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Minecraft Diary

Dear Diary.

After having survived yet another night I decided I needed to go out and find some wood. After huddling scared in a corner for a night I was happy to see the sunrise. There are monsters around my house. I even saw an enderman. Why he was lurking around my house I’ll never know. But it was scary. I didn’t dare look at him for too long. I don’t know if they can transport into my house. But I wasn’t going to risk it. So… dawn… I ran out the door, and locked it again… and ran into woods. I got all the wood I needed… for now. I can’t remember why I needed it. I think it might have been to make tools. So I made tools and frittered away my day. I also started to dig down in my livingroom, hoping to find coal. All of a sudden I heard a really scary sigh, almost. It scared the cheese out of me, so I stopped digging for a while. I NEED TOURCHES!!! so I took the furnace, but some wood in it and made stone or something.. giving off just enough light for me to see what I was doing. I didn’t go too far down. I don’t want to end up in a monster spawn.
I decided to have a little break from digging and sat by the window, listening to creatures roaming around outside. I’ve already killed a skeleton, so I know I can somewhat handle them. And to my horror I saw a creeper. For some reason it was bobbing around in the ocean, hanging out with a zombie. At dawn I manned up and ran out of my house, closing the door behind me, and killed the zombie. The creeper had wandered into the woods, so I did my best to avoid him. I ran! I ran, or jumped, rather, as fast as my stubby legs could carry me. And I found cows. Blessed be the mighty cow, but it’s sweet meat healed my ailments..after I had cooked it…at home. It was then that I decided to take as much cobblestone as I could bother to carry and head out into the wilderness. Which I did, the next morning.  Once I found a place that had wildlife and water I started building my new house. I made new windows too and put them in. I have to admit that my new house it really nice. I should post some pictures of it. That night I read up on a few things, so I learned that I can make coal if you burn wood with planks, so finally I made torches. I also made some stairs and some bowls for stew. So at dawn I started breaking open the ceiling and made a second floor to my house. Unfortunately I ran out of cobblestone so I had to finish it with dirt. It’s not nice, but it’ll have to do till I find more cobblestone.  And that’s about it. There are creepers and skeletons out there. And I’m waiting for zombies to start beating down my door. Which happened, actually, one day I was out for a stroll. I heard this banging in the background, and when I got closer I saw that it was a zombie at my door, but it died before I got there to take care of him.
Also, I have no idea what happened to the wolf I tamed. I need to find a new wolf to make my friend.
And then the game crashed… >.<


Mood: Quite good.
Listening to: GameFrontDotCom playing Minecraft.

I finally decided to download Minecraft and I started playing it. I’m proud to say that I survived the first night =D
But then I got lost and a skeleton killed me the second night. *sighs*
I have to admit that I was VERY cocky. I’ve been watching GameFront play this for so long and they make it look easy. I now know it’s not. Jeez. I’m a total NOOB!!! *cries*
My fingers need time to adjust. I’ve tried changing keys to make it easier for me to play, but nothing seem to be working. I think I might need to make a world in “creator” mode so that I get used to how to do things and such. I really need time to adjust.
I like the world I got to, though. Right in the middle of a jungle. Well, on the shores of something..with a jungle in the backdrop. And I have wild dogs all around me.. and I finally got beef.. and I tried to make one of them domesticated.. and I hit it..and he got mad at me. I had to kill it 🙁
But yeah. I made tools, found cobblestone and made better tools.. It’s all gone now. I need coal and stuff. So I guess I’ll chop down more trees next time I play it.  I even made a chest to store stuff in. But yeah.. I need to get my fingers, my hands and my brain to work together. I’m not used to using that much of my left right when playing games.
But yeah.. when I finally get the hang of this stuff I’ll make some cool things, I think. Really cool things.
Wish me luck…

I’m bored.

Mood: Bored, I tell you.. BOOOOORED!!!!
Listening to: Some woman talking about some serial killer. I’ve been watching loads of documentaries on Youtube today. I don’t know what got me into it, but yesterday I started finding these 45 min. documentaries and I just added them to my “watch later” thingie.

To be honest it wasn’t all serial killers. There was this one docu. about a dude who molested his kids and step-kids. Very disturbing story. Even worse when he denied everything. I’m not shocked at the fact that he did deny it, but just the gruesomeness of it.

