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I need to get better at titles…

Mood: Pretty darn good.
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So, not a lot has happened, really. But I felt the need to blog anyway. Last Friday we went to Sweden, and I was finally going to get my long awaited Chai tea. No such luck. I’m sure they were waiting. They saw me look at the tin of tea the time before that and then threw everything out the second I left the store. It’s just as well, I guess. Making chai from tea rather than syrup makes for rather weak chai, apparently. So I need to get syrup instead. Which means I’ll have to go to Oslo. Or maybe even Ski. Which is not in the cards right now.
I did, however, get my hands on Monster Rehab.

Finally. I was looking for it everywhere, but it’s hard to find. At least here in Norway. They used to have it on Obs, but not anymore. It’s annoying. So I’ll just stock up when I go to Sweden again. I got four cans. I’ll get four more when we go again. I don’t drink them often. It’s nice to have them when I need a boost of energy for things. I just had one can, so I guess it’s working.. hehehe. I did the loading of the dishwasher and now am motivated to write, both here and on my story. As for my story… I’ve gotten it off the ground at least. It’s still wobbly and I don’t know when it’ll be done, but I’m in no rush.

I also finished Fantasy Life. Finished as in, I did the main story and I mastered all lives. But I can still max out all lives and stuff. And there’s the DLC..but since I can’t make the wifi connection work on my 3DS, I don’t think I’ll be getting it any time soon. A bit of a bastard, but what can you do.
I have to admit that I really like Fantasy Life. I’ll totally play it from start again. The only minus is that there’s a lot of talking. And that’s annoying. So I probably missed some important things by skipping through all the dialog and just reading a few words. Who cares, anyway. I saved the world and everyone is happy.
I have been pretty thick too…when it comes to taking on bosses. I usually rely on good melee tactics from my side, but some of these bosses were far too strong for me, and I’d only take off like a fraction of a sliver of health. So, with my pets as team mates, I’d take them on. That didn’t work..much. The first it worked on was Silverfang on Mt. Snowpeak. But I later had Odin and Colin join my party. Odin is a great warrior and Colin a magician. So I have melee and magic. Can’t get better than that. And we wreck!
I guess the only thing I have left is to grant everyone’s requests. Even though they are boring.. hehe. We’ll see.

I can’t remember if told you about us visiting hub’s sister and her kids. We were there for a birthday dinner. She had made a very delicious chicken soup with dumplings. I had never had dumplings before and they were fucking delicious! So, considering I have hens in the freezer, I want to make chicken soup too. With dumplings. I got a recipe from her, and they seem easy enough to make. I tried to find a recipe for them online, they are either like pod stickers, which are delicious too, but now what I’m after or ready mix type thing. None of the recipes I found are what the recipe I got, but I will try her recipe anyway. I just feel like there’s something missing in it. But I’ll see when I make them.

I also tried to take on Taurus Demon in Dark Souls. I cannot understand why he is so hard to kill. No matter what I doo. I even tried the drop attack thing and it didn’t work. *sighs*
But I will get him one day. Just not right now.
I’ve also decided I want Razer Blackwidow Chroma.

I was thinking it was too expensive, which it is, but then I saw it “in action” and it looks SO COOL!!! So I totally want that when I get my gaming computer. And I need a new mouse. My lovely Logitec mouse finally tapped out. He tried at the end to please me, but he had to give in to the not workingness of death. So I want a Razer Deathadder Chroma.  It changes color. =D

I’ll be flashing like nobodies business.
I’ve also thought about taking off the top half of my desk so that I can get a TV monitor so that I can play PS3 whenever I want. So, I obviously need to win the lottery… or get a new job. None of which will happen any time soon, I think.

And I’ve been looking at cars. If I can get an Audi Sedan for under 20k, I’ll be happy, but any Sedan for under 20k will do, really. As long as it’s cool looking.

I think that’s about as much as I can think of to write right now.

Remember to be good to each other.