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Minecraft Diary Update

Dear Diary

I finally have doggies. I went way off the map and found some, made them my friend and then tried to get them back home with me. I lost them at sea… And annoyingly, when I came ashore to a place on my first map, I found more wolves. I was like “what the hell, game?!”. So I went home and quit, hoping that restarting the game would spawn the dogs home to me. It didn’t. So I set out again to find them. I didn’t have to go far. And I had fun getting them back with me. I started with two dogs… then I suddenly had three. And now I have five. I think I should stop feeding them. I can’t wait to get my new house. I want to make baby cows again. They are so adorable.

I also made a new world. Creative Mode. And I found the stronghold. At least I think that’s what it’s called. It’s with the nether portal or whatever. Or portal to The End. idk. I’m not going to go through. Not that I think I can. But yeah. I was thinking about making an Emerald City. =D
But first a home where I can put my dogs. Yeah, I have dogs there too. They need a nice warm place to stay while I fly around the world making cool stuff.
We’ll see what happens.

Minecraft Diary update

Dear Diary.
I didn’t get to do too much today. I decided to find out if my map theory had some merit.  So I needed to make a compass, which was easy, and paper.. which was easy too, but I had to find a lot of sugarcane before I could do that. So I made paper and brought it along. I went into the wilderness and came to an off map area… and I made a new map. And it worked! I’ve found loads of new placed to explore. And after some more looking around I might just put my new house up on that new map. We’ll see what I’ll do. Still haven’t met any dogs… This is getting weird.

Minecraft Diary update

Dear Diary

I finally found enough diamonds to make a pickax. Those dark things, diamonds, are hard to find!!! So I made some obsidian with the help of the many buckets I’ve made. I’ve also figured out that it has to be lava onto water and not water onto lava. Water onto lava makes cobblestone, and that’s one thing I don’t need more of. But yeah.. I’ve got so much gold I made myself a gold armor. It’s not worth shit, but it looks cool. I look like a roman centurion. Well, to be honest I have been looking for more diamonds, and I have found loads (I found it with the help of tips from Mitch from Gamefront. He said it was found near waterfalls in caves, and that’s where I found it. Thanks, Mitch from Gamefront). Well, some. Enough to make myself another pickax and a sword. And I’ve gotten enough obsidian to make an enchantment table. Yay! So I made an enchanted pickax, a sword and an ax. I also enchanted my gold armor. It looks so nice. I’m glowing.
I still haven’t been able to find dogs or cats. I have seen dogs, but I wasn’t carrying bones at the time, so I couldn’t tame any. I’ve been around the map a few times, but I’m not giving up. I think I need to go wandering wothout looking at the map. I think that’s the only way I can find anything. If I walk off the map, then maybe I’ll find them.
I’ve also found villagers, but they seem to be cheap ass people! They don’t even have a library….and that sucks because I need more bookshelves. For maximum efficiency on the enchantment table you need at least 15 bookshelves surrounding the table. At the moment I’ve got 6. I need to kill loads more cows.
Next time I play I’ll make some art things to put on the walls, I think. And I think I’m going to go scouting for a new place to build a house. It’ll be glorious with lovely clay block thingies. I think I need more clay, too, so I’ll look for that at the same time. I’ll make a beautiful farm house. Lord knows I have enough cobblestone. Why I keep it, I don’t know.. *sighs*
I just had an epiphany. I always thought it was a bad thing to walk off the map. What if, when you’ve walked off the map.. you make a new map.. This has got to be tried out. I’ll let you know how I did.

I’ve got too many things going on…

Mood: Very well, considering.. more about that later….
Listening to: Q Lazzarus – Goodbye Horses (yes, the Buffalo Bill song in “Silence of the Lambs”.)

