Monthly Archives: June 2014

Yeah, I know… I’m lazy.

Mood: Tired, also feeling hungry, even though that’s not a mood.
Listening to: Matthew Santoro’s Vlog on youtube. He’s a funny guy. Check out his main one.. not the one with 2 behind it. It’s an easier way to get to know him and he has loads of informative videos on his main channel. His 2 channel is for vlogs, so unless you want to listen to him talk about his private life, then stick to the main channel. I find the vlogs interesting, so I have the 2 channel on in the background while I do stuff.. Like blog.. 🙂

So, what else is new?
Well, not a whole lot. Well, of course there are news, but ugh. i
It’s just a whole thing going on.. with my mother. Or, she’s out of it now, but yeah. She went to Turkey in April or May… she’s been gone for a long time, and well, things get hazy. She has problems with her knees, and the heat helps sooth the pain. She rented a place down there for really cheap, amazingly so, really. And her new boyfriend, or should I say love interest…. stayed with her. He’s a Turkey native, works at a bar etc. He’s also my age, which is in his 30’s.
From what I can tell my mother has been having a wonderful time down there, also trying to get her new business off the ground; Psychic.
The other day she called me because I had asked if her brother and sister was going to turn up for her 60th birthday celebration. We’re having it on the 9th of August…like a collaborative thing my birthday and hers…. and she said she’s call them and let me know.. because I need to know how many will turn up so that we can order meat. Ringstad marinated beef is to DIE for!! Honestly.
So she called me letting me know her sister will be on vacation and that her brother would be visiting their mum, but they might turn up. They would think about it and let us know.
And then she said she has rented a new apartment. And I asked why. And she said that her bit of stuff had beaten her, that he had come home from work, mad as hell and just stated hitting her…. and he broke off three of her finger nails.
So she needed a new place to stay cause she wouldn’t be dealing with that piece of walking feces anymore. That night I didn’t sleep well. I kept thinking what a sadistic piece of shit he is for breaking off finger nails… not to mention hitting her. So the next day, which was last Saturday, I sent a text message asking her if she was OK and she said yeah.. she was just waiting for him to leave for work so that she could pack her things and get the hell out of there. She said she’d keep me posted… Later in the evening she called me and said she was at her new place and that she was safe. She told me the name of the town, but there was interference on the line so I didn’t catch it. Doesn’t really matter, tho. She knows where she is, he doesn’t… THAT’S what matters. And anyway.. she has friends there that are protective of her.

Jan and I, this is like a month ago or so.. almost.. give or take a week… went to Bergen to pick up some furniture mum gave me. Two couches; a three seater and a two seater, a recliner and two tables.. one coffee table and a side table.
So we had to hire a large van to put things in. We tried AVIS, who wanted a ridiculous amount of money for renting us the van.. and Hertz. Hertz were way more reasonable. They wanted a set amount for renting the car and then an additional 3 kr or so for every extra mile.
All in all the trip; renting the car, paying for storage, gasoline and toll booth charges.. it all came to around 7500 kr ($1150 and 750 euro (aprox price.. I don’t know what the dollar and euro is in right now… )).
So, we saved about double that on getting the furniture rather than getting new ones.
As for the livingroom.. it’s coming together. We’ve got walls, a ceiling and soon a floor. We started putting the floor in on Saturday.. and yesterday I was hurting so bad. I’m not used to doing things, so my muscles are all “What the hell have you done to us??”
What else..
When we were in Bergen we stayed at my dad’s place. It was so lovely to visit them, even though it was just for one day.. well, not even that.
But we had a nice BBQ and enjoyed ourselves. I’m really looking forward to them coming to visit in August. I bought a game called “Idiot knowledge” and it’s about knowing the answers to not text book questions. Or should I say it’s about everything you didn’t learn in school. I think I might be good at this game because I have a lot of things in my head and none of them are things I learned in school… OK, disregard that.. lol. I just realized I’m writing in English.. which I learned in school. 😛

I also bought a game on Steam. They are having their summer sale right now. I saw that “Don’t Starve” was 75% off, so I got it. Later I heard that games that are on sale now can be even cheaper later, but this is the first Steam sale I’m attending.. so I’ll just stay away from Steam.. so I won’t know if it’s been sold for cheaper than that.

So yeah..
That’s what’s been happening in my life. I won’t say that I’ll write more often, because that won’t happen.
I have been thinking about writing this entry ever since I got home from Bergen… which was May 29th. I even took some lovely pictures on the way.. I haven’t bothered to download them from my phone. They are just landscape photos. Mountains and waterfalls. I’ll see if I can be bothered one day..

Be good to each other.