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Drunken Sunday entry Whoaaaaaaaa judo-chop!

Listneing to: James and Morgan playing MInecraft.
Mood: So damn good… Sambuca is your friend!

I just saw Birdemic 2. God damn, it was bad. And I do mean BAD!! No offence, James Guyen, but I thought Birdemic was a thriller or an action thing.. not a comedy.
So yeah.. I had to drink alittle to get through it. Man, that Sambuca sneaks up on you and whacks you hard. Almost like the home made turkish candy thing. really good, ybut damn dangeriso. Good thing one does now care about the mistakes one makes while writing. Will be more fin at al later date, maybe. Cheers.
So yah… Minecraft.
Omega_Appeltaart is making a masterpiece of a thing. It’s so damn awesome!






As beautiful it is underneath, it’s fantastic on top.2014-02-28_15.37.34



And that’s a few days ago. Now it looks even more fantastic. I haven’t gotten a screenshot yet.
And I’ve started building a hopsital. Monsoon Poultry Hopsital.
Name might get tweeked. It’s HUGE..
I should really either check my eyes, get sober or load the iamges on photobukcketr. They are a little blissyr.

Maybe this was a bad idale.


Sunday morning…

Mood: Pretty OK. A little cold, but I’m working on it.
Listening to: Someone brought to my attention that The Rocky Horror Picture Show had an equal.. That Richard O’Brien made this movie a few years after Rocky Horror. I’m listening to/watching Shock Treatment. So far I’m not very impressed.

Brad and Janet are back… they are now married, but Janet feels Brad is a little boring or something. So they go home to their old home town, Denton, which has turned into a TV show. Or a series of different TV shows. Brad ends up in the looney bin and Janet gets seduced by fame and someone looking like Brad.
Janet has changed, by the way. I think Frank-n-Further really did her some good. She’s not very shy anymore. It’s too bad that Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick couldn’t re-do their characters.
The music is very 80’s. Not that that’s a bad thing. I like the 80’s. But I don’ t know. Maybe I’m comparing it to Rocky Horror too much. I feel that Rocky Horror has a better musical assortment.
Anyway… in this movie we have:
Jessica Harper as Janet Majors
Cliff De Young as Brad Majors/Farley Flavors
Richard O’Brien as Dr. Cosmo McKinley
Patricia Quinn as Dr. Nation McKinley
Charles Gray as Judge Oliver Wright (The “It’s just a jump to the left” guy)
Ruby Wax as Betty Hapschatt
Nell Campbell as Nurse Ansalong
Barry Humphries as Bert Schnick

I was surprised to see Barry Humphries in this movie. It’s always surprising to see Dame Edna in other things.
Well, this is disappointing. In the middle of the movie copyright laws struck and they had to remove a song. What a joke. *eye roll*

Yeah, so I was working yesterday. And there were too many babies around. At the entrance to the store we have loads of balloons to make it more inviting because we’ve got costumes and such on offer now. Anyway, there was this little kid, barely found his feet, he was that young, running back and forth smacking the balloons. And he popped one. It happens, so I wasn’t upset about it. He, however, found it hilarious. So he continued to run back and forth. And then he stumbled. As he was falling over I thought “This is going to suck.” And it did. He was screaming so loudly it made me happy I don’t have kids. Very happy indeed.
I was actually working early yesterday. I was quite shocked that I got the option when boss lady asked me if I could work. The only problems I had was getting home, but the store manager of the book store across the hall was working so I asked her when she got off work and she said at 3pm and I asked if I could hitch a ride. And I could. So I was home early yesterday and I was sitting in front of my computer, not knowing what to do with myself. I usually get of at 6pm and the rest of the night I make dinner, and watch YouTube.  (Shock Treatment is mental, by the way.)
Anyway, about 3 minutes to 3 one of the less desirable costumers came into the store. He always talks to me about stuff. This day was no different. He singled me out, so to speak. Honed in on me and attacked. He said that the accident with the two girls that was killed while riding their horse was tragic. And I said, “Yes, it is. Unfortunately, things like that happen.” And he got a little angry and said that such things shouldn’t happen. Well, yeah. But accidents happen. The guy who hit the girls didn’t maliciously do so. And my bet is that he’ll struggle with this for the rest of his life.
And then he went on about the helicopter guy crashing, having a power line wrapped around his rotor. And again I said, “Accidents happen.” This alone shows that even professionals can make mistakes.
If we’re going to dwell on these things that happen, we’re going to turn into loons. Of course, when you read it or watch it on the news you feel sorry for those involved. But to keep it with me? No, it shouldn’t be done.
AND! When I got home I discovered that the GameFront Minecraft server was down… AGAIN!!! Maybe they should have someone on the server all the time. I mean, Saturdays and Sundays and maybe even Fridays are big Minecraft days. To have it not working is… not good.
And finally I’ve gotten my ginger grater and Japanese foam skimmer. I ordered it aaages ago. Finally got the pick-up note thingie from the post office.
I’ve also ordered a belt buckle from Ebay, and nail decal decor.
I really shouldn’t have money. I buy so much stuff. But the nail decals I’ve been looking at for a long time. And since they were like $0.75 or something, not a whole lot, I decided I’d get it. And it’s already been payed for. Which is why I really like Paypal. And I really needed a belt buckle.
Went shopping on Thursday and got two pairs of pants. They were a little tighter than I’m used to, but when in Rome. They weren’t fantastically restrictive like the Slim-fit shit is. My legs don’t look good in slim-fit.
Had to wash one of the trousers because of it seeping color. I tried them on again when I got home and my fingers were grey. I hope I got off most of the access coloring.
Anyway, I’m gonna see if I can find an online streaming of “Sleepaway Camp”.