So, yeah. I was watching some Dark Souls Lore vids on youtube…by EpicNameBro, but then I decided I wanted to listen to some music. So I did that.. and then I started to sing.. and that didn’t help my neck much. What? I got really into it, OK. And then I started to check out my Youtube channel thingy.. and I noticed that Mr. James Heaney (one of the cool dudes from Gamefront)had sent me a Happy Belated Birthday about a month ago.. *blush* I’M SO SORRY!!! I Had no idea ANYONE would EVER EVER EVER EVER send me anything like that over youtubingness. So, thank you ever so much, sir. You totally made my day, even if it is over a month since I had my bday. It’s muchly appreciated. I’m so embarrassed.. *blush more*
I really can’t wait to get my ps3. And now there’s a new one too. Looks really sleek and all, and it has more GB. 500 GB should do rather nicely, but I don’t know if it comes with a move pack like the one I’m planning on getting does.
One of the first games I think I’m getting is “Dark Souls”. The terrible thing is that watching videos on Youtube makes things look easy. Minecraft alone has proven that. True, I’ve got diamonds and obsidian.. but I only got three diamonds, and now I can’t make the enchantment table I want. I think I need to go deeper.
What would be great fun would be to make a play through of Dark Souls. “A Noobs attempt at ‘Dark Souls’.” What’s even more fun is that the only games I’ve been playing lately is Minecraft and Animal Crossing on my DS. So when it comes to finger dexterity and all that I think I’m..well.. you get the idea. Maybe I should get another game first. To get the fingers going, so to speak. I want “Skyrim” and “Little Big Planet”. Mostly I want LBP because Stephen Fry is the narrator…and I’m a bit of a fan. Right now, as I think I’ve already written, I’m reading his autobiography (The Fry Chronicles) and another of his books, also an autobiography (Moab is my washpot, the first autobiography) is waiting at the post office. I’m also an avid fan of QI, Quite Interesting, a BBC show where he is the quiz master. I absolutely urge you to check it out. Not only is it quite interesting and informative, it’s also very funny.  Speaking of Moab, I had my mother order it in a bookstore close to her, because it was not in one near me. She got The Fry Chronicles, but on Monday when Linda, Gunn, Gunn’s brother’s girlfriend and I were in Sweden shopping, my mother called me and said the book she was picking up for me was a CD. And I said “Eh, no. It’s a book.” But apparently they had ordered the same book I already got as a CD. And later she found out that Moab no longer was available in Norway. Whaaaaat?
I went online, clicked myself in on and found it there. I think I must have misunderstoof the whole not avalable thing…  Anyway. I’ll stop ranting on. I doubt you care.
I should get back to the Dark Souls Lore. I think I left Epic in mid sentence, and that was rather rude of me.
And my neck is getting worse, despite me popping pills like mad. OK, I’ve taken three. Two four hours ago and one now after dinner. I just hope it works. It’s not pleasant. I feel that maybe Haddaway is to blame. They were playing “What is love?” on the radio, and I was bopping my head SNL style. DAMN YOU!! *shakes fist*
Also in Minecraft… I can’t find dogs or cats. I found dogs the other day, but then I didn’t have bones… and now I can’t find them again.. 🙁
I need a puppy. I keep remembering making cows on the other game. Baby cows are so cuuute. I need to become a farmer.

I’ll let you off the hook now. See ya.

Minecraft Diary Day 5 or something.

Dear Diary.

I have lost count of the days. I finally found a skin I’m somewhat happy with. I actually look like a girl. Sure I’ve got short hair now, but I’m loads blonder than I used to be…and I didn’t see any girl skin with short blond hair.
Anyways. I was minding my own business, in the safety of my own home… sorting out my inventory. And suddenly there was an explosion right next to me. I have no idea what it was! I did a house check afterwards and there are no leaks in the house where creepers can get in. I was shaken. But at least my new iron armour is proving useful. I hardly lost any life at all. But I lost a furnace, one and a half chest and a crafting table. But there was no crater in the ground, so I thought maybe something in one of the chests exploded.
Still shaken up I went up to the top of my house to relax.
The next day, today, I was greeted by a creeper on the stairs up to my glass top house. Again I was shaken. It ruined some stairs, but not a whole lot. I did a tour of the house to see if I had missed an opening. Then I remembered something I read. That if it’s like a lighting of 7 or something creepers will spawn… and I can’t say my mountain is well lit… or was.. but it is now. I just hope I did a good enough job so that I don’t get surprises like that again.
Not that I think that’ll happen, because I turned off easy more. I’m playing on peaceful mode now. So I’ve been spelunking and finding redstone, lapis lezuli, gold, emeralds and abandoned mines. So I’ve had a blast today. But I haven’t found diamonds yet. I really need to find diamonds. And obsidian.
And I found/made dyes. And made carpets. It’s really nice.
I also tried to find a cat to tame with fish, but I couldn’t find any in the jungle. Well, not yet, anyway. Tomorrow I’m thinking about finding some dogs, maybe. I hope I do, tho. I need a companion. I’ve also found so much iron ore that I could make an iron golem, but I don’t know if I want to. We’ll see.

