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A day in the life of a Dragonborn

I know the heading is basically the same as the former entry, but I have to say it’s not an easy life for my Dragonborn at the moment. I’ve decided that it’s best for her to get our of Whiterun. So I travelled around, opening up the rest of the larger cities so that she can fast travel (and to get away from Farkas for a bit). One of the places was Markarth, and the first thing she saw when she got there was a woman getting killed. A violent town. She should have just walked away right then, but she was suckered into staying by a pretty face. A man named Eltrys. He said she had dropped a note and was all “Oh, this is totally your note. What are you talking about!” when she called him out on it. But being a nice person, she took it. It asked her to meet this guy at the Shrine of Talos. Thinking she’d finally get some hot nookie, she went.. Only to find out that the guy is married and have kids. He asked her to find out why the woman was killed and why the guy wanted to kill her. She accepts the mission and goes about it. She should have known it was one of those days.
From the very start of that day things didn’t go well. Well, she bought a house in Whiterun, solely because she was freaking out about things that might disappear from the barrel she was keeping things in. But she moved in and she made it nice. And then she got a mission from the high ups.. from the Yarl himself. To kill a bandit leader in Moon base something. She murdered the hell out of that place. And on the way back she thought she’d drop by the Western Watchtower to see how the guys were doing. On the way a dragon flew in and started attacking everything in sight. And I do mean everything. It swooped down on some mudcrabs.. and then agroed a sable cat and then a giant. Everyone attacked the dragon, which killed the mudcrab and the sable cat with ease… It didn’t do so well against the giant, though. True, the life had slowly been drained out of the dragon by arrows from the guards and Dani, but it was a final thump from the giant that did him in. Dani ran towards the dragon to claim its soul and the fucking giant turned on her! She ran. She ran as fast as she could. Luckily Lydia was there to help, but she was beaten down fast. Dani ran towards the watchtower in hopes of getting help from the soldiers. She saw a gang of bandits instead, but they were nice enough to help. And when the giant was taking a knee, the fucking bandit guys turned on Dani. Luckily the giant wasn’t dead and killed the remaining bandit. And with a Firebreath and a slash, the giant was dead. By this point Dani should have just gone to bed. But she went back to the dragon and picked up her soul and bones and stuff. And she was carrying too much. She asked Lydia to take some of her stuff, but it was still too much. So they slowly made it back home and unloaded. This is when she got the great idea to travel around. She should have gone to bed.
But she was a good girl and helped the guy in Markarth. She found the dead woman’s journal and when she emerged from the local Inn, a guard told her to mind her own business. I think Dani should just move on. To visit the rest of the cities and see if there are friendlier people around. No one in Markarth seemed to be nice. She even got in a brawl at the Inn. She won, of course, but still. She’s really not a violent person. All she really wants to do is curl up in front of a fire with a nice hot chocolate…or hot milk with honey, since I don’t think Skyrim has chocolate.
But the adventures continues. She’s had her bumps in the road. She met a Necromancer who was very difficult to kill, and when she managed to kill him, his essence jumped out and handed her ass to her. So she backed away until she gets a little stronger. Lydia was killed and reanimated! It was very disturbing.. I need to figure out how to do that thing without Lydia getting killed. I don’t want her to die. at all. Or if she is going to die, that Dani takes all the important stuff off her first. 😛


A Dragonborn’s life in Skyrim

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I’ve been on a serious Skyrim kick lately. I made a very handsome man, based loosely on Geralt, The Witcher, named Bale. He travels all around Skyrim, breaking hearts and cracking skulls. Not at the same time, mind. But I like playing with him. he’s strong and somewhat brave. I should say he’s cautious. Never really taking point when there’s trouble about.. Except against wolves. Those are easy to kill..
Anyway, I felt it would be fun if I made a frisky Nord woman..and break hearts all over Skyrim..with her. So I made Dani.

She looks a little pissed off there, but I don’t blame her. Ever since I started her play-through, weird shit has been happening.