Be nice to each other.

Don’t get me started….

Mood: Pretty good. Stuffy nose, but otherwise spiffy.
Listening to: Pet Shop Boys – Always on my mind. And singing along.. I haven’t gotten to sing out loud in ages. They keep playing the same song over and over again on the radio, “Wrecking ball” by Miley Cyrus being one of them… and it’s catchy, even if it IS Miley Cyrus.

So, we might as well start with Miley, then. Miss. Hannah Montana. I get that she’s trying to shed the good girl image… and she’s doing a really great job at it. Trying a little too hard, in my opinion. Oh well, to each its own. She does have some catchy songs, though, and Wrecking Ball is one of them.
I just hope she calms down before she starts doing something really stupid… Weed is one thing.. don’t start with the harder stuff. It’s not worth it.

So, what else.
Everyone seems to be getting new cell phones now. And I really want a new one. I wanted the Sony Xperia Z, but I’ve found out that the Xperia Z1 has a much better camera. Otherwise it’s basically the same as Z. Mum said she’s help me out getting it when she’s able. Which is really sweet of her. Especially since she just got me a Michael Kors wallet. And now I sound like one of the spam entries I’ve spent several hours deleting. I had over 88,000 spam entries!!!! 88,000!!!!!
Give it a fucking rest, people!!! There is no chance in hell I’ll ever approve one of your fucking entries. You are just annoying and sad. So anyway. My mum sold her apartment. So I guess she’s looking for a new place now. Will be fun to see what she finds. I just hope she doesn’t move to Turkey.
She is, of course, and adult and can do whatever she wants, but it’ll make it so much harder to visit her. Yes, I am selfish.  But is it so wrong to want your mother in the same country as you? But I do understand if it helps with her pains.

So, GameFront opened their Minecraft server again. James took it upon himself to entertain us. So I decided to try out the server address I got ages and ages ago, and it worked. =D
So I’ve got a viking mud house somewhere on the server. Also met a lot of really cool people. They are really giving, these people. At least two of them gave me diamonds. Generous beyond belief! I’ve also been given food, sugar cane, loads of nether rack and a lily pad.
I am planning on taking down the dirt and use smooth stone instead. OH, and someone gave me Nether Quartz, so I’ll make a fireplace. OurYoungHero has been the most giving, I must say. He helped a lot. Please forgive my forgetfulness, but I will try to mention all those who have helped me. But right now I can’t remember a thing.
But yeah, I need coal, and I’m too chicken shit to out there and find it. There are monsters everywhere! I need a bodyguard.

And Norway finally got the snow that was ordered for Christmas. I say we celebrate it over again, just to have something nice to look at outside the window. Is it mother’s day, today? Nope, second Sunday in February.
I had this whole thing planned to write about, but now I can’t remember a thing. I think this stuffy nose is stuffing up my brain.
I do know that I’m going to watch “Forbidden Planet” later, and I’m pretty excited about it. I love that movie. And speaking of movies. I want to watch “No Country for Old Men” again and write a Lene Review of it. I don’t think I did the first time I watched it. It’s a pretty good movie.
I should rewrite a “100 movies to watch before you die” list and post it. I know I’ve written one in the past, but I don’t think I posted it. If I did I’ll do an updated version.
I think I’m going to make some tea, maybe this nose will be un-stuffed.

