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Random thoughts and stuff…

Mood: Great =D
Listening to: Oh, hang on… I’ll put something on. Ah.. yes. The “God drums of Lud” from The Dark Tower series by Stephen King. I found this guy online who’s done a project making music to various parts of the books. I have to admit that they were so kick ass I dl’d them. BUT I NEVER INTENT TO SELL THEM ON TO ANYONE!!!! The “God Drums of Lud” btw is the drum bit from “Velcro Fly” by ZZ Top.  The dude used it as a baseline and gave them steroids.

So, a few thoughts have been swirling around in my head for a few days now, and well…. I’ll just start.

Why duckface?  Do you not know you look like a twat when you do it? Is it any wonder people around the world make fun of you? The only reason why duckface is because you are in general annoyance with the world. Then I have to ask “What in the world do you have to be THAT annoyed about that you are willing to subject yourself to moching and ridecule by people around that world?”. The only reason I can see for ever making a duckface is to stick something on your upper lip, to keep it on place…when you don’t have glue.

Why nude pictures of yourself? OK, this is easier for me to understand. I’m not a complet nobhead. But when you do take nude pictures of yourself, on your camera… and you’re a celebrity… and they get stolen… Look, I get why you’re upset, but why the hell make them in the first place? ESPECIALLY if you’re a celebrity? Pictures, no matter how private, has a nasty habbit of getting out. Here’s a thought. What if you DON’T take nide pictures of yourself? That way there is nothing to ever get leaked. I know, the solution to the problem is like SO totally obvious and simplistic, like wow.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.. I get it. The whole private life and all that crap. When you’re a celeb you have less of it because you’re a celeb. You picked your profession, now live with the consequenses of bad ideas. And by the way. It’s not like you’re the first it has happened to, and since celebs seems to not learn from other peoples mistakes, you’re not going to be the last.

OK, so they were more rants than random thoughts. But it was nice to get it off my chest.. not that I will not take a picture of, even if it is for my private collection.



Sunday round-up on a monday

Not alot happened last week. I didn’t work, so I’ve been lazying it up at home.  We could do this day by day…

