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Minecraft update

A lot has happened in the world of Minecraft over the holiday. Omega was made OP or Admin. He takes the role to heart and will totally fuck yo up if you even try to grief the GameFront server. Speaking of servers. He took me on a guided tour of the old GameFront server. When I was teleported there, this was the first thing that greeted me.

I had a laugh. I remember the old series. Or I thought I did. I had forgotten so much, I found out, when I started rewatching it. My god they were so bad. Hehe. And, shockingly, or not… James really haven’t changed. I take that back. He has changed. Before he used to be the guy who ran headfirst into adventure, throwing caution to the wind. Now it seems Morgan has taken that role. It’s good, tho. It means James doesn’t get killed that often. And he still can’t manage his inventory.. lol.
So I got temporary Admin powers so that I could fly around.

We miss you, Zac.

We miss Mitch, too. He should guest star more often.
Not now, though. James and Morgan are on a quest. A major adventure to save some children from their evil father who has lost his mind. They, James and Morgan, found a book. And the book told them to go to the Temple of Light (made by Omega)

In the temple they were told to go to a house on a hill.
Sadly I don’t have screenshots of that.. I stupidly forgot to do that when Omega showed me. What I DID take a screenshot of was Omega pelted by arrows, fired by his skellie hordes.

The adventure isn’t done yet. The children haven’t been saved. I have every confidence that James and Morgan will do whatever they can to find them and bring them to safety. If possible.
Watch the new GameFront Minecraft Show on GameFront Walkthrough on Youtube. I find it funny, don’t know if you will.

Also, after MUCH fishing and hours and hours by the pond I finally got enough saddles to saddle all the horses on the island. Did I mention that the horses love me? I have three free range horses. Ryan,

Xanthe and Abraxan. It’s always special when you stand by water, fishing, minding your own business and turn around to a horses nose in your face.

YEEES! I made a Lucius. How could I not? He’s all white. <3

If there are more screenshots to take and stories to tell I will.
Take care, guys.
And be utterly excellent to each other.


Happy Easter

Mood: Pretty good.
Listening to: Vash playing Infamous: Second Son on Youtube.

So, yeah. Happy Easter.
We’ve been busy putting up a new ceiling in half the room we’re renovating. It looks so nice. SO nice.
I also madeĀ  Easter Island Minecraft thing on Minecraft. There is so little traffic on the GameFront server I might as well play on single player. If I had my ps3 plugged in I’d play that. But Jan hasn’t plugged it up yet, so I’ll wait.
Speaking of Jan. He was supposed to have the night off. But the guy who was supposed to work called him last night and said he was “sick”. I suspect that the guy was party sick. I did the drawn out “mmmmhm” when Jan told me and he said that he was really stuffed up. Yeah, well… you can work even if you’re stuffed up. You sit in a room all night and watch TV. You can do that if you have a cold. Hell, you can even go to work with pneumonia. If I can do it, so can you. But I guess younger men these days, at least the ones Jan work with, are a bunch of babies not willing to pull their weight, waiting for someone to do things for them and complain about everything. Like if there’s a big cleanup planned they’ll bitch about having to actually DO things rather than just doing the job they are actually PAYED to do. But I guess they’d rather sit on their ass and click away on their cell phones… and then bitch about being told off about that exact thing. Work ethics isn’t what it used to be. It used to be that when someone of higher authority told you to do something you did it. But now it seems, since also the foreman has the spine of a jelly fish, they can bitch about it and be let off from doing it. It pisses me off. If Jan had been made foreman, a job that, in my eyes at least, was rightfully his, this shit wouldn’t have happened. That shift would be running smoothly instead of having bitchy ass punks ruining it for everyone… and themselves. But of course, Jan isn’t a ass kiss kind of a guy. He’ll tell you the truth to your face instead of sugar coating it. I guess the higher ups don’t like that. I guess they like their asses kissed. It doesn’t hurt, either, to have a father working with the higher ups. It’ll get you the job, sure, but I don’t know if it’ll help you keep it if you can’t do the job you got.
Boy did they ever screw up on that choice. Big time. At least now, maybe, they’ll see. Oh man. What I wouldn’t give to have them sat in a room and lecture them about poor judgement. It would be so sweet.

Rant over. So yeah. Jan had to work last night because the other guy was “sick”. And we’re having a BBQ later on. Which reminds me. I have to make the onion salad thing that’s so good. I should finish up. AND I need to use the bathroom. On noes. I’ve ranted too long! Nooooooo

I’ve got a new cell phooone <3

Listening to: Rooster Teeth playing Minecraft episode 96

So, my mum told me she’d give me some money when the money she got for the apartment came though. And we’ve waited.
So last Sunday I called her because she was leaving for Turkey on Monday. That’s when she told me she had put the money in my account a week earlier. She just forgot to tell me. -_-
So, while I was talking to her on the phone I was ordering the new one.
It’s a glorious, white and really nice Sony Xperia Z1. It’s so much better than the Arc I had. The poor old girl was on her last legs. I couldn’t do updates because she was too full of crap. So I’ve got a fast phone now. =D
I also got Lord of the Rings Lego for the ps3. But since Jan disconnected the ps3 and haven’t put it back, I haven’t been able to play it yet. I was hoping to play tomorrow, but chances looks dim. Because.. I’ve already asked him, and I don’t want to nag. He’s got enough on his mind.
Anyway. I think I’m going to buy a bottle of Captain Morgan, spiced gold and a new bottle of Sambuca. It is Easter soon, and it’s a chance to get drunk. XD
I have to remember to get ice.
I also want to go to Askim to buy some clothes. There are some new tops I REALLY want. We’ll see next week.
But now I’ll see the rest of this episode and then I’ll go to bed. My ear is hurting, and I hope I’m not getting an ear infection.



These dreams

Mood: Pretty good. A little tired, and you’ll find out why.
Listening to: Rooster Teeth’s The Patch #46

I had a ton of dreams last night. I mean wow. At first there were kittens stepping in paint.. or one of them did. And the white one listened to me when I told her not to step in paint and to show me her paws to show me she hadn’t. <.<
Then there was the ghost in my dad’s bedroom. There was this dude in bed with a tablet for a pillow, and the ghost was poltergeisting him, dragging him out of bed and so forth. And I was telling the ghost to leave. Over and over. And then I told him to give back Jan, and suddenly his hand shot out of the bed cover sea and I saved him.
Needless to say I woke up from this dream and my face felt pretty hot. So I must have worked hard or ,subconsciously, felt embarrassed. It took some time for me to get back to sleep again. “We’re not gonna take it” was looping in my head.
When I finally got back to sleep I had a dream about Ryan Haywood from Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunters. We were driving around, talking about his love for his wife.
Yeah, I have no idea. Really, I don’t. I get the ghost thing, I think, because I watched a “Are ghosts real” from a scientific point of view last night.
And the kittens with the paint. I think that might have, also, been a clip of twin kids doing a paint footprints up a wall prank. one kid steals a purse, the purse owner calls for help and a guy runs to her aid. The kid runs around a corner and hides and his twin is on the top of a building with shoe prints up the wall.. and the aid guy is all “what the heeeeell?”
The Rooster Teeth/AH thing might be because I watch their Minecraft show before bedtime. Everything else is just vivid imagination.

So, there’s been a think I’ve been wondering about for ages. Why do people hate Phil Collins? You know.. from Genesis.
When Genesis started up Peter Gabriel was the lead singer. The band did some weird prog-rock thing. Gabriel came on stage dressed in strange costumes.
Anyway… Gabriel and the band grew apart and they all decided that Gabriel should leave the band, and he agreed. After a lot, and I do mean a lot, of searching for a person to replace Gabriel and not finding anyone, Collins took the part of lead singer. They followed the prog-rock genre, but eventually decided on regular pop. It’s not like Gabriel and Collins hated each other; Collins helped Gabriel on one of his albums getting a new drum sound or something. And it’s not like Gabriel didn’t strike it big after he left Genesis.
Genesis might not be the greatest band in the world, but you can’t say that there isn’t a song they have that you won’t sing along to when it’s on the radio. OR a song Collins solo’s that you won’t air drum to (“In the air tonight”).
So why hate? I don’t get it. If they are fine with what happened, why can’t we be?

Anyway. Just airing out my thoughts.

Be utterly excellent to each other.