Be good to each other.


The mystery has been solved!

Mood: Good
Listening to: Something… <.<

I wrote earlier that a census guy came first to my home to have an interview with me and then he showed up at work. I was wondering how he knew where I worked. Well, that is the mystery that has been solved. The day he came to my work he first came to my home where he met with a friend of Jan’s and I.
The guy asked our friend if he lived there and he said no, he was just picking some things of his up. Then the census guy asked if he knew if anyone was at home and our friend said no. I think they are at work.
And then the census guy asked where that was.. and he told him…. I wasn’t best pleased with him when I found out, but he didn’t know, so I can’t stay mad at him.
But the nerve of the guy!!! I later got a letter from them saying they REALLY needed to talk to me. Hell no. Not now.
Other than that nothing much has happened. Oh, I finished up all my Christmas gifts for my side of the family. I even got Jan a gift.. Not that I wouldn’t get him anything, it’s just REALLY difficult getting him anything good because he never wishes for anything.. except for expensive things like a motor home.
But I found something useful for him, so he’d better like it.
I’ve also been watching Dark Shadows. First on Youtube, then on a site I found online when the Youtube ones were removed. Honestly, I’m starting to get paranoid. The other site also had their episodes removed. So now I’ve started watching new things. I’m not saying what it is and I’m not saying where I found them. I will say that so far I’ve enjoyed it.
I’ve also decided to give Matt Smith, the Doctor that was the Doctor after Tennant a go. I watched an episode this morning on TV. It was with weeping angels and had River Song in it and everything. I enjoyed the episode a lot. He’s not too bad, actually. But I’d take Tennant over him any day. Rooster Teeth had a spoiler podcast about Dr. Who the other day. Enjoyable, but I was a little bummed that they didn’t talk about the earlier stuff. The seasons that made the man, so to speak. They touched a little on it, but not a whole lot. But I guess like most new whoians, they mainly watch the new stuff. But I will try to catch more of this. I thought he’d be god awful, but he’s really not. I don’t agree with Brandon from Rooster Teeth, though, when he said River Song is old and terrible. No no.. She’s a stunning woman. But everyone’s entitled to their own opinion.
Anyway. I’m going to eat my dinner before movie time.

Treat each other with respect.


Sunday Update

Mood: Pretty good
Listening to: Dark Shadows, not the movie. But the good old series from the 60’s.

So I finally played Dark Souls… and I suck. I got to the bonfire at Firelink Shrine. That was after I, on the third try, killed the the Asylum Demon. I was very impressed with myself about that. But yeah. I need to manage my stamina better. I’ve unequipped my gloves and helmet so that I don’t fat-roll. I picked knight as my first try. I might change that when I get bored. But it’s a sturdy build, so I might just tank it. I know I sound like a gamer-girl… but I’m far from it. I know the lingo, but man am I struggling with the actual playing. And I know that I haven’t really played enough to be good. I’m sure I’ll do better when I’ve played it as much as EpicNameBro has. I’ll play more later. Right now the TV has been hijacked. And all those things to remember.. jeez. And I’m still trying to find out how things work. I know how to roll, but I haven’t figured out how to back-stab just yet. Not that I’ve really tried.
It is very easy to watch people play… and be all “OMG!! NOO!! Not like that! You have to roll and kick and jump and etc.” But to actually do it… not easy. But then I never thought Dark Souls would ever be easy. Heavens, no. It’s the controls. And the fingers… and the interaction between them. I’ll get there. Might take me years, but I will get there…
And I’m so scared I’ll click the wrong button and piss off an NPC. They are not forgiving at all!
I’ll read up on how to get some things, I think. I’ll get the Drake Sword. I know it’s cheating, but honestly.. I want it easy. At least at first. I’ll do another play-through and not get it. I’ll most definitely do a pyromancer or a mage.. or AND a mage. I’ll have fun none the less. I’m so glad I got the game. XD
Maybe I’ll play Dead Space later today… or maybe not.. I’m really scared!
Maybe I’ll save that game for first time play-though.
I think I need to write down some of the weapons I want.. and how to make them..
Oh well… I’ll update you all on my gaming adventures.

Be sweet to each other…


I know, I know.. it’s been a while.. again….

Mood: Perfectly fine.
Listening to: Carrie, the movie.. on The Cinemated Man’s movie channel. He’s pretty good. You should check it out if you get a chance.

I have the most awesome father-in-law in the world. As we all know my PS3 got borked when the lightning struck right outside. And we’re still waiting for the money from the insurance. Anyway. He got a PS3 ages ago but couldn’t quite get the hang of it, being used to the PS2. We visited one day to help with some TV stuff and he said I could borrow his till I got a new one. So I did.. got five games in the pack. Gran Turismo (irch), Ratchet and Clank (hmmm), The Smurfs 2 (sigh), Ice Age 4 (…) and Uncharted 3 (wheee). Hang on, there’s a whiney kid on TV. Can’t stand them. So yeah. We borrowed it, and played little. I didn’t want to play any of my other games, just in case I could, when I got the new one, put the old hard drive into the new one. We can try, right?
So, some time passed and we visited again. And suddenly I got his bill of sale that had some insurance thing on it too.. In case it broke. And a few days after that Jan said to me that he thought I might as well keep it, the PS3, because… well… it seemed like it to him. So I made him make sure. And sure enough.. My awesome father-in-law gave me his PS3.
He has also after that gotten a new one for himself… Go figure. I guess he is powerless to resist, like I am.
And last night we tried to put the old hard drive into the new one. But I guess it got toasted in the lightning strike too. Oh well. So I made a new account and all that. I’m going to play a little bit later on. I’m just gonna finish this first.. or I’ll play tomorrow. I really wanted to get a Roxio Game Capture thingie, so that I could go on Twitch and show everyone just how bad I am at gaming. XD
But honestly, I don’t know how long I will be able to wait. We’ll see. I could just go ahead and play.. and I’ll get to a point where I just can’t continue.. and that’s when I’ll go live and… maybe not.
I still have Dead Space 2 I can play. It’ll scare the shit out of me, but I’ll do it.. some day…
I wish I had the Roxio for when my brother and I played the London Olympics. Man, I wish I had the whole thing on tape. It was so hilarious…and I still laugh at the memory of us trying to do the javelin throw.
So, as I got Dark Souls I also got The Shining, the book. I started reading it and I have to admit I’m expecting scary stuff to leap off the page the whole time I’m reading it. Maybe not the best idea to read it in bed….
Damn, Carries mother is creepy.
I also tried to find a fake leather jacket. I had been drooling over the picture of it for weeks, and I finally got a chance to check it out. It wasn’t as nice as I thought. 🙁 So I got very disappointed. But I’ll get some bike boots instead. I need some winter shoes.
I’ve also finally decided that I really need a drivers license. I just need some money first. It’s not exactly cheap.
What else…
Animal Crossing – new leaf. I think I’ve collected almost all the fossils, I’m missing like 10 bugs or something… and 15 fish.. I think. I’m having great fun being a mayor. I also think the villagers are getting a little tired of me trying to expand my house all the time, which I’m finished with now. I really don’t want all of the suggestions they’ve come with to “improve” Clamydea. Oil pump? Really?? I am getting the dream thingie, tho. I think I’ll start it up today. After I’ve showered.
I’ve also been thinking about getting Beyond: Two Souls. I just don’t know, tho. I mean…. I don’t think I’d be very good at that rapid decision thing. I think I’d get frustrated and give up. I think it’s a game I’ll watch being played by others.
OH! I’m getting my hair done on Tuesday. I can’t wait to get re-blondiefied. It’s getting a little dark at the roots.
And I just realized that the heart on my sweater makes my chest look like a gorilla chest/bold spot. Remind me never to wear the sweater to the zoo. A gorilla might take a shining to me and violate me. And we wouldn’t want that. I think they aren’t the softest of lovers.
I guess that’s about it. I’ve been working and playing, watching movies and sleeping… and eating. I’m making meatballs for dinner today.. in gravy. Haven’t had proper meatballs in ages. Yum.
OH!! My Venus Flytrap is blooming! Or growing. They’ve really enjoyed the flies we’ve been plagued with this year. So much so it’s going to bloom soon. I’ll snap some pictures of it when it does. I’ve never seen a Venus Flytrap bloom before.

Well, I’ll hang my laundry now and then take a shower. I’ll try to post more often. What can I say.. I’m lazy.

Be utterly excellent to each other.


I’ve been busy….

Mood: blaish…
Listening to: TheRadBrad playing The Last of Us. It’s a pretty good looking game.

So I’ve been busy, which is why there hasn’t been an update in a while. I’ve been working and all that.
Earlier this week the new bus ride time thingies came out, and they suck. Basically they’ve screwed me over big time. Of course I don’t think they did it to screw me over. I am aware that they want to save money and that cutting some of the rides will help them do that. What is the point of having a ride on the streets if no one is taking them. However, how they managed to cut out every bus I’d possibly take is like a… I don’t know. I think they used a magic lamp to figure that one out. So it means, this summer, I won’t be able to get to work in the mornings. But that’s fine… Except for the weekends, which they also cut out. No buses at all during the weekends…pure genius!!!! So I won’t be able to get to work on Saturday unless Jan drives me…. or I can get someone to drive me. I’ll talk to one of my coworkers and see if we can’t change the Saturdays we’re working. She can get a car… I can too, but I can’t drive it. 😛
I also really need a drivers license. I really do… *sighs*
Speaking of work… I get some days off in between. That’s actually very good. It means I get things done at home too. There are a lot of things we need to get done. Paint one of the walls outside. Oil the new front porch. Or wood stain it. I think we’ll go with wood stain. I’ve found a color, Burmateak, which is really nice.
Yesterday while I was having a little breather in the backroom at work I had an epiphany. What if we threw out Espen’s bed and made his room into a walk-in/walk-through closet. The room doesn’t have a window anyway so it’s unfit to be a bedroom. I mentioned it to Jan and he seemed to like the idea. Use the room for storage rather than having it stand empty.
I’ve also not played too much Skyrim. Since I’ve been working and that I don’t have the time. Which is fine.
I really do love playing it, but on the other hand.. I hate meeting dragons. Which kinda sucks since I’m a dragonborn and it’s my job to kill them. One thing is for sure, though. I need to get my levels up. I’m at level 8 now.. and the Dark Brotherhood just recruited me. I’m sticking with the Brotherhood till I kill Tullius. At this moment I’m on a mission for them. Some chick wanted us to kill her ex, and I got the job. I’m on my way there now, to talk to the woman. I saved the game outside a mine that’s been overrun with draugr, apparently. I was debating with myself weather I should do that first or not… but I kept walking, met a woman who attacked me out of the blue.. and she killed me. So I was thinking I’d do the draugr first and then take on her. Maybe I level up some before things start to happen. The area I’m in is really dodgy too, so I just know I’ll met up with a dragon. I’d already killed one… I was hiding in the bushes the whole time, having fishermen and hunters attack it. It took me ages before I finally got it, but I got it. But yeah.. I hate killing dragons… I get so stressed. 🙁
I think I need a game that’s relaxing and fun. I think I need Little Big Planet 1 and 2. And I’m getting London Olympics 2012. But first I need money.
THEN, when I get used to playing and the controls and all that, THEN I’ll get Dead Space and Dark Souls.

I suck at being a gamer girl.. XD
I think I need more practice. :p It was a lovely thought in theory, but actually playing it isn’t as easy as I thought. Which is also a reason why I want to level up tons before continuing. I don’t want things to be hard. Yeah, go figure.
Of course there’s the lovely sense of accomplishment when you’ve done something great on the first try…. or not so many tries as it took before. I won’t give up, though. I won’t give up.

Sunday Update

Mood: Very tired and utterly annoyed at some things which I’ll get to….
Listening to: Geekcountry on Twitch; Jordan helping Zac getting his new computer together. It’s a recording. I sadly missed the hilarity live….

So yeah, annoyance.
I can’t even open the news papers without reading about Justin Bieber and how he’s coming to Norway.. I KNOW!!!! I’M PAINFULLY AWARE THE FUCKER IS COMING TO NORWAY! I don’t care about how he tricked the fans last time he was here.. I don’t care about how shitty his dancing is in the Netherlands, I don’t care about who the poor soul he dragged up on stage was, I don’t care about his drug problems… and I fucking don’t care if he has “grown up” because he visited the Anne Frank museum.
I’m annoyed that headmasters have postponed exams because the fucker is coming to Norway. If I was a headmaster I wouldn’t have allowed it. It’s a perfect time for kids to learn that you can’t get everything you want in life.
But enough about him.
I’m also annoyed at people having kids and then being all “Oh, yeah. I really don’t like sitting on the floor and playing with Lego’s and stuff.” Well, you should have thought about that before having kids!!!! Ffs!
Did I mention I hate kids? Yeah, I still do… Screaming, snotnosed fuckers, drooling on everything and spreading god knows what… ugh!
There, I vented…

So, North-Korea. Kim Jong-Un is struggling, I think. Well, spies allegedly have said he’s struggling with the military. So the natural response would be to bomb another country. I just hope the anti-bomb thingies they have put up in Japan will help. I don’t want Japan bombed again.

I just lost a lot of my thoughts and thunder.. Something just crashed in the kitchen, scaring me… It was the breadbox deciding it didn’t want to be on the counter anymore… or the things behind the breadbox deciding they no longer wanted the breadbox on the counter.
If I get my thunder back I’ll further the update…


P.S: Some thunder restored.
Seems like Justin Bieber hasn’t grown up. Yes. he visited the Anne Frank Museum… and then he wrote in the guestbook: (Not actual quote, loosely translated back from English from Internet) “Real inspiring to have the possibility to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would be a belieber”.
Oh yes… how he has grown. Fucking dickhead. THIS IS YOUR “STAR”!!! THIS IS WHO YOU DECIDED TO PUT ALL YOUR HEART INTO!!! A dickhead who is more interested in having followers than the hardship, heartache, horror and terror a young girl went through.
You disgust me.

Sunday update

Mood: Pretty good, actually.
Listening to: music, for a change. Heart – These Dreams.

So, I was at work yesterday. I haven’t really been there a whole lot lately, but I’m sure it’ll pick up soon. It has too, cause I need money for the Kiel trip we’re taking soon. It’s November now, and things are getting hectic. Just yesterday we had soo many people shop. But we still didn’t pass the budget. Oh, well. I’m sure it’ll pick up more the closer we get to Christmas. We’re all decked out on Advent now, so it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas. My boss and both Lindas from work are there now, getting things all decked more out for the holidays. And yes, I know it’s a while till then, but we need to sell stuff. And people actually do, even though first Sunday of Advent isn’t till December 2nd.
But yeah. I had a costumer in the store yesterday not wanting to leave when I was closing up shop. It seemed she’d rather stay and tell me about her chemo therapy. It’s a horrible thing, lady, but I still want to go home.

Anyway! I found this thing online ages ago, and it’s been forgotten ever since, but I thought I’d give it a shot now. It’s: Music to the Zombie Apocalypse.
The idea is that you put your music player on shuffle and so forth.

The first song is the overall theme of the Apocalypse.
Timmy T – One more try

The second song is the one that plays during your first zombie kill.
Alien Ant Farm – Smooth Criminal

The third son plays while you’re getting chased by a horde.
Placebo – Running up that hill

The fourth song plays when you’re forced to kill your loved one.
Hot Chelle – Tonight Tonight

The fifth song plays when you find your new love interest.
The Tokens – The Lion sleeps tonight

The sixth song plays when you make your final stand.
Don Felder – Takin a ride (Heavy Metal)

The seventh song plays when you (think you) make it though it all.
Heart – What about love

The eight song plays when you discover a bite mark on you.
July Crisis – ‘Till I lost control

So it seems I have some odd theme songs or something.
Well, I think I’m going to continue knitting my scarf. I bought some lovely Kashmir alpaca yarn yesterday. I’ve already knitted some wrist warmers with it, and it’s really nice and soft and warm.
And we got a new couch yesterday. Well, not really new. It was Jan’s mothers couch. And since her partner didn’t want it, we said we could take it.
It’s a little more red than I remembered, so now I have a red leather/sky couch… and I don’t know how I feel about it.. :p
The good thing about it is that if we decide to get a new one with a more matching colour, we can use this couch in the “gaming room” that I’ll be making once I get my ps3.
Speaking of matching. I’ve somewhat decided I want a gray shading in the living room.
Also at the mall where I work a new store is opening soon. I was thinking about maybe applying for a job there, but now I don’t know. If things seem to be what they seem to be, if that makes sense, then first off I don’t think I’d get a job there, and I wouldn’t want to work there because of the people already hired. I’m telling you, I’ve been so spoiled when it comes to co-workers. I don’t want to work anywhere else, really. I also found out that one of the girls placed at work through unemployment office has gotten a job somewhere else. Which, of course, is sad. But then again, it means she must be doing so much better than what she was, and that’s brilliant.
Well, I should start making dinner. I’m making a pea soup type thing with loads of beef in it. I hope it’s good.
If I think of more to write, I’ll update.

Sunday Round-up

Mood: Pretty good.
Listening to: The real James Heaney playing Demon’s Souls.

As you might know I work in a store. It’s not retail, I don’t think… We get our stuff from a warehouse which gets their stuff from manufacturers. We sell everything from candlesticks to lip balm, from yarn to candy. ANYWAY. It’s getting close to Halloween, and even though, until a few years ago, we don’t celebrate Halloween, we sell loads of Halloween stuff. To me it’s as commercialised as Valentines Day. Which I don’t celebrate either. When I was a kid we went around begging for candy on New Years Eve, dressed up as.. whatever we wanted to. After I moved I found out that here they go around and beg for candy around Christmas. Mostly dressed up as a mini Santa, I suppose. They had never heard of the New Years thing..
So… being a nation which doesn’t really celebrate Halloween, I get asked a lot when it is. I had one costumers say “Oh, I thought it moved around each year”. Well, kind of, but only in the way that makes it easier to celebrate. Like moving it to the weekend before and so on. Another costumer said “I thought it was earlier in the year….”. No, that would be Valentine’s Day. So, the second Halloween is over we have to demolish the store to get the new stuff in… Yupp, that would be Advent things.. and Christmas things.
Mind you. The Christmas candy has already hit the grocery stores.  I do love Christmas, don’t get me wrong. I just think we could hold things off till the last two weeks of November. Of course we need to load up the stores now to make the most money, but I just know some people are going to bitch about it. Especially with the new concept store we have now. Sure, we have all the same things we used to have, but less of some stuff and more of interior stuff, like candlesticks and tablecloths. If you’ve been eyeing something this week and holding off buying it, then we might not have it displayed next week because we rotate the merchandise much more than we used to. And if you looked at something this summer and hope we still have it… well, you’re shit out of luck. Even with the old concept we changed with the seasons. We will not be keeping the lovely spring/summer colours when it’s all dark and autumny outside. And yelling at me won’t get it all back. Come back next spring. We might just be getting things back. I think most people, even if they are thrilled with how the store has developed into what it is now, miss the part where they could get what they want when they want it. Most people don’t like change. I had one costumer tell me that -nille as a whole had lost itself in its development. It wasn’t the same and all this new stuff was just… not good. Yes, we used to have things that you could use once and then throw away. Yes, we are a little more expensive now than we used to be. But guess what. With the price comes quality. If you want cheap crap then there are other stores… I won’t name names, but you know who you are. But one costumer out of the hundreds we get in every day won’t dampen my mood. The rest of them seem happy with our selection and those are the ones we want to keep.
Enough of that, though.
What makes a well grown up woman, getting close to her retirement, start to spread rumours about former work colleagues?
Yeah, I have no idea. I just don’t get it. The people in question used to work together. They liked each other. Then the bookstore they worked in got shut down, and they were shifted to the same brand name bookstore close by. The old lady can be said to not really give a fuck… so she’d close the gate before she should and so forth. And the manager of that store found out… That and that she had been sitting behind the register, reading. A lot. And eventually the old lady found out who told on her. And that’s when she started spreading rumours. I had hitched a ride with her one day, and we talked about her co-worker, since we both know her. I like her, she’s a great girl. And the old lady said she liked her and she was great and there was nothing bad about her. A few days later she came over to me and said “Do you remember what I said in the car? Well, forget it. She’s a terrible person! Watch what you say around her, or it’ll come back at you.” Knowing this great girl I told her what had happened, and she knew somewhat what was going on. Yesterday at work the old lady was at it again.
The worst part is, she doesn’t care who she tells. If it was my workplace, and she was my employee, I’d fire her. But I guess it’s not that easy. But it makes for such a terrible feel around the place. I’m glad that this sweet girl has people who know her around the place, or she’s be lonely. The old lady has spread so many rumours around that she’s made other people in other stores whisper behind her back. It’s not right. Not right at all.
Anyway. I should make some dinner, I think.
Hoping to make a new update later in the week. Maybe I’ll make a Minecraft entry. I made a creative mode world. The house is AWESOME! And I have cats and dogs… and livestock. And now I just have to make sure I never lose the house. Maybe I should make a huge arrow in the sky. Hmmmm….