Monday: I was at my doctor. Nothing serious, just a regular check-up. I’m fine.
We also picked up my new chell phone =D Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc…. and within an hour I broke my new cell phone.  How did I manage that, you ask? Why, y connecting it to my computer and giving it ye old update. OK, so seriously I think I was doing too much on it all at once. I was also trying to download my contact list at the same time.. plus I was checking it out. So suddenly it just shut down. It didn’t even want to power up. And after trying to make it work by taking out the battery, leaving it out a few minutes and so on, like they said on FAQ… I broke down in tears. No one likes to break their new phone.. not within an hour of getting it. So we decided to plug it to the wall and just leave it.. maybe it’d juice up. So before I went to bed I tried to turn the phone on, but it still didn’t want to work.
Tuesday: We tried to start up the phone again after leaving it all night without the battery in it. It didn’t work. So Jan called up the online store he got it from and asked for help. They said “We’ll call you back”. So Jan then called Sony Ericsson and asked them for help. They said “Sure. All you have to do is to plug it to a computer and update it again. Something went wrong during the first one, so just turn the cell phone of and plug it to a computer. That should do the trick”. So we did. And it was plugged to the computer for over 30 min. Jan called SE again and asked how long it’d take and they said about 15 min, and when they heard it had taken over 30 min they suggested unplugging and replugging, trying again… we did and it worked =D
So I finally had a working cell phone.. lol. Then came the issue of downloading my contact list. I had already uploaded it to google something and the program wanted me to connect the old cellphone to the computer again and do it aaaall over again… so I tried one of the other programs to doenload the list.. and they wanted me to instal Outlook. Now, that is one program I don’t need and don’t want on my computer… so I did it the old way. Wrote down all the old numbers on my cell and did it all manually. Didn’t take too long; I don’t have alot of contacts.
When Jan came home from work he said the store called him around 3pm and asked him if it worked. -_-  Thanks for helping…
Wedensday and Thursday: Nothing happened. Desolved in cellphony joyness <3
Friday: Jan went out with his job.. well, his shift and another shift. Why I didn’t tag along, you ask? Because his workplace SUCK!!! They pay for their food, but only a set amount of money…and you have to work there for them to pay your way.. and I don’t anymore… work there, that is. I could of course have spent my own money, but at the moment I’m skint.
So anyways. Jan came home around 1am and went to bed.. we talked a little and he seemed fine.. a little tipsy, that was about it.. then suddenly he started to retch and I flew out of the bed and was downstairs so fast… I can’t remember running downstairs at all… I found a bucket for him,  had some water in it and ran back upstairs.. on the way up I found out I had grabbed the other bucket as well… good thing I had. Jan had thrown up on a towel which I placed in the bucket. Long story short. I didn’t want to sleep next to him because I didn’t want to be thrown up on… but as I was trying to get back to sleep on the couch my mind started to get irrational and worry me with “what if’s”. Like.. what if he sleeps so soundly he throws up without knowing it and sufficates on it… so I went back upstairs… took me a loooong time to get back to sleep. Good think I had a good book. Around 3am I finally nodded off…
Saturday: Woke up at 7:30 am. The new cellphone is LOUD!!! And I needed to use the bathroom. So I got up and watched TV till Jan got up at 9:30am. Feeling fine, no headache or anything. We figured out why he got sick too. He mixed too many drinks. One of the guys working with him tried to drink him under the table. That in itself is like a death wish… The guy bought him Caloua (sp?) and Malibu… he had jägermaister, brandy, wine (red), some other shots I can’t remember the name of, coffee and about 12 half liters of beer.
So yeah… I spent the day in a tired haze. But we did have a nice dinner. Mutton and cabbage, put in a huge pot and boiled for 3 hours… with layers of whole black pepper and salt. You can of course use a herb holder thingie, but those are for whosses. But it is delicious.
Sunday: Had leftover dinner from saturday. It’s even more delicous the day after. I also watche Jaws with rifftrax. So funny. I’ve also been thinking about writing more movie reviews. I made one of Barbarella, but it was written so badly I need to watch the movie again… but I don’t want to watch the movie again becuse it’s so bad.
I also saw “Men who stare at goats” last week.. and I found it really funny. Like when George Clooney killed a goat with his mind.. I laughed so hard.. lol. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a spontanious belly laugh erruption.. well, of taht magnitude.. But I need to watch the movie again to write a good review.

So.. that was that. It’s monday now and I have a whole new week ahead of me.
I hope everyone has a great week. Byebye..



Resident Evil: Afterlife, a Lene review.