She isn’t very fond of the Stormcloakes, or their ideas of freedom of religion..or the lack there of, should I say. So, when the dragon attacked, she ran after the first Imperial soldier she could find. She’ll probably have a few words later with the bint who was so intent on having hear head on the slab, but they all have jobs to do, and Dani understands that.
Anyway. When they came to Riverwood, that was the first indication that this would be a weird play-through. In the middle of the road, outside the blacksmiths place, lay Faendal, dead. Being a thief she could not let this opportunity slip her by, so she lifted his house key. Later, when she was going to go to Whiterun, she had a look inside Faendal’s house. To be on the safe side she didn’t take anything..then. She did that when she came back and saw Faendal still dead in the streets. Even Camilla reacted to his deadness; knelt by his body and gave a heartfelt “oh no, this cannot be…”
So, Dani went to Whiterun and little did I know she’d meet the love of her life on the way. By Pelagia Farm she happened upon a few people taking on a troll. Being helpful, Dani helped, and there he was… Farkas.

It surprised me that a strong woman such as Dani would turn into a teenager, a giggling mess, when she saw him. So it was inevitable that she became a Companion. She did some odd jobs near Whiterun to be close to him. And then one day she was told that her time had come, to take the Companion thing one step further. But she had business elsewhere first. She had some Greybeards to talk to, and then she had to to go to the College of Winterhold. For a while she was back to her regular self, killing whatever came in her way… like the hired thugs who FAENDAL sent to beat her up for robbing his DEAD ass. Go figure. But eventually she came back and actually managed to be in the same room as Farkas without turning into a pile of jelly…until, in a very gruff voice, he said “I hope you have readied yourself”. That undid her. She ran out of the room, face screaming red; and hid in a room for the night. And now she doesn’t want to do any Companion things until she’s a little stronger, at least. And that might be just as well. I don’t think she’s ready to be alone with him just yet. And she’s totally getting the Amulet of Mara. But I can’t get enough of this love story. It’s like a soap opera…only more violent.
I just hope she doesn’t end up marrying the wrong person. Although, she is ruthless and would kill that person in a heartbeat.

I have to admit that I played more last night, and furthered the love story. She went to Riften, and got arrested when she tried to lift a key from some guy. It was a breakdown in communication, and he did have a very lovely face, the guy who asked her to do it.. and he called her lass. He had an accent… and apparently, Dani has a soft spot for accents.
Anyway, she walked to a guy, Maramal, I think his name was, and got the Amulet of Mara. She jumped out of the temple and gushed to Lydia that she was getting married. Little did she know it doesn’t work yet. I knew.. but sometimes she has to learn the hard way. Riften was dangerous for Dani. Too many handsome men. So she left. Went to find a missing book. Lydia was killed horribly, so I did the only thing I knew how to so that Dani wouldn’t suffer absolute heart break because of it.. I loaded a previous save 😛
And then I/we left… went back to Whiterun and braved talking to Farkas. They set out to find a shard of a sword in a hole in the ground, teaming with all sorts of nasty creatures. All so that Farkas could see how Dani handled herself. I’ll say, he can take a few punches. She was shooting arrows at a draugr who was shooting arrows at Farkas, and instead of him moving, he just stood there going “ouch” and “ow” when he got hit. What a trooper. He even seemed to smile at Dani as they descended into the bowels of the hole. And he let his big secret slip. He is a werewolf. Uneasy at first, she soon grew used to the idea, imagining the nice litter of cubs they’ll have in the future. But they eventually found the shard and got back. And the elders of the Companions asked Farkas if he would have her back, stand by her side, raise his sword and all that.. and he said yeah.. His sword stood ready for whenever Dani needed it. It didn’t help one bit. Yes, it’s one step closer, and it seems that Farkas likes Dani..

That seems a bit swoonish, right?
But I can see where Dani is coming from. He is strong, he is brave and he has a very deep voice. And his eyes, dude.. Man, his eyes..

Dem eyes…

*sighs* His eyes… *wistful sigh*

I wonder what else weird will happen in this Skyrim.
In Bales Skyrim I’ve had mammoths fall from the sky, as well as kids.
I can’t wait to get back in and see…