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Mood: Miffed.
Listening to: Barenaked Ladies – Odds are… which makes it pretty difficult to be miffed… but here’s the story:

So the Norwegian Statistics thingy have been hounding me for ages, trying to get my opinion on things. I gave them an “interview” ages ago on politics. It was right after an election and well.. I was bored and I had 15 min to spare. And I thought that was that. Lately they have been calling me on the phone, trying to get in contact. Thank god for caller ID. So no, I haven’t talked to them.
So this went on and on… about a month ago or so an old dude showed up on my door saying he was from the Statistics thingy and asked if he could get an interview. I said it was not a good time, seeing as Jan wasn’t at home.. and seriously, I don’t invite strange men into my house when I’m alone. I’m not stupid. So he asked if we could do it the day after and I said I had to work.. and he asked if we could do it the following week.. and I said “I have no idea how I will be working the coming week”. So we decided he’d call me so that we could agree on a time… he would be in the area the following Tuesday so we could talk then… I’m not ashamed to admit that the first thing I did was to get a hair appointment that Tuesday. I needed to get it done.. and my hair looks fabulous.
So I didn’t hear from him. I saw they had called from the thingy, but my phone was silenced so I missed the call… Ops.
So.. yesterday I was at work, doing my working duties. And I saw in my peripheral vision that there was a guy standing not far from me. I was thinking it was a guy waiting for his wife or something. So when I finished ringing up the costumer I was with I looked up at the guy and he walked over to me. The second I saw him I thought “Oh, fuck.” The second thought was “Why the hell is he here?” Yeah, it was the guy from the thingy. AT MY JOB!!!
WHAT THE HELL!?!??! Are they really THAT desperate at getting my “input” that they are hounding me at work? I should probably call it stalking.
So I told him that if I had known it would come to this that one time I gave the interview back in the day I would never have done it in the first place. And he got all “what? You’ve given an interview before?” Well, duh. And then he promised me that if I gave the interview now it’d be the last time. I just shot him down. I said no. I found it so incredibly disrespectful to seek me out at work to get an interview that I don’t want anything to do with them. Seriously!!!
So when the guy walked away my co-worker; Anne Kathrine, gave me a look like “WHAT THE HELL?!??!?!” and I said kinda quietly “I’m going to lunch now….”
Both she and Hege, other co-worker, said I should contact them and ask if it is common policy to visit people at home and at work to get an interview. Personally I just want to be done with it.
Later I talked to the security guard and he told me to be careful, cause there are a lot of cooks out there (because.. apparently someone shit on the floor in the grocery store.. not that it makes someone nutty, but honestly. Who shits on the floor, for one.. and second; if it was a kid that did it… what the hell were the parents up to and why the hell didn’t they do something about it? That’s seriously nasty). So when we left work last night we had a security guard to watch our six. It was a whole co-op thing. Armed Pinkerton guards and everything. Army, Navy Seals… the works.
No, I don’t fear for my safety. I’m not going to overreact and attack whatever makes a noise in the house because of this. Unless I see this guy again, I’m not going to worry. I seriously doubt he’ll come back again. If he does, then I’ll call and all that. Then it’s started to get serious seeing as I told him pretty clearly that I didn’t want to take part in this.
So.. That’s about it, I guess.

Anyway… be great to each other


Another day, another..something….

Mood: Kind of blah. Bored, I guess. I think I might listen to music and play Minecraft soon.
Listening to: Dark Shadows, the series. I’ve watched too many today, I think…

It’s Halloween soon. I’m not going to dress up. I’m not going to hand out candy. Why? Because I’m a grump…. and we don’t celebrate Halloween.
Oh yeah. I can’t remember if I gave you an update on my Dark Souls play… I got to the bonfire at the Undead Burg. I even got to visit the undead Merchant. For now I’ll let him live. I think he’s more valuable to me alive. At least till he doesn’t have anything new for me.. then I’ll kill him for his Katana.
So yeah.. I got to the bonfire.. I continues through the firebomb tossers and into the round room of death. I killed them all… The camera stuck a little to the walls, but I know how to fix that now. I continued on my merry way, killing things as I went. Up the stairs to the far left, killed them.. then took the ladder up to the firebomb tossers. I killed them too.. but then Zenna, my person, spazzed out and jumped off the roof. -_-
I was so pleased. Actually, no. I was pissed off. I turned the game of and haven’t played since. I know it’s ridiculous of me to behave that way. I need to get over myself. I KNOW I will die. A LOT! But I have to admit that, for a first time, I’m pretty impressed with myself and my measly four deaths. What I really should do is to do the suicide runs. To get rings and weapons.
I think maybe my knight person was a poor choice. I think I’ll try playing with a new person, a pyromancer or a sorcerer.  I think I’m more comfortable with range weapons rather than melee weapons. I still need to learn how to perry and to repost. I did the actions when I was in the jail cell at the beginning of the game. I was testing out the buttons…. but then I don’t know what happened. I think my fingers forgot. A lot of the things I’ve learned I’ve forgotten. *sighs*