The movie starts off pretty bumping. Japan, in the wain, a person attacking people. This is where the other movie left off, where Alice contacted whomever and said she was coming. Well, she came and not in the delicious way. So she, all of hers, kick some hapanese ass. We also get introduces to Wesker, again.. not as cool as in the game, but pfft. And later we meet Chris, also from the game… and some people seemingly infected by the Umborosboros, from the game… and the huge dude with the giant axhammer..
Anyways… Alice goes to Alaska, to find Arcadia, but finds only Clair Redfield from the other movie. She has a strange metal bug on her chest that is making her go nuts, but Alice manages to kick her ass. She removes the bug and they fly to Hollywood… like you do… There they find survivors and crash their plane into the jail where the survivors are holding up. Most of the survivors are OK, except for the douchbag… THey all think they are safe until they find out they aren’t. So they decide to let Chris lead them to safety. Appearently he was put in jail by someone.. I think it was the prisoners… like a final “Fuck you, pig” like thing.. Not that he is police… he be army.. or something… can’t remember.. didn’t have much sleep last night.. I’ll tell you all about it in the round-up tomorrow.. *sighs*
ANYWAY!!!! Chris says he knows how they can get out of jail, because appearently the army had a secret gun stash hidden IN JAIL!!! So.. seeing as the basement is filled with water that they have to go through to get to the gun room.. a few of them go.. Chris, Alice and a chick who swam in school… to get guns..while some dude is trying to keep the huge big dude with the axhammer from smashing through the front gate and flood the compound with infected another dude is looking at the van Chris was talking about to get them out. The motor has been taken out of it… and the douchbag figures out that if he is to live he needs to get his ass out.. so he shoots the dude and steals the plane Alice and Clair came in.
Needless to say the huge dude with the axhammer manages to rip the gates down… and the jail gets infested by infected… so the survivors decide to escape through the hole the infected came in through… Yeah, they did get in.. Never seen a tunneling zombie? yeah, they get in and kill the chick swimming with Chris and Alice… *shrug*
They eventually get out, but they lose a few people along the way.
They get to the Arcadia… which is a boat and NOT the promised land, and as they investigates they see the Umbrella emblem, and Clair starts to remember… that they got to Alaska and as they landed people arrived in smaller boats to help them out.. and they attacked them and planted metal bugs on them. A door opens and General Ackbar is all “IT’S A TRAP!!” Ok, so Alice is all “It’s a trap”. Now… if I think something is a trap I head the other way.. and fast.. but not them.. They have people to save.. and they do… And then Alice finds Wesker and his puppies. Let’s just put it like this: “Shit gets killed”, the heros win.. but only just.
There will be another movie. If not then that cliffhanger will get the director killed.
All in all it’s an OK movie. I do feel that they are trying too hard.. or not hard enough.,. I don’t know. I like it, but I don’t know. I guess I didn’t see enough zombies… and I missed not having any lickers there.. or any cool monsters… just the huge dude with the axhammer.
One thing that annoyed me was how they almost carbon copied the fight between Wesker and Chris at the end. Almost exactly like the one in Resident Evil 4, the game. At least I think it was 4.
There is also alot of Matrixy stuff in it.
Oh, well… If you have an hour and a half to spare and you want to watch something where you don’t have to think, be my guest. Personally I like the two first movies more.



Sunday Round-up… looong overdue… like wow, man…

Mood: Good, but tired…
Listening to: Silent Hill walkthrough on youtube… seriously. Game walkthroughs are like movies. Some of the people add their voice to the walkthrough, and that can be annoying or hilarious. I was watching one the other day of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and the guy playing it was being followed by a monster… and he screamed like a girl. XD Fun fun.

Yesterday night I was sitting here, on my computer… when my cellphone rang. Not an unusual thing… but the number was one I didn’t recognise. So I picked it up and said Hello.. like you do… And a guy introduced himself and said we had met each other someplace, can’t recall the name now… or the place.. lol
And he then said he had heard I was having a party and he was embarrassed to ask, but he wondered if he could come.
I told him I was not having a party.. and he said “But this is (my full name), right?” Yeah, but I’m still not having a party today. So we said our goodbyes and he hung up…
And that’s when I started getting paranoid. What if he had one of those numbers that sends him my money >.<
Especially annoying when I searched the number online and it came up with nothing.
I even dreamt about it last night… layer upon layer of how he had a grand scheme of luring people to a website (where we had met, apparently) and that if you typed in anything on that site you got charged loads of money… I had typed like three sentences and had racked up a bill of over $2000.
So this morning I checked the number again on a number search engine online and it said that the owner had a hidden number… so that sucked donkeybutt…

In other news…
Jan told me earlier this year, while we were doing the kitchen, that as a bday gift this year he’d give me a cellphone.. because he knows I want a new one. He got a new cellphone earlier, the one I wanted.. like flaunting it in my face every day… a Sony Ericsson Xperia x10 mini pro… Then I looked some more online and saw that the Sony company would be releasing an upgraded version, the Xperia mini pro.. so I wanted that one instead. And so started the wait for it to be released. It finally did, but then they decided to not release it in the pink one I wanted >.<  So I decided I wanted a white one. But then I saw the Xperia Arc… and it was soo cool… but loads more expensive. I was looking at a clip on youtube of someone with an xperia mini pro, how cool it was and so on, and then compared it to the arc.. and at that moment Jan came around the corner and asked me what that was.. and I told him that it was the mini pro and the arc… that the arc was cool but so utterly more expensive than the mini pro…
Suddenly one day Jan came to me and said he had ordered a cellphone for me.. the xperia arc. I almost had a heart attack when he told me. But the shock soon went away and then the waiting started. They had said that it would arrive on Friday… that’s the Friday that just passed… and no cellphone came. Then Jan called them and they said it would be sent out on Friday.. that we most likely would get it on Saturday or Monday… Needless to say… it didn’t get there yesterday.
I’m keeping my fingers crossed… I can’t wait to get my hands on it…

Other than that… I’ve been working, trying to keep my mind of the delectable cellphone heading my way. I’ll probably post pictures of it when I get it…
As of right now I’m making a tomato and onion salad for the grilled pork tenderloin we’re having for dinner later. The grilling season has ended in most of Norway, but not in our house, but it seems that this may be the last one on this side of Christmas. We bought loads of the pork tenderloins for my bday, ready marinated, and it’s one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten.
The tomato and onion salad is easy to make. Cut the onion into thin slices, put it in a bowl and drizzle 2 tsp of sugar over it before pouring boiling water on it.. enough to cover everything. Leave it to cool for a few hours (which is why I started now.. it takes a while for the water to cool). When the water is cold enough for you to handle the onion, pour the water of it and squeeze out any remaining water from the onion and rinse in cold water. Cut tomatoes into thin slices and put on a plate, and then put the onion over it and top with freshly ground pepper. You can also put a dressing on it if you want to. One easy one is olive oil and lemon juice.

Hope you’ll make it sometime.. it is very very tasty.

I guess that’s it, really. I can’t think of more to write about for now..


Piranha 3D, a Lene review

Let it be known that I did not get to see the whole movie, and I have been scouting for it so that I could see the whole thing.
I came in right before the half way mark, when people on a boat were having fun with tequila and cameras. It became appearent to me pretty soon why this movie was made, and I could imagine this conversation between the ideamakers of this movie:
A:”So, how can we make a movie with boobs in it?”
B:”I don’t know. Where do you usually find alot of boobs?”
*long pause*
B:”Girls, alcohol, wet t-shirts,boobs, douchbags, boobs, more alcohol, bikinis, tits in 3D coming at you, more tits, some blood and gore, boobs and fish.”
A:”Sounds good to me..”
B:”I just love boobs so much” *cries*

from what I’ve read ib ImDb, there was an earthquake…and it created a rift to a lake within a lake, freeing piranha’s from days gone by… like a million years ago or something. They are alot more agressive than their amazonian relatives, so they soon start to eat everything within sight. The police find out and try to stop springbreakers from bathing in the lake where the piranha’s are, but young people being young people, they are stupid and don’t listen to reason.
There is also a backstory, as there always is, but it’s boring.
The movie does have a few celebs:
Richard Dreyfuss
Elisabeth Shue
Christopher Lloyd
Jerry O’Connell to mention a few.
Kinda distracting to have Lloyd in a movie that’s not Back to the FUture. You keep expecting him to exclaim “GREAT SCOTT!” when something happens.

Let me just say that… if you want to watch boobs, blood and things that could never happen, and I don’t mean the piranha’s, but just the way people die…. like one chick got her hair caught in a boats propeller and she douch in the boat tried to start it, and eventually he managed to start the boat, and it ripped the chicks face and hair clean off. It gave me a good laugh, though.
Honestly, I’m disapointed. It’s not like I expected a tender love story or anything, but they could have made a movie consisting of more than boobs.
But this is just my opinion. You might love the movie…and if you do, odds are you’re a guy. As a girl I don’t see the facination with boobs flapping through water. That’s part of the 3D effect, by the way. It kinda works, but not all the way because you don’t have the right equipment. If I did get a 3D player and TV and all that, I might get the full effect…not that I’d enjoy it…cause it’s basically boobs.

So… watch it or don’t watch it… I don’t care, really.