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Mood: So good, you have no idea!
Listening to: Some guys playing Sleeping Dogs.

So, I got a new computer. =D
My dad visited and asked if I needed money, this was after we had talked about how shitty my old computer was, and I said “of course. I always need money.”
So he gave me enough to get a new computer. It’s a gaming computer, and I’m very pleased with it. I didn’t get the Razer keyboard yet. I found out that it’s not as good as I thought it was. And I’m not spending that kind of money if it’s going to break right away. However, I will be getting a new mouse. The mouse I got with the computer is.. well.. basic. It doesn’t have the back and forward buttons on the side, and I’m addicted to them. They are so useful. But the Logitech keyboard I got with it is working pretty well. It’s not sticky, which is always a good thing. And I’ll try hard to keep it that way.
When I’ve worked all of July and I get my money, I’ll get a TV for my ps3 and a new mouse. I’ve spent a little too much money on myself, but it’s not all the time I get a new computer and a haircut.
Yes, I got a new haircut. It’s cute, and I can rough it up if I want to. The hairdresser had so much gunk in my hair that it still smells like hairdresser place. It’s weird. But I’ll shower now and was it all away. I hope I can make it look good.
One thing I’ve been thinking about… A friend at work once asked me “Why do hairdressers dye the hair first before cutting it?” and I asked a hairdresser this. I don’t think I got a real answer for it, but after that they have been cutting my hair first and then dying it.. like I asked the “question!”, like “Shit! She’s on to us! She knows!”.

Well, I’ll write more another day.

Be good to each other.


Mood: Pretty darn great!
Listening to: Rooster Teeth video podcast with Gus, Brandon, Blaine and Burnie…and Ashley.

So, my dad and brother just left. They came on Saturday and left about 2 hours 45 min ago. We’ve had a great time! I’ve learned so many things. But I won’t write some of them here. No need to rehash things.
Anyway, when my dad came he asked me if I needed money. We had earlier talked about what kind of piece of shit my computer is.. and he asked if I needed money, so I could buy a new computer. So I did! =D
I ordered a gaming computer. It’s a ready made store thing. I can’t afford building one. When I win millions and/or get a steady, well paying job, THEN I’ll build one. But for now, I just bought one. And I can tell that I need a new keyboard. This one is sticky again. Have no idea why, I haven’t spilled anything on it since I spilled the glass of Pepsi Max.
But I am going to get the Razor Black Widow one I want later. I’ll get it in August.

I’ve also been to a staff meeting, and I get to work next month! YAY!
And it’s amazing! All the days I work, hubby can drive me and pick me up… except for one day. The last day before my vacation. -_-
Oh, and the first day. He can drive me, but not pick me up. And I’ve been invited to a party that day, so I have to get home, take a shower, have food, do make-up and then get picked up to drive me. I have no idea how long all this will take.. lol
But I hope it’ll be OK. I can get hubby to pick me up from there when he gets home. Easier that way.

And I’m getting a new hair-do on Friday. I’m going to try a Pixie cut with long fringe. I can’t wait XD
I’m pretty fed up with what I’ve got now. I think I was a little fed up with it how my fringe was somewhat butchered the last time. It’s so thick and icky now. I need it to get thinned out. But I’ll talk to the hairdresser. And I have pictures.
So, I hope I’ll look good. Good thing hair grows.

Anyway. I’m gonna go try and make my hair look somewhat OK. Right now my straightening iron is my best friend. *sighs*
I’ll come back when I have my new computer up and running.. eeee…
I can finally play things without fear of my computer killing itself! I can play Minecraft without it chugging.

Be good to each other

What is it.. Thursday?

Mood: Pretty good. I had a Cherry Coke.
Listening to: The Haunting of Sunshine Girl. It’s a fake video documentary series, in a way, of a girl being haunted. It’s OK, I guess. They are mostly around 3 min, so it’s easy to listen to. And you know when something exciting is going to happen, because the sound changes.