So what else is new?
My mother is going to move. She broke the news ages ago, but I’ve been.. I don’t know… not thinking about it, I guess.
She asked me, seeing as she’ll need furniture and everything, if I wanted anything of hers.. and I jokingly said “Oh, I’d like the 2 and 3 seater.. the nice chair, the table and side table.” and she answered “OK”
Yes, I was shocked. I had never expected to get her sofa and stuff… that table is stunning. But of course we’ll need to get the living room in order first. We’ve been talking about it, and we’ll break walls in March or April. I can’t wait. It’ll be stunning when it’s finished.

Last night as I was falling asleep, I suddenly got a mental image of a spider running towards me. I struck out with my arm to ward it off… I have no idea what’s going on. I’ve been plagued by spiders lately, it seems. The other day I put some clean underwear in the bathroom for a shower I was going to take.. and when I had done the showering and preparing to put the underwear on… there was a spider in my undies. Freaked me the fuck out. I usually don’t freak out about spiders, but this one did. It was a daddy long-leg. And today, again, in the shower.. as I picked up the washcloth, I saw something tiny dart across it.. and yes. Another spider.

Well, I don’t know what else to write about.
It’s getting too late to play Minecraft. I had to call my dad to catch up in the middle of the update.
I’ll do it tomorrow.. No, I won’t have time. Jan is getting his eyes checked tomorrow. He needs glasses. It’ll be weird seeing him with glasses, but I think he’ll look really nice. But then he always looks nice.

I’ll try to update again soon.
Be utterly excellent to each other.


Sunday Update

Mood: Pretty good
Listening to: Dark Shadows, not the movie. But the good old series from the 60’s.

So I finally played Dark Souls… and I suck. I got to the bonfire at Firelink Shrine. That was after I, on the third try, killed the the Asylum Demon. I was very impressed with myself about that. But yeah. I need to manage my stamina better. I’ve unequipped my gloves and helmet so that I don’t fat-roll. I picked knight as my first try. I might change that when I get bored. But it’s a sturdy build, so I might just tank it. I know I sound like a gamer-girl… but I’m far from it. I know the lingo, but man am I struggling with the actual playing. And I know that I haven’t really played enough to be good. I’m sure I’ll do better when I’ve played it as much as EpicNameBro has. I’ll play more later. Right now the TV has been hijacked. And all those things to remember.. jeez. And I’m still trying to find out how things work. I know how to roll, but I haven’t figured out how to back-stab just yet. Not that I’ve really tried.
It is very easy to watch people play… and be all “OMG!! NOO!! Not like that! You have to roll and kick and jump and etc.” But to actually do it… not easy. But then I never thought Dark Souls would ever be easy. Heavens, no. It’s the controls. And the fingers… and the interaction between them. I’ll get there. Might take me years, but I will get there…
And I’m so scared I’ll click the wrong button and piss off an NPC. They are not forgiving at all!
I’ll read up on how to get some things, I think. I’ll get the Drake Sword. I know it’s cheating, but honestly.. I want it easy. At least at first. I’ll do another play-through and not get it. I’ll most definitely do a pyromancer or a mage.. or AND a mage. I’ll have fun none the less. I’m so glad I got the game. XD
Maybe I’ll play Dead Space later today… or maybe not.. I’m really scared!
Maybe I’ll save that game for first time play-though.
I think I need to write down some of the weapons I want.. and how to make them..
Oh well… I’ll update you all on my gaming adventures.

Be sweet to each other…


I know, I know.. it’s been a while.. again….

