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Sunday Round-up on a Sunday… whaaaaat?

Mood: Excellent
Listening to: TheRadBrad playing Skyrim… I so want this game. Oh, man!!!

So, the car.
On Thursday Jan’s brother came and helped him out with fixing it. Jan had already talked to a few motor parts places and ordered a Sim-ring… Don’t ask me what… I have no idea what it is in English. But they had a look at the engine and figured out within minutes that it was hole in the oil filter. Which is great =D
Problem solved right away. No need to put it in the shops and have expensive things done to it. We were well pleased.
On Friday I was supposed to have the day off, but Linda, one of my coworkers called me and asked if I could work for her. She was not feeling good, so I did. And then I had work yesterday. 8 hours, which is rare for us. I worked with Karoline, the boss’ daughter. Boss-lady called me before she got there and told me to be good to her.. lol. She was feeling a little nervous, but when she got there I told her she had nothing to worry about. She got everything she needs to know in her head, and things will get back to her as she’s working. So, she did great yesterday. I was the one that messed up a few times.. lol. But I didn’t get as whiped out as I thought I was going to be. Although, I didn’t have the energy to make us Tacos for dinner last night. I’m saving that for tonight.. mmm… tacos.
Other than that nothing major has happened.
I’ve made the blog even better looking now, I feel. More like how I want it.
I’ve also been thinking a little about the movie reviews, that I might add some photos and stuff. We’ll see. I just want a little more life in them. And maybe, just maybe, my next review will be Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. We’ll see. It’s a long ass review.
But now I’m off to do some research. I found something on the Internet, something regarding Harry Potter world. In Order of the Phoenix one of the professors at Hogwarts, Prof. Umbridge, gets dragged off by Centaurs. I read something that supposedly was in the book, indicating that they had their wicked way with her. That’s what I’m going to find out if is true. It just seems weird that Rowling would add something like that, and I can’t remember reading about it in the book. So, that’s why I’m checking into it. So, off to find the book.


Wedensday Round-up instead of Sunday

Mood: Relaxed and happy… But still a little pissed at the car for breaking down right now.. (I’ll explain)
Listening to: Not TheRadBrad this time. Carl Sagan’s Cosmos. I haven’t seen that series in aaaaages. Check it out. It’s really intersting and educatinoal.

So yeah.
I haven’t really been in the mood to post anything. Seeing as the blog isn’t what it used to be, and I’m annoying it’s not… I guess I’ll keep going till I find a theme I like. Thus far, nope.
As I mentioned last entry I was going to Sweden, and we did indeed go. He he. We, Linda, Gunn and I, had a great time… well, I did, and that’s what matters. I found new shoes (yay), new jeans (yay) and some tops (kinda yay, but not what I was after). I also found some really cute knee socks… kinda Lolita looking, but since I’ll be wearing them under pants, I don’t think it matters. I also found some really thick, nice, warm, fluffy socks for warmth. And of course Cherry Coke, Arizona Green Tea with Honey and Ginseng, 7up and orange fanta… and candy.
I also found some TV trays with japanese influence on them. Sakura and a Geisha.
Other than that nothing… OH YEAH!! THE CAR.
So yesterday we went to the store to get some stuff for dinner (Japanese curry YUMM), and when we came out we saw what appearend to be a line of oil following our car. We wasn’t sure if it was from our car, because it’s a public parkinglot and alot of cars park there. So I said “we’ll see when we get home. If there’s a line out of our driveway, we’ll see…” and sure enough, there was a black line in our drive way. We have no idea what’s busted; if it’s the hose, the filter or what… and we won’t be able to figure things out till Saturday… Well, Jan won’t be… He’s the one having to fix it.. hehe.. I have work on Saturday. ALL DAY! (omg).. but I’m working with Karoline (bosslady’s daughter), so I’ll be fine. I’ll just have to bring a chair to sit on, I think, at the end of the day. But yeah. Of course it had to happen now. If you backtrack these entries, I’m sure you’ll find about two years ago we had an issue with the clutch.. and last year we had the breaks… And putting the car in a garage to get it fixed for us is out of the question. Those places are hellaspencive!!! And Jan is handy and can fix stuff, so we’ll see what we’ll see. If he breaks anything then he has to get it to a garage, but atleast he tried. When the clutch broke he took it to a garage, the Mitsubichi attached garage here in Mysen, and they blamed him for the issues, they said he was riding the clutch, which he is not!! I mean… how fucking stupid can you get? Well, anyway. I’ll be a buss rider… and that’s fine. I’ll just get home alot later than I would if he picked me up… Unless, it’s an easy fix and he surprices me with picking me up. I can but hope.. lol.
Other than that I don’t think there is anything new.
I’ll try to update on Sunday… if I can be bothered. Well, I should to let you know how the car is.. lol


Sunday Round-up

Mood: Mellow
Listