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The mystery has been solved!

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I wrote earlier that a census guy came first to my home to have an interview with me and then he showed up at work. I was wondering how he knew where I worked. Well, that is the mystery that has been solved. The day he came to my work he first came to my home where he met with a friend of Jan’s and I.
The guy asked our friend if he lived there and he said no, he was just picking some things of his up. Then the census guy asked if he knew if anyone was at home and our friend said no. I think they are at work.
And then the census guy asked where that was.. and he told him…. I wasn’t best pleased with him when I found out, but he didn’t know, so I can’t stay mad at him.
But the nerve of the guy!!! I later got a letter from them saying they REALLY needed to talk to me. Hell no. Not now.
Other than that nothing much has happened. Oh, I finished up all my Christmas gifts for my side of the family. I even got Jan a gift.. Not that I wouldn’t get him anything, it’s just REALLY difficult getting him anything good because he never wishes for anything.. except for expensive things like a motor home.
But I found something useful for him, so he’d better like it.
I’ve also been watching Dark Shadows. First on Youtube, then on a site I found online when the Youtube ones were removed. Honestly, I’m starting to get paranoid. The other site also had their episodes removed. So now I’ve started watching new things. I’m not saying what it is and I’m not saying where I found them. I will say that so far I’ve enjoyed it.
I’ve also decided to give Matt Smith, the Doctor that was the Doctor after Tennant a go. I watched an episode this morning on TV. It was with weeping angels and had River Song in it and everything. I enjoyed the episode a lot. He’s not too bad, actually. But I’d take Tennant over him any day. Rooster Teeth had a spoiler podcast about Dr. Who the other day. Enjoyable, but I was a little bummed that they didn’t talk about the earlier stuff. The seasons that made the man, so to speak. They touched a little on it, but not a whole lot. But I guess like most new whoians, they mainly watch the new stuff. But I will try to catch more of this. I thought he’d be god awful, but he’s really not. I don’t agree with Brandon from Rooster Teeth, though, when he said River Song is old and terrible. No no.. She’s a stunning woman. But everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.
Anyway. I’m going to eat my dinner before movie time.

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