Mood: Perfectly fine.
Listening to: Carrie, the movie.. on The Cinemated Man’s movie channel. He’s pretty good. You should check it out if you get a chance.

I have the most awesome father-in-law in the world. As we all know my PS3 got borked when the lightning struck right outside. And we’re still waiting for the money from the insurance. Anyway. He got a PS3 ages ago but couldn’t quite get the hang of it, being used to the PS2. We visited one day to help with some TV stuff and he said I could borrow his till I got a new one. So I did.. got five games in the pack. Gran Turismo (irch), Ratchet and Clank (hmmm), The Smurfs 2 (sigh), Ice Age 4 (…) and Uncharted 3 (wheee). Hang on, there’s a whiney kid on TV. Can’t stand them. So yeah. We borrowed it, and played little. I didn’t want to play any of my other games, just in case I could, when I got the new one, put the old hard drive into the new one. We can try, right?
So, some time passed and we visited again. And suddenly I got his bill of sale that had some insurance thing on it too.. In case it broke. And a few days after that Jan said to me that he thought I might as well keep it, the PS3, because… well… it seemed like it to him. So I made him make sure. And sure enough.. My awesome father-in-law gave me his PS3.
He has also after that gotten a new one for himself… Go figure. I guess he is powerless to resist, like I am.
And last night we tried to put the old hard drive into the new one. But I guess it got toasted in the lightning strike too. Oh well. So I made a new account and all that. I’m going to play a little bit later on. I’m just gonna finish this first.. or I’ll play tomorrow. I really wanted to get a Roxio Game Capture thingie, so that I could go on Twitch and show everyone just how bad I am at gaming. XD
But honestly, I don’t know how long I will be able to wait. We’ll see. I could just go ahead and play.. and I’ll get to a point where I just can’t continue.. and that’s when I’ll go live and… maybe not.
I still have Dead Space 2 I can play. It’ll scare the shit out of me, but I’ll do it.. some day…
I wish I had the Roxio for when my brother and I played the London Olympics. Man, I wish I had the whole thing on tape. It was so hilarious…and I still laugh at the memory of us trying to do the javelin throw.
So, as I got Dark Souls I also got The Shining, the book. I started reading it and I have to admit I’m expecting scary stuff to leap off the page the whole time I’m reading it. Maybe not the best idea to read it in bed….
Damn, Carries mother is creepy.
I also tried to find a fake leather jacket. I had been drooling over the picture of it for weeks, and I finally got a chance to check it out. It wasn’t as nice as I thought. 🙁 So I got very disappointed. But I’ll get some bike boots instead. I need some winter shoes.
I’ve also finally decided that I really need a drivers license. I just need some money first. It’s not exactly cheap.
What else…
Animal Crossing – new leaf. I think I’ve collected almost all the fossils, I’m missing like 10 bugs or something… and 15 fish.. I think. I’m having great fun being a mayor. I also think the villagers are getting a little tired of me trying to expand my house all the time, which I’m finished with now. I really don’t want all of the suggestions they’ve come with to “improve” Clamydea. Oil pump? Really?? I am getting the dream thingie, tho. I think I’ll start it up today. After I’ve showered.
I’ve also been thinking about getting Beyond: Two Souls. I just don’t know, tho. I mean…. I don’t think I’d be very good at that rapid decision thing. I think I’d get frustrated and give up. I think it’s a game I’ll watch being played by others.
OH! I’m getting my hair done on Tuesday. I can’t wait to get re-blondiefied. It’s getting a little dark at the roots.
And I just realized that the heart on my sweater makes my chest look like a gorilla chest/bold spot. Remind me never to wear the sweater to the zoo. A gorilla might take a shining to me and violate me. And we wouldn’t want that. I think they aren’t the softest of lovers.
I guess that’s about it. I’ve been working and playing, watching movies and sleeping… and eating. I’m making meatballs for dinner today.. in gravy. Haven’t had proper meatballs in ages. Yum.
OH!! My Venus Flytrap is blooming! Or growing. They’ve really enjoyed the flies we’ve been plagued with this year. So much so it’s going to bloom soon. I’ll snap some pictures of it when it does. I’ve never seen a Venus Flytrap bloom before.

Well, I’ll hang my laundry now and then take a shower. I’ll try to post more often. What can I say.. I’m lazy.

Be utterly excellent to each other.