What else.
I watched a “Everything wrong with…” video yesterday on Youtube. They had made an everything wrong with “50 Shades of Grey”, and my god is that movie bad… just from the little I saw of it. It’s painful. It’s annoying. And if I was the main character, I would have laughed in his face. I think I’m too strong willed to be dominated. But I think I want for both parties to have fun, and not just one. 😛
It just further cemented my belief that the movie and book is shit.

I bought “Dark Souls” for my PC today. WHAT??!?!? Steam is having Summer Sale. How can I NOT?!? All I need now is a new computer. I bought the game more to see the differences in graphics and so on.. and maybe the chance to co-op with cool people…like EpicNameBro/Marcus.
I also forgot that I bought The Witcher and The Witcher 2 for PC. The Witcher 3 looks great, but I need a PS4 for it. Blah. I wish PS4 would open up for backwards compatibility like Xbox One just did with the Xbox 360.

I also did a good deed the other day. I took a shower one day and after I had finished and all that.. it was later in the day, I saw that there was a Jumping Spider in the cabinet. I thought that since it found its way in, it would find its way out again. The next day I didn’t see it, but the day after it was back again, just in time for me to wash my hair. So I took a shower with a spider. It got drenched, poor thing. I thought it was dead when I got out of the shower. It was all stretched out in a corner and didn’t move. I dried my hair and all that and it was still not moving. Later I went back and it was still moving. I thought it was dead and thought that if it was still there the next day I would hose it down the drain. Later still, using the toilet, I saw that it was gone. =D It was alive!!
It totally made my day! So I made a toilet paper bridge for it to get out. So, as far as I know, it’s in the bathroom somewhere…hopefully still alive.

I’ve also tried some new things. I bought a black mask thing on Ebay and I got it the other day. I trued it yesterday. You’re supposed to put it on your nose and anywhere else you have black heads, and then when it’s dried, you pull it off.

So yeah, i tried it.. and well… it worked. I put it on my cheeks too, and I will not do that again.. lol. It kinda hurt when I pulled it off. But as far as I could see, it pulled out some nasty gunk.

Hubby and I went to Ski on Monday to buy some clothes and some other stuff, and it was the biggest waste of time ever. He didn’t find anything, I didn’t find anything, except for Cherry Coke and 7Up Cherry, which I’ve never tried before and it was really, really good, so on the way home we stopped at Morenen to see if we could find some of the stuff we needed there. And nah. Not even there.
On Tuesday we went to Fredrikstad, to Østfoldhallen; and there we found what we were looking for. I got new capri pants and he got three new t-shirts and a nice sweater. I really want more capri pants, so I might have to go to Askim one day. Anyway, we got new chairs to have outside and everything is good.

I got the blanket, couch cover thing I won on ebay. It’s really lovely and I don’t regret bidding on it, now. I know it’ll come in handy.
I also got the wallet I bought on Ebay, and I really like it. It looks like suede, but it’s not. I’m totally going to use it today. XD
I have a staff meeting to go to later today. Before that I have some shopping to get done. I’m getting a nail straightener and yarn. I talked to my mum last night, and she wanted to knit a jacket for me, so I need to get yarn. At least some of it. I told her that I could get this yarn, and then she could get the other yarn she needs to blend with it, it’s a double knit, and call it a birthday present. She agreed to that. Much like she wanted the Samsung phone cover I got for her on Ebay, was to be my birthday gift from me. I agreed. She also said she didn’t want anything else, but that’s a little too late, mum. A little too late. Heh heh heh.
But yeah, I need Alpaca yarn.

Other than that, I don’t think there’s anything else.
OH! I’m totally getting my hair done one of these days. I’ll wait till my dad visits next week, and see how much I get to work.. then I’ll get my hair done. I’m going for a whole new style. A pixie cut with long fringe. I’m excited. I hope I can get it done before the 4th of July. I’ve been invited to a party, and if they are having it, I want to look fabo.

Anyways, I think that’s about it.

Be generous with your tolerance.


Wednesday Morning update

Moon: Very good
Listening to: Achievement Hunters playing Depth. Sounds like fun. But then again, they are awesomely entertaining.

So, what’s been going on with me since last time?
Well, hubby and I ripped down the old veranda and put up a new one, back of the house.. which happens to be front of the house. The guy who made this house was a little backwards. 😛

The old one was falling apart. Not because of rot, mind you, but because of it being like over 20 years old and regular nails were used to put things together. We used screws this time. And we’ve reenforced things.

I’m really pleased with what we’ve done. Saturday two weeks ago I was sliding along the floor, screwing in screws. It hurt so bad afterwards. I could hardly sit. But in retrospect, it was worth it. We’re out of material now, tho. The “expert” we talked to ordered too little material for us.

We’re almost done, tho.

And I’ve fucked up royally. Well, it’s not like a world ending fuck-up, but it is an annoying one. I saw a really cute blanket/throw/mattress cover/thing on ebay and it was cheap. So I put in the first bid. THEN I saw that the shipping was EXPENSIVE AS FUCK! I had money for it when I ordered it, but then we passed into a new month, and Visa took its share and cost of using the bank card, and all of a sudden I don’t have the money anymore. However, when the auction ends on Friday, I hopefully will have gotten my vacation money. I have no idea how much I’ll get.. and I haven’t worked in a month. *sighs*
I keep hoping that someone else will bid on it. And I keep getting disappointed when I open my email and don’t see “You have been outbid!”
I was thinking I could have it in my car, if I get one. The thing is Hello Kitty! It has plastic underneath. Just imagine if I’m stranded by the road and need to check under my car? It’ll be perfect! Thinking ahead, that’s me. Sometimes…

My cell phone had an update not too long ago. Like always I jump into things. I didn’t think that the phone needed to have over 80 power juices… Mine was 60 something. Well, I started the update and along the line something happened and it froze. Well, I can’t say froze.. it just didn’t want to turn on. So I contacted Sony, seeing as it’s a Sony Xperia Z1, and I got some help. It didn’t work, tho, but at least they tried. So I called them and the guy suggested that I tried another computer. I tried that and it didn’t work. So I called again and finally a person could tell me that Error 100 means that the firewall and/or antivirus is stopping things. So we finally got it fixed. But EVERYTHING on my phone got deleted. Well, not everything, but my notes and all that.. gone. And I can’t change things like I want to. On the old OS I could change the color of my LED light.. I had it pretty purple when calls came in. Now it’s just boring and green. I’ve tried to find out where I can change it, but nah. And the line on top of the screen.. it’s BLUE. I like blue and all, just not that blue.
And another thing. I shouldn’t have started to follow Oh my corgi on Twitter. My phone is now FULL of cute puppy pics of corgis. And I can’t bring myself to delete any. Thank goodness I have autosave to Photobucket.

I think I wrote earlier about us putting up a party tent. It’s lovely. I like it a lot.
But… It’s been blowing something fierce these past few days, and we discovered yesterday that almost all the “windows” are broken. I hope hubby can get some clear packing tape so that we can fix it temporarily till we can get new walls.
It really sucks. But the old tent could take a serious beating. It was up for two years before it started to get ripped apart.

I was at the dentist yesterday. I had yoghurt for breakfast, and I don’t know, but after that it smelled like something had died in my mouth. Even after I brushed my teeth I could feel the smell, so to speak. I’m sure it was just my imagination, but yeah.. Might have been that I was SOoooo hungry. Even after I ate dinner… and went to bed.. But I’ve had a good breakfast today, so I hope whatever died is gone.
But yeah. I had no cavities again. =D
So proud of myself. The dentist said that if I kept this up, I’d have teeth till I’m 93. Which is regrettable because I’m not planning on being 93. But at least my corpse will look fabulous.
That’s a thing, isn’t it. Is it such a terrible thing to not be scared of dying? To know that one day you will be dead. I’m not saying that I’ll induce it, but I’m just being realistic. I know I’m not going to live forever, and by God, I’m glad I won’t. That doesn’t mean I don’t love life. I do. I’m so glad that I am here. I have some amazing people in my life and I appreciate every single one of them.
Anyway, let’s get off this morbid topic.

Be good to yourself, and each other