So, I was planning on talking a little about what’s been happening here for the last 4 month or so.
In May we decided that it was time to make a new patio on the front of the house, so we broke ground around the 10th of May and finished about 10 days later. I am really happy about how it turned out. I can finally use my hanging lanterns and other things I’ve been hanging on to for ages. Just in the hope that one day I’ll be able to use it. Yeah, I know. “Why, Lene, would you buy stuff if you’re not going to use it right away?”. Well, I could have used it on the veranda, but I just never bothered to. I have the same problems with all the t-light holders I have. I buy them because they are cute, but never use them. I’m terrible at using candles. Some people can’t stop using them… I just can’t seem to start. Which sucks since I have so much of it laying around.
Then Jan started helping a friend of his from work building a garage…AND starting to ruin a garden for another work mate… He finished the garage, but they are struggling with the garden. The owner wants the moon, but Jan is a realist and he knows he can’t deliver what the owner wants. And it doesn’t help that the owner doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. Which I understand, but come on. You can’t expect them to not spend any money. Even more so when they discover sewer lines and water mains and all that where they aren’t supposed to be. Ooops.
So yeah. Land slides, broken pipes, disappearing diggers, none existing trucks and disappearing people who said they would help (and who tell the owner that Jan won’t turn up as often and won’t help as much so that he (disappeared person) will get more money)… it’s starting to pile up, the problems. But the money grabbing s.o.b is really starting to piss me off. What’s worse is that he’s already gotten some money for doing the job… and he didn’t tell his wife about it. I’m glad I’m not her. Makes you wonder what she wants him to spend money on/save money for to make him keep it a secret. It’s a good thing I’m not a heavy drinker, or that little gem of a secret might have slipped in my drunkenness.
Oh, and I’ve been working. Two weeks we were without boss lady and next in command. I wouldn’t say they were hellish… at least not the first week. The second week, however… All of a sudden I had a storage room filled to the brim with candles and other stuff… and on the Tuesday I got more of everything. Boss Lady told me that, the week before, if we got a lot of pallets to put them behind Princess. And we really tried. On the Thursday we got more pallets and they were spread around the store because there was no more room in storage. And the guy delivering the pallets said he didn’t have the time to try and get them into storage because he had other stuff to deliver other stores. I almost cried, I was so pissed off at him. So we started to empty the pallets… and when 4pm came around I was out of there. Couldn’t sleep that night.. not very well. Kept going over stuff in my head. When I got to work on the Friday all the pallets were gone and a note left for me told me what to do that day. And then boss lady called me. And she was really sweet, not mad at all. She said she had told me to put the pallets in the empty Lindex lot (no, you said Princess… which is why this happened), so I said I had misunderstood and she said it was fine and all that. We did almost finish the new candle wall, so I must say I’m impressed with us.
So I had a weeks vacation. Well deserved, I might add. So now I have three weeks of work and then another weeks vacation.
I guess that makes you updated.

I can’t think of anything I’ve forgotten. It’s all the same old, really.
I still hate kids, especially in summer when school is out and they are in the store bugging the shit out of me, screaming their heads off and all that. There was actually an accident at the hardware store wall-to-wall with us. A girl and her brother was playing with a small pallet lifter and she got her finger cut off. Let that be a lesson to the rest of you kids. Don’t pick stuff up, don’t run around with it, my store is not a playground! AND PARENTS!!!! Mind your fucking kids! It’s not my job to teach your kids manners or to discipline them. My store is not a daycare center.


My Birthday

Mood: So so so good.
Listening to: TheRadBrad playing Cryostasis on Youtube. (By the way, I stopped listening to/watch GhostRobo ages ago. He started to get on my nerves. He was annoying and just pissed off so many people with his “Oh, I don’t want to play that game. It’s too hard (Dark Souls).” and repeating stuff while he was playing his game… “I’m a beast, I’m a beast, I’m a beast beast beast. I’m a beast, I’m a beast, I’m a beast.” and “ARH!! YOU FREAK OF NATURE. Get out of my brain space”). I prefer to listen to/watch people who will stick with a game, like their fans and all that. So TheRadBrad, GameFrontDotCom, EpicnameBro, Vash12349, Eclipse10, Scorch82 . Thank you for being awesome and entertaining.

So, anyways…  My birthday, which was yesterday, was AMAZING!!!! (yesterday being Friday the 10th of August).
My dad came on Monday, on Tuesday we went to Sweden to get loads of stuff for the party, on Wednesday Camilla dropped in to get some T-bone steak before she left. She was visiting a friend on Friday so she couldn’t come then.. which is why she came by on Wednesday instead. The T-bone steak was soooo delicious. I love cow, I’m telling you. On Thursday my mom, her bf and my brother came and we had a really great late supper of oven baked and grilled trout. Yes, two trouts. 6 people staying here is the most I’ve ever had, I think. But we did great. Sat out till late, had a wonderful time. Then on Friday I got showered with money. Everyone gave me money, which is great, cause that’s what I wanted. And mom gave me pink roses. They are so gorgeous. I’ll take a picture of them when they bloom a little more. The day started out rainy and not very nice, but around noon the sky cleared up and we had sun the rest of the day. Later we bbq’d. Jan had gotten some marinated beef (tenderloin) and some marinated pork (tenderloin) served with potaotes, salad and a tomatoe/onion salad. You didn’t even have to chew the meat it was so tender. We got so stuffed. And we have so much meat left for dinner today. XD
Then we got our drink on and moved the tables around the lawn to catch the sun. Eventually we ended up on the new pourch (Oh yeah. That’s new. I’ll post pictures) and sat there till 1am. And for the first time in my life I saw shooting stars. 4 of them. It totally compleeted my day.
The day was perfect. If I were to have my bday again, I want that day. But now I think I want to scavange for a pork chop… which we also had… mmmmm… leftovers…