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Post Christmas Eve and the loot

Listening to: Let it go – From Disney’s Frozen. Man, it’s a great song!!!
Mood: Exasperated. I’ll explain….

So, it’s been a while. Some things have happened. And I can’t remember what I wrote last… Hang on…
OK, I remember now.
So, I went home for my brother’s 40’th birthday. It’s been about a month now. We, Jan and I, went by train both to and from Bergen. On the way over we had a sleep compartment… and it was nice.. little, but nice. No, TINY, but nice. No no… Microscopic!!! But nice. At least we got a few hours of sleep. Oh yeah.. and right after we went to bed on the inch wide bed the train stopped at one of those tiny place stops and people got on.. And for some reason the kid they brought along wanted to get into our compartment. Banging on the door… then kicking! And then he found out that the ladder was a fun thing to play with… SLAMMING THE FUCKING THING INTO THE WALL RIGHT BY MY HEAD!!!! I hate fucking kids!
So yeah.. we celebrated my brother, with great cheer. For a change we stayed at my fathers house because my mum is moving.. or trying to sell her apartment.
But we were all staying at his place… The Friday we got there.. I think my parents got a little for-schnickered. We went to bed around 3 A.M and I had almost fallen asleep when I heard a crash in the downstairs hall. I thought we were getting burgled. But then I remembered my mum was on her way to bed in the RV my dad has. Mum and dad were sleeping there. Well, I heard nothing after she left, so I assumed she was OK.
The next morning we got up around 9.30 AM and we assumed my father would get up. They had been talking about a huge breakfast and stuff. So we waited. And waited… and waited. At 11:15 I called my mum to see if she was awake. Even her phone was fast asleep. So I called my dad. And I said “This is your friendly 11:15 wake-up call.” The only reply I got was “oh, my god.” I think he wasn’t feeling too well…but at least I got him up. =D
But yeah. We had a great time there. Took the day-train home. Took about 8 hours.
I’m so glad we didn’t go now. We’d never get there.. or we’d never get home. Storms are shit, man!
And there is no snow. I have no idea who ordered this weather, but that person should have his or her head examined.

Anyway… Christmas gifts.
Mum: Money
Dad: Money
Brother: Money
Jan: A kitchen baker thingie. =D I’m so happy!! I can bake!
The kids and Hiep: Sicilian goodies… like foody treats. Olives, sun dried tomatoes and so on.. I haven’t tried them yet. I have no idea if I even like olives.. and I’ve heard that the ones with stones are better than the ones without.. so I hope it’s right.. hehe
Bosslady: Scarf
Hege (co-worker): Candy! and carmex
Granny: Money
Auntie and Uncle: a really cool purse and pearl ear-studs.
From a friend of Jans: Chocolate

And with the money from Granny I got satin sheets. Oh yeah.

Oh yeah.. work.. I was at work today. I knew I had work at 2 P.M today.. but bosslady called at 10:30-ish and asked if I could rush to the store and open it. I told her that I’d have to wait for the buss, that it’d take about an hour before I would have the chance. She said she’d figure out of the mess we were in and call me back. I got dressed anyway and thought I could possibly catch the buss which leaves at 10:50. She called back and said she’d be heading to work and that I should come when I could. And I did. I still have no idea who was supposed to be there from 10 A.M, but it doesn’t matter. Things happened and so on.
And of course we’ve had costumers in to exchange things they’ve gotten too much of and so on. Had one come in with a broken angel she got as a Christmas gift. She had opened the present and seen it was broken and wanted a new one. I told her that I would love to help her but I can’t take back broken things. When they leave the store they are in perfect condition and if I am to take things back they’ll have to be in sell-able condition. She wasn’t pleased. “So, I’ll have to lose money on this?” “I’m sorry, I’d love to help you, but I can’t.” Really??? It’s better that WE lose money?? Oh well.. I’m letting it gooooo.. let it goooo… The perfect girl is gooone. Gawd, that song is soooo catchy!
So I called bosslady to let her know I had a disgruntled costumer.. and she said “Of course, what else could possibly top the day if not ANOTHER mad costumer. I had one complain about the Christmas tree foot thingie make marks in the floor. A broken angel is just enough to top the whole thing of..” and she laughed. There will always be costumers that aren’t pleased. The costumer isn’t always right, I’m sorry. Shit happens, deal with it. Oh well.
Bedtime soon. I’ll watch a movie tonight. I just don’t know what yet. I think I might watch Birdemic, rifftraxed. I feel I deserve a laugh after the day I’ve had.

Be utterly excellent to each other!