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Sunday Round-up

Mood: Great
Listening to: TheRadBrad playing Dead Rising 2 on YouTube.

So, I didn’t post anything last Sunday because I was gone. I went to visit my family and hand over this years Christmas gifts.
No, I won’t post here what I got them… If they just happen to stumble into my blog, which I highly doubt, they’ll see what they are getting. I’ll tell you after Christmas, if I remember.
I told them that all I wanted this year is money. I need clothes and I want to save up for that ps3 I want so badly. I’ve been watching Skyrim walkthrough’s and I WANT THAT GAME!!! SO BAD!!!
And then Diablo 3 comes out next year, I hope… so I need money for that… And I need clothes for two confirmations next year.. and I need new make-up. The stuff I have is oooold… and it needs to get newified.

I also entered a competition on TLC Norge… I can win shoes! SHOES!!!! I need new shoes too. The nice dressy shoes I had got tossed, so I’ve been using my grandma Duck old lady shoes for all the dressy occasions I’ve been to. They’ve been well hidden by long dressy pants, so no worries, but I still need new shoes.

So, while in Bergen my dad gave all of us our Christmas gift. He took us all out for a very, very, very nice dinner. The company was great, the food was delicious. All in all a great night out. Only downside was the expensive drinks. I ordered a Cuba Libre after dinner, and they charged me 97,- for it. To me that’s hellaspencive. But it was a delicious drink.
So, when I get my pay this time I’ll get me a huge HUGE bottle of Captain Morgan, Spiced Gold… <3 (the bartender used Bacardi, which is good, but I prefer my rum brown.. not too brown, though).
We also visited my brother in his new apartment. He says it’s not as nice as the old one. But at least it’s home for now… even if his landlady is a bitch… telling him when it’s time to turn off his TV and shit.. I mean, seriously.. He’s a grown man!

So… I got home on Thursday and I worked Friday. It was only for 4 hours, but man-oh-man! We racked it in. The girls working earlier did most of the hard work, I just pushed us over the edge.. lol
Then yesterday I started at 11am, and from when I started till 6pm we were rushed with work. People just kept shopping. Not that it’s a bad thing, but there were no long breaks to do other things than just stay behind the register and smile at people. So I was beat when I got home yesterday. But Jan had made me dinner, so all was well.

OH, I also got some new nail polish when I was in Bergen. Goooold. Well, one is called Golden Treasure and the other one Wawawoom. I used Wawawoom on our night out. It’s kinda like a mix between gold and silver. Very nice. The mall close to where mom lives had Midnight open stores. They usually do that when Christmas comes around. Worked out great, really. Was the same day we got there, so we ate a nice dinner, relaxed a little and then hit the stores.
And now I’m trying out my dark purple nail polish with the Golden Treasure one to see if it looks good.

It’s also the first Sunday in Advent now, so I need to get my hands stuck in hanging up stuff and getting the Advent lights set up. When I’m done with that and darkness falls outside I can turn it all on and sing “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. All we’re missing is snow. I’m sure it’ll come too. I’m in no rush.

And now it’s 6 hours till movie start. I’m looking forward to this one. “Big Trouble in Little China”. I hope someone turns up. If not we’ll have to postpone it. But it’ll be good too.

So, I’ll write more when I have more.

Sunday round-up on a monday

Mood: Good
Listening to: nothing right now, I’m planning on playing some Sims3… I’m going to see if making a blue man and a red woman will make a purple baby…

I’ve been busy all week. Working my fat ass to the bone… OK, maybe not to the bone, but I have been exhausted.
Christmas is in the stores now, and people seem to want to get stuff…. which is good. We’ve had some amazing sales, and I’m really proud of us for pulling it off.
On wedensday I had my hair did. I’m not sure if I’m all that happy I decided to have bangs again. But it is a nice bob and I just need to figure out how to style it properly, I guess.
I had to walk to the hairdressers, which wasn’t a problem… Has Espen pick me up so that he could drive me home.. there is no way I’m walking up that hill… HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELL no… Then I jumped in the shower to wash off all those annoying tiny hairs that bug the hell out of me after I’ve had my hair done… did… and then grabbed the bus to get to work. On thursday when I woke up my legs didn’t want to work… they were in such pain.
At the end of the week my feet were really hurting from all the standing and walking about, but I’m allright now. A day of rest really does help.

Anyways… Nothing else to report, really… I don’t think…so I’m off to play Sims3.


Sunday Round-up

Mood: Great
Listening to: Some guy (theradbrad) playing Batman Arkham City on youtube.

So, it’s sunday again and I can finally relax. I don’t know if I’ll get much relaxing next week.
Got work almost every day.. which is great. Getting my hair done on Wedensday…and work following. I’m really excited about the hair doning. Haven’t had a haircut in ages. Good thing is that I’m starting to really like the haircolour I have now. Natural dark blond.
We had a sunday movie last sunday, and we’re doing another one today. It’s great to be back “in the game” and I’m exciting about the movie we’re doing tonight. “Dr. Who and the Daleks”.
I’ve also become an addict of downloading movies. It’s not getting any better either… it’s just getting worse and worse. Good thing is that it’s all good stuff… lol
I’ve been on a HUGE Stephen King TV-series, Made-for-TV movies etc. binge.. and it’s been good. I’m totally gonna read more of his books. I’ll wait till after christmas and see if I get any money.
But then there are so many things I want now.. lol
Top of my list is a ps3. Then there’s a Tassimo T20 coffee maker thingie… With the capsuls things… I can make yummy cocoa =D
I also need clothes. There are two Confirmations next year… I can’t believe it’s 14 years since they were born. It’s amazing how time flies when you’re having fun.
I was hoping of finding a lovely peach coloured chiffon tunic… If now I could always make something.. lol
Nothing really remarkable has happened this week.
So I guess I’ll update more next sunday, unless I do a movie review. I’ve scribbled down a few of them, but I’ll see if I have the time.