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Summer Vacation

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So, the last week of my vacation we were gone. The first two we were here and there, helping father in law with his conservatory. I have no idea how far he’s gotten now. Can’t wait to see it. Anyway, last Thursday hubby and I went to Gudbrandsdalen for our annual fishing trip.

August 20th
We arrived at out destination after 4 hours on the road. With the new road construction, it’s a very smooth ride with 100 k/h most of the way. We made a short stop in Ringebu to get food, fishing bobbers and fishing permits. They didn’t have it at the store we usually get them at, so we had to get it at the gas station. So, eventually we got what we needed and made our way to Heggerud. We got the same cabin we’ve gotten the last few years, had a meal and went down to the river for some fishing…after emptying the car.
The outlet for the power station was its old self, except for there being more log debris all over the place. Needless to say, the fish were nice. They weren’t biting. But I did see some eagles, so I saw it as a good fishing trip anyway. We then went back to the cabin and grilled our dinner.

August 21st
I woke up at 5am; hub was having one of his coughing fits…so I went to the bathroom. On the way back I’m sure I saw a shooting star. Went back to bed and woke up at 9.30am. We had breakfast and then relaxed. The plan for the day was to shower, shop and then dinner and then go fishing later that evening. After showers we went shopping. My reel had been acting up, stopping when it wants to and such, so we got some screwdrivers to take it apart and some WD-40 to help.
We drove around a bit to see if we could find other fishing places we could try out. There weren’t any. And we got some soft serve ice cream; I had strawberry sprinkles on mine. We then went home, had a nap and had dinner and then went fishing. Of course hubby caught something. Two trout, really nice looking and perfect for dinner on Sunday.
We then went to the other side of the river and tried our luck there.


Great view, though.
I did see the eagles again, or as I found out… The Great Black Cormorant. I had no idea they were this far inland until a few years ago. Beautiful big, HUGE and fun to watch.
So, we went back to the cabin and had a few drinks. Stupid of me, really. Ran to the bathroom at 12.30 pm and again at 1.30am and again at 4:30am. But in between I slept really well.

Which brings us to August 22nd.
Got up at about 7:30 am and hub fried us eggs on the camping frying pan thing. And I was really glad we brought the radio along. Although, it would be loads better if they’d stop playing the same handful of songs all day. I also got a few mosquito bites. Mostly around the ankles, which is weird. But they itch like mad and it’s so satisfying when you finally give in and scratch it.

That’s one of the trout hub caught the day before. Very nice, and very tasty. The other one was a little smaller.
So, we went fishing again, late in the afternoon, hoping we’d catch something. We went to the power outlet again, hoping there would be more in the small pool next to the two exits. While we were there another car came along, and it’s not unusual in itself, it’s happened before. But I must admit I was a little on guard, especially since there were suddenly five strange guys walking around. None of them spoke any Norwegian, not that that makes them automatically bad guys, but they hardly spoke any English either. One of them, who looked a little burly, came up to me and asked “fish?” and I said “yeah, sure, if you’re lucky”.  And he looked at the water and shook his head. And then he walked over to hubby and came back and shook his head again and said “no fish”. And I told them that they might catch something further down the stream or on the other side of the river. And they thanked me and walked away. Well, except for one, who stayed with the car. And this is when my over active imagination started to shift into high gear. They were drug lords and we were suddenly in the middle of a drug transfer thing. OR, they were going to steal all of our things and kill us over our cell phones and the car. OR.. well, you get the idea. So I walked over to hubby and stayed close to him. And then another car came along…and I thought “oh, great! This is it!” and a dude steps out of the car.. and the burly guy gives his rod to one of the guys and walked up to the other dude. And then a woman gets out of the car with a little girl. And all of a sudden things weren’t as threatening. I should write books, honestly. *cough*
So, eventually they left, because the fish weren’t biting. And eventually we did too. But before we did, an ambulance helicopter flew right over our heads and landed not far from us. When we drove to the road they were next to it, and an ambulance stood next to them. We looked in loads of online news papers of the area to see if there was a mention as to what had happened, because earlier there had been a boat on the river, with water skiers. And we thought something had happened, but nothing. We got back to the cabin and grilled our dinner.
We almost, also, got thrown out of the cabin. Not by the owner, but by a costumer who hadn’t gotten his facts straight. They stopped the car outside our cabin and he came out of the car. Hubby walked up to him and was nice enough. And the guy was almost instantly attacking him verbally. “Have you talked to the owner? We’re supposed to have cabin nr. 4! We were told we were using cabins 3 and 4!” and hubby told the guy that we hadn’t talked to her since that morning, and that she had cleaned out cabin 2 and 3 that morning, so it was reasonable to assume that those were the cabin for them. And the guy calmed down and went on his way. We mentioned it to the owner when we were leaving and she had told several people that they were using cabins 2 and 3, so somewhere along the line things got mixed up.

August 23rd.
Woke up, had breakfast and started stacking the car with our things. Then washed out the cabin and went on our way.. around 10am. It went a lot faster than I thought it would, so I was surprised that we were on the road at that time. We were also worried that they’d close down the camping site because of the new road coming through, but she said we were welcome back next year, so yay! But she is getting on a bit, she’s 70 something, but honestly, she doesn’t look a day over 50. So, how long she’ll be able to keep it up, I don’t know.

View from the cabin window.

But yeah. We came home, unpacked the car and just relaxed. Took a shower and relaxed some more…and started watching all the things on Youtube I’ve missed since I was away. I’m almost caught up, and there’s a lot of stuff I can’t be bothered to watch. Like for example Life is Strange, I don’t think I’ll watch the whole thing. It’s not interesting. It’s a lot of teen angst and it’s so not me. But…Vash12349 is funny! and that’s the only redeeming thing.

I guess that’s been my vacation. Now it’s back to the grindstone. Trying to get a new job.. And I need to remember to find my CV.

Anyway. Be generous with your tolerance and understanding.


Trying new things

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It has come to my attention that I haven’t really tried new things lately, or if I have I haven’t written about it. And that wasn’t the plan, was it. Nope, I was going to be good; try new things and then write about them.
Well, I’ve finally tried new things and I’m going to write about them.
On Monday my awesome step-daughter and I were in Sweden. We were supposed to go to the other Swede, but because of time restrictions, we had to go to the closest one. And that means no Pho for me.. yet.
BUT…while we were in Sweden we found some müsli bars. I guess that’s as close as I can get in the description… it has grain in them, but which ones, I have no idea. And I’m too lazy right now to translate. I don’t know. If I should venture a guess there was wheat in them… Anywho; they were called Corny. And they were delicious. I think there were four different flavours: Coconut, dark chocolate, chocolate and choco-banana.
Since I’m not that fond of coconut, I tried the other three.

OK, there was supposed to be a picture here, but photobucket is being a bitch and won’t show me pictures I just uploaded from my phone.. so SCREW YOU!!!!! (to photobucket)

HA! IT WORKED!!! Disregard the above statement!

Corny Dark Chocolate: There is a deep taste of dark chocolate and a slight hint of honey. It’s really good; great for when you’re on the go and need a quick snack.

Corny Chocolate: It’s still a müsli bar, this with the taste of chocolate and honey. You can better see what’s in the bar; like corn flakes. It’s very good and the honey is more prominent in this one.

Corny choco-banana: When I opened the bar it smelled like banana. It tastes strongly of it, too. Honey is not so strong, with a slight hint of chocolate. Very well balanced. Very good!!

Now, I’m not saying that these are healthy. I’m just saying that it’s a good snack once in a while…or if you’re at work and need a boost. I recommend them all, but of course if you want something better for you, then there’s always those icky trail mix bars with berries and disgusting raisins. But that’s just my opinion. I don’t like raisins. And I’m not going to dictate how you should live your life, I’m only writing about the new stuff I’m trying.

So, what else is new in Lene’s life?
She’s had her 38th birthday. oy vey.
And she finally got new loud speakers for her computer and they are AWESOME! She can finally not use ear phones or ear buds..when she’s home alone. She can finally enjoy music out loud and sing along like no one is listening… because well.. she’s alone.
And she got a new gaming mouse, which is also AWESOME!!! but very easy on the right mouse button. It’s very easy to click it, so to speak. I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it.

She’s also in the middle of vacation. She’s been really enjoying it so far, and been a good girl and helped build her father in law’s covered porch. It’s going to look so good when it’s all done. I can’t wait to see it.
She’s also had a visit from her dad again, and this time he brought his new girlfriend. A very lovely lady, and they spent most of the time talking about a lot of different stuff. (Music change: Tainted love – Soft Cell)
It seems that her parents, if I’m not mistaken, lived in the same house that my dad grew up in.

So, what did she, Lene, get for her birthday?
Money! Exactly what she wanted. With that money she got some stuff… like new pants, Captain Morgan spiced gold <3, sambuca, a grown-up colouring book and pens and that’s about it.
She also got hammered on her birthday, which was fun. That Sambuca, man.. it’s lethal. XD
Well, I guess that was it. Nothing else new under the sun.

Be utterly excellent to each other.