. The only cool part in “House of 1000000 corpses” is when the crazy guy severs a guys spine with the jaws of life (OK, so it wasn’t the jaws of life, but it was a clippy thingie, and it was cool)
At least I think it was that movie… But they are all the same now a days… it’s boring..
The Japanese so good scary movies… Well, Asia in general.. But why do they American movie industry have to ruin it all with bad bad bad Americanisations?

So… let’s get back to the movie Se7en…
Love it!, and I recommend it to everyone. Just one word of caution. If you are to watch the movie.. please don’t watch it while eating. Seriously…
Not that it bothers me… blood gore and stuff have no effect on me… :3

But do enjoy it…


The Mad Science Laboratory of Dr. Cora

This is where I talk about weird stuff… Like… why is the sky blue and how do birds know where to fly in bad weather while flying south..
And other stuff…
For now I will stick with “The Navel Lint Theory”

My theory is thusly… Why do men get more navel lint than women?
Originally the theory was “why do men get navel lint and women don’t” but after reading a bit online, I found out that women get navel lint too, only not so much…
And this actually kinda strengthens my theory as well.. because… I think that men get more navel lint than women because of hair… body hair, that is. Men have more hair on their stomach than women do. Women have tiny hair on their stomachs which mean less lint collecting abilities.

The navel will work as a storage room, in a way, for the stray lint which is removed from the clothes worn.
Even men who have their body hair removed have navel lint, which actually kinda but a snag in my theory, but even if you shave all your body hair they will still grow and start collecting lint again.

That’s my theory, hope you injoyed :3

Ladies and gentlemen take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice

Mood: Slightly irritated
Listening to: Police – Every breath you take (it’s on the radio… and I’m at the course.. it’s not my choice)

Good morning…
I’m pleased to say that I finally got the money the unemployment office owed me… only problem now is… THEY GAVE ME TOO MUCH!!!! -_-
So yes… I have to go back today to talk to them AGAIN…  *sighs*
Mataku… *headdesk*
Also I have to visit work today… I have to pick up some stuff and get myself updated…

AND I’ve written two movie reviews… but I haven’t bothered to post them yet… but they are coming.. I guess I’ll try to stay away from Gaia’s ZOMG and actually DO something… But the game is fun… at least I think so.. The only problem is lagging, but i’m sure they’ll get better servers soon and then things will run smoothly… Right now I’m really annoyed at the quest I’m going… I’m trying to kill a doll, but it won’t show its face, so killing it is hard… so I’m orb hunting instead… might as well, really… my rings need the juice… lol

What else has happened??? I really don’t know…. Nothing, really…
Well… anyway… I’ll update this when I have more to write about… Most likely I’ll be home by then :3

Till later…


Yes, I am lazy… and I was really knackered last night.. or yesterday…after the course…
But good news about the course now… we can choose if we want to go there or not now…
I still want to go, cause even if I don’t get a hell of a lot of money for going there, I do get money..
Yes, I did go to talk to the unemployment office, and they said they’d look into it… and as a very smart friend of mine said “You’ll be 80 before they work the mess out…”
Other than that I don’t think I’ve missed anything…
Oh… I’m working monday and thursday next week… YAY!!! XD

I’ve been challanged

I just came in here to check on my email, and I see that I’ve been challanged by my darling step-daughter…

Here goes:

Challenge for you! :3

Put these rules onto your blog and link back to the one who challenged you.
– Share 7 things about yourself people probably don’t know about you.

First off… check out this website ^_^
It’s great… (And if you didn’t get it… ‘this’ is the link to the site…)

7 things people probably don’t know about me…

1. I cry when I watch “Love Actually” (movie review will come later)
I think this must be the only chick flick that gets to me.  I really don’t like chick flicks at all, but it’s nice to know that there is at least one I’ll watch… Oh yeah… and Steel Magnolias… I love that movie… so… two chick flicks…

2. I can lie very convincingly:
but I only use my powers for good… Like… f.ex. “You really look good” when the person looks like death…

3. I had a secret dream of becoming an actress.
I’ve had this for ages. I’m sure I could have gone for it, but I chickened out.

4. I had a secret dream of becoming a free lance photographer for National Geographics.
Again something I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid. Ever since I got my first camera. I’ve always liked taking pictures of things, but I’m also lazy, so yeah… not a whole lot of pictures…

5. I love plushies.
I still have the plushies I got when I was a kid. Only a few of them is on display, tho.

6. The very first cd I bought was Roy Orbison – Mystery Girl
There is really no excuse… *shaaaame*

7. If I were to be executed tomorrow and could get whatever I wanted for my last supper, company included:
My home made pizza, my mothers home made pizza, marinated beef, kebab, beef, beef stew, wild bore (I’ve always wanted to try it), eclairs, chocolate cake, steamed sheep ribs, naan bread, crisps and loads more.
Jason Issacs (best actor) as my escort, Eddie Izzard (best comedian) to entertain us and James Martin to cook all the food… (English chef… really hot… and of course he wouldn’t be making my mothers pizza…or mine…)
And of course all my friends… :3

I realised when I was doing this that I tell you people far too much about myself… I really have no secrets…*sighs*
I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with things… And at the last one I totally paniced…


Oh, but this is great

Mood: Kinda good, but not feeling all that well… *sick look on face*
Listening to: (In my mind) U2 – City of blinding lights (on the radio) Duffy – You think something but you don’t love me… or whatever…

I just realized something awesome…
I CAN write my website at the course… I thought it was blocked and banned and everything, but this is GREAT!
Now I don’t have to write it in my email and then wait till I get home to do anything about it… wheeeee….

I’m still excited about Obama winning the American election… Well done you!
I was talking to my mother last night, and I mentioned to her that Bush still has like 100 days to fuck things up… like send all the soldiers he can get his hands on to Iraq, drop an atomic bomb and/or paint the white house pink… or yellow or something like that…
Would be fun, tho…. suddenly the house that stands for the American dream of freedom and democracy got named after a slang used for communism… Well, at least that’s what Frank Burns calls them in M*A*S*H… “The pinkos…” Also… the red stain… Always got me thinking, that one…. “Ush, someone’s on the rag….”

So… other than that I have really no idea what I’m gonna write, really.
I’m not feeling all 100% today, and I can see my writing is suffering for it. I have no imagination. I’m trying to write an open application, but there are words I need to use in it that I can’t think of right now… and I mean it’s a total blank in my head. I think I’ve been playing too much “Brain game” on my Nintendo ds… I’ve used it all up… 🙁
And I’m totally addicted to Sudoku on it… and so far I have the brain age of a 55 year old… *sighs* I need to get it down, but I don’t know how to make my brain work faster… especially on the math stuff… I don’t even like math… And the rock, scissors, paper game… the game doesn’t even hear me when I say scissors.. the game hates me… -_-
The only game I do well is the “play the melody” game… And don’t get me started on the “find the word that is hidden in this glorious pile of letters” game… I hate that… I can get the easy ones alright, but the others… nope… maybe if I swallowed an encyclopedia…

Well… I might write more when I get home… I’ll see how I feel. If I feel the way I feel right now, I think I just might curl up on the couch and watch TV or something…

Till later..

Tata and take care..