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Another Minecraft entry.

Dear journal.
Eons ago, it seems, I made an iron golem for company. I kept him enclosed in a fenced off area, but I felt sorry for him. To be outside, to watch all the monsters walk past without having the Chance to interact with them… only to have the Chance to do so if they spawn in his enclosure. So I let him go. I cut down the fences and let him go. I feared that he’d jump of the mountain, he did look longingly out into the distance. But he eventually walked off and I think he won’t be coming back… or at least lurk around the base of my mountain.  I don’t know how long he’ll make it in the wild, tho. If he picks a fight with an enderman, he’s screwed. Same can be said about a skeleton but on a smaller scale. If he does die I’ll rebuild him. I have the technology, I will make him better, stronger, faster…. or maybe not.
I also went away for a few days. I decided to go into the jungle and see if I could find a mine. I didn’t. But I did dig down and I found plenty of diamonds. I am pleased about that. But I think also the jungle was haunted. Whenever I started to mine I suddenly started to see green streaks across the field of my vision. It made me very unwell, so I had to cut the mining to a minimum. I also think it in some way made things I had mined go away. How it did it I have no idea, but a small part of the diamonds I mined went missing. As soon as I left the jungle my vision went back to normal. Strange things are going on in that jungle, and I don’t think I want to find out what it is. I’ll stick to my side of the world.
I also am continuing my Enderman experiments. I have had one teleport into my house, it was standing right next to my bed… I was too stunned to take a picture of it, so I really want to have that happen again. My theory is still that I can make an Enderman rage just by looking at him through a window.
I will post more when I know more.

Sunday Update

Mood: Very tired and utterly annoyed at some things which I’ll get to….
Listening to: Geekcountry on Twitch; Jordan helping Zac getting his new computer together. It’s a recording. I sadly missed the hilarity live….

So yeah, annoyance.
I can’t even open the news papers without reading about Justin Bieber and how he’s coming to Norway.. I KNOW!!!! I’M PAINFULLY AWARE THE FUCKER IS COMING TO NORWAY! I don’t care about how he tricked the fans last time he was here.. I don’t care about how shitty his dancing is in the Netherlands, I don’t care about who the poor soul he dragged up on stage was, I don’t care about his drug problems… and I fucking don’t care if he has “grown up” because he visited the Anne Frank museum.
I’m annoyed that headmasters have postponed exams because the fucker is coming to Norway. If I was a headmaster I wouldn’t have allowed it. It’s a perfect time for kids to learn that you can’t get everything you want in life.
But enough about him.
I’m also annoyed at people having kids and then being all “Oh, yeah. I really don’t like sitting on the floor and playing with Lego’s and stuff.” Well, you should have thought about that before having kids!!!! Ffs!
Did I mention I hate kids? Yeah, I still do… Screaming, snotnosed fuckers, drooling on everything and spreading god knows what… ugh!
There, I vented…

So, North-Korea. Kim Jong-Un is struggling, I think. Well, spies allegedly have said he’s struggling with the military. So the natural response would be to bomb another country. I just hope the anti-bomb thingies they have put up in Japan will help. I don’t want Japan bombed again.

I just lost a lot of my thoughts and thunder.. Something just crashed in the kitchen, scaring me… It was the breadbox deciding it didn’t want to be on the counter anymore… or the things behind the breadbox deciding they no longer wanted the breadbox on the counter.
If I get my thunder back I’ll further the update…


P.S: Some thunder restored.
Seems like Justin Bieber hasn’t grown up. Yes. he visited the Anne Frank Museum… and then he wrote in the guestbook: (Not actual quote, loosely translated back from English from Internet) “Real inspiring to have the possibility to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would be a belieber”.
Oh yes… how he has grown. Fucking dickhead. THIS IS YOUR “STAR”!!! THIS IS WHO YOU DECIDED TO PUT ALL YOUR HEART INTO!!! A dickhead who is more interested in having followers than the hardship, heartache, horror and terror a young girl went through.
You disgust me.