Monthly Archives: December 2014

Yes, yes. I knoow. But… I’ll explain.

First I need music 😉
Listening to: Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (don’t judge. It’s catchy as shit)
Mood: So good, dude.

So, it’s been a good long while since I posted. I’ve been so busy. Like.. doing nothing.
Well, I wouldn’t say nothing. I’ve got Twitter now. I’ve got 4 people following me. Step-daughter, hubby, my aunt and a guy I have NO idea who is.
There was one woman, I think, who wanted to follow me. She was called Bigbreasedcleavage or something like that. I blocked her. Right now I’m following NASA. They are sending up a new rocket names Orion. It’s just a test thing at the moment. Hopefully it’ll be able to bring people to Mars in the future.

Anyway. I was asked, this was last month, if I wanted to come along on a mini cruise to Kiel with my friends. =D
Of course I said yes. One of them got a five free ticket thing from her boyfriend. So if we get to go that’s sweet. However, if we don’t I suggested that we’d go on an all out shopping trip to Sweden instead. At least Sweden is open on Sundays. :p
Not that we’ll be going there on a Sunday. It doesn’t matter… never mind.
Seems like it was received well enough. They all seem to want to come along. And I visited the huge mall’s website, and visited some of the stores and they have so many nice things. I just hope they have as many nice things when we get there.
(Ravel – Bolero)

SO… It’s December already. Time flies. It’s like it was August not too long ago and things were nice and warm. Now they are not nice and warm. They are actually pretty Silent Hill outside, and I don’t like it. If you’ve seen gameplay of that you’ll see what I mean. I think I’d shit myself if I heard static right now.

What else. Oh yeah. There’s been this whole issue with my mum, but I don’t really want to talk too much about it here. Not that she and I have had issues. But she’s been giving her new bf money to survive in England and ended up skint. And then there were thoughts of him being an asshole and nicking money off her and taking off, which he didn’t. But I did lend her some money so that he could get to Turkey to sell her apartment there.. and then he ended up incarcerated for being in a fight, which he wasn’t, and then he was leaving England and he was incarcerated again for the same thing.. and then there was a trial and yeah… kitchen sink. He was found not guilty of being in the fight, tho, so that’s good.

Other than that nothing really exciting has happened. Not that I can remember, anyway. I should really do a weekly thing of these. HAH!
Or at least take notes so that I remember what to write about. Oh well.

Take care of yourself and each other.