Minecraft Diary entry 1 (new content)

(Started over on the laptop so that the game won’t crash every second!)

Dear Diary.

I came to in a jungle. I had no idea where I was…well, apart from it being a jungle. I ran! I was so scared! Luckily I found a pond and a place to put up a house. I found wood and made sticks and all that. It was a scary night, but I kept myself occupied with making glass and putting in windows. The next day I started gathering food. There was an ample supply of cows right outside the door.  With a full belly I started to expand the cellar. I don’t remember if I found anything interesting, and I think that was also the reason why I decided to move. I ran out the door, over a hill, down a valley and up the side of a mountain where I started to dig into it. I made a door and put in windows before dark, and as dusk settled outside my new house, I watched creepers, skeletons and zombies walk about. There were endermen too and it reminded me of the old, old house I had, and how, when it rained, it teleported through my house, leaving a trail of pink fluttery stuff. It scared the crap out of me! If they can teleport through a house they can teleport INTO a house. I might wake up one morning with an enderman in my living room. Do not want…
So, as the night went in I expanded the cellar. I found coal and iron ore. That’s about the only thing I found. I also made a second floor where I put in panorama windows on both sides of the mountain. And then I made a third floor where I put my bed. I’ve also found a cravas in the mountain, so I have not so nice neighbors. I’ve been to check them out, but they weren’t at home. I left them some tourches, just to be nice.
I still want to improve on my home, so I’ve started gathering clay. I know I need more, so I’ll wait till I’ve got enough before I start with more home improvements. I’ve also died and been spawned back in the jungle, and it took me ages and more deaths before I finally found my way home. So in that spirit I made a huge dome on the top of the mountain so it’ll be easier to find my way home. So far it’s worked fine, but I haven’t really been that far afield yet.
I’m still really chicken when it comes to the outside. I don’t want to die. Even though I’ve slept in my bed I just don’t trust that it’ll be the place it respawns me.
But I should overcome my fears and just go out there. I need to find a place where lava and water mix. I want to find diamonds to make myself wonderful things.
All I need to do now is to get a few pets. I don’t want to hang out in the jungle. It’s a very tangled place. But it does have chickens, so I should stop by there and pick up a few eggs before I find a new place to live. I want to make a really nice place, in a nice field, so that I can grow wheat. I already have sugar and stuff. Oh, to have a farm and make cow babies again. I also need wheat for that… to lure cattle to me.
I have so many things left to do, but I’ll get there.

(I’ve also lost my house on the old computer. If anyone knows a sure fire way to get back home without dying, please let me know. I want to go home… :'(
It’s creative mode, so I know I can fly, but it doesn’t help. The Tower is nowhere to be found. I’ve got a map and a compass, but that doesn’t do anything for me either.)

Some new stuff…

Mood: So mellow. Could be the bronchitis my mom gave me. I didn’t ask for it, and I texted her letting her know that it was nice of her to share hers, but to ask me if I wanted it next time. But I’m doing loads better now. I can smell again =D
Listening to: Ed Sheeran – Lego House   It is SUCH an amazing song. I loooove it!!

So yeah.
I just felt a little chatty, so I thought I’d do an update. I for a haircut about two weeks ago. It’s all short now, and it’s a lot blonder. I look kind of like Madam Hooch in the first Harry Potter movie… or I can if I so wish.
I’ve also been gone for a week. Last week Jan and I went to Bergen to visit with the family and to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday. I even made him a crown. We left on Tuesday and that’s when my mom helped with my hair. She was poling my head with a crocheting needle to get the hair out of the bag thingie, and I was silently suffering. It’s a little uneven, but it adds to the charm. Now all I have to do is keep it blond. Do me roots and that. And I have somewhat given up, I think. No matter how I do my hair I will always look like my mother. I think even with a pixy haircut I’d look like my mother.
So on Wednesday we went fishing. Good thing my dad drove us in his Mobil home. We were far out on the cliffs of Sotra, and when we got there it was somewhat nice. So we started fishing. Didn’t get so much as a nibble. And it started raining, so we decided to head back. But by then the rocks had become slippery and I froze. I got to a point where I just couldn’t continue. Good thing I had my dad behind me. He said we could escape through the trees, which is what we did. We went back to the Mobil home and sat there, had a bite to eat, talked and enjoyed ourselves while it rained. On the fishing trip was Jan, my brother, my dad and I, by the way. They went back to fishing and I sat in the cozy car, reading science magazines and drinking coke.  Jan did get a huge fish *shows with arms*, but he lost it. He had put it in the bucket and my dad went to get a knife, and as he leaned over the fish to kill it, it jumped out of the bucket, still hooked, and landed between some huge boulders. They tried to get it out, but the line broke. They could hear it flapping about under the rocks, but they couldn’t get to it. What’s good about that fishing story is that he had witnesses.
On Thursday we went shopping. I got three new nail polishes, loads of nail files, that Paul Newman balsamic vinaigrette that’s soooo good…and that’s about it. Oh, I also got a new book. The Fry Chronicles. It’s an autobiography by Stephen Fry. I had my mum order the books over there because I don’t have that type of bookstore close to me, and the ones here don’t have that book in their assortment. The book is good.
Throughout the week I was having problems sleeping. I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and struggled to get back to sleep. So on Friday I was a little tired. But we went to my dad’s birthday party, and we had a great time.
On Saturday Jan, my brother and I went downtown to check out the festivals. Bergen was having their annual Beer Festival and Farmers Market. I don’t drink beer, but it was great fun to see everything. Later in the evening after dinner, my brother, mum, Jan and I played cards and 10.000 (cards – American. You get loads of cards, ask for pass or set. And it’s all about getting the sets. 10.000 is a dice game. You use 6 dices and cast them, hoping to get 1000 points or more. You need 1000 to get on paper and you just take it from there… very entertaining and something we usually play when we’re visiting my mom and there’s alcohol).
On Sunday we drove home. I was getting worse and worse. Slept in the car, but it didn’t help. When we got home and had eaten I went to bed. I sounded like a broken espresso maschine. But on Monday I got some good medicine so I’m getting better day by day. Still… I feel like my head is about to explode when I blow my nose.
I worked yesterday, and I felt that it might not have been a good idea when I got there, but it turned out alright.
And now I have the rest of the week off… so I have loads of time to play Minecraft. =D
I built a lighthouse today. It’s on top of a very tall mountain. I just hope I’ll be able to find my way home by it.
I guess that’s it for updates. Nothing hugely exciting.

Minecraft Diary, new info.

Dear Diary.

I’ve done so much!
I made a third floor to my house. I’ve expanded my basement greatly. I’ve made a fence to surround my house and I made a tiny garden for my wheat.
I also made a “creative mode” world where I made a “Black Tower” from Stephen King’s world. I’ve had fun there. I’ve even made baby cows and baby dogs. And then I got lost. Which is hard to do since you’re basically god and can fly around. But I don’t want to go flying about if the dogs are going to transport themselves to me and die as they hit the ground with a splat.
Anyway; I decided to download Minecraft on the laptop to see if it worked better there. It keeps crashing on my stationary OLD computer, and my suspicions were correct. My computer is too old to run the game. But I’ve made a house, stayed there for a few days. Killed some cows, mined coal, iron and cobblestone. When I figured out that I’d get nowhere in my tiny little house I decided to sprint to the mountain, make a house there and just mine inwards. It’s pretty swanky, if I do say so myself. I’ve got three floors there too. Panorama view on both sides, sneaky entry places to deep crevasses in the earth…. I explored one of those today, on peaceful mode… I know.. I’m chicken. What can I say… I went outside to do some light house building, and a fucking skeleton shot me… made me fall off my ramp and then, after I had killed it I found out there were two of them! Yeah.. I spawned in the middle of nowhere!!! In the middle of the jungle! I had no idea where to go! No, I didn’t have a bed because I hadn’t found sheep yet! So I wandered, looked, stressed, cried… and died… 5 more times!!!!
So eventually I said “fuck it!” and went peaceful. I found my way home after 30 min of wandering around, jumping up mountains and breaking my ankles. So yeah. I cheat!! And sperlonking around in the depths made me happy I do. I was exploring and happened upon a monster spawn. I put tourches all around it, but I don’t know if it’ll stay there since it was put there in peaceful mode…and I don’t know if I’m ready yet to go into the big scary world. Right now I’m comfortable doing it this way. At least until I know what I’m doing and so on. But yeah. I’ve made glass, glass bottles, bowls, stew and loads other things. OH! Book shelves. I need to kill loads more cows and find a lot more sugar canes.
But it’ll be more fun to play now without the threat of having the game crash.
It still puzzles my mind that the game lasts longer, or doesn’t crash as fast, when I’m in the creative world than when I’m in the regular world.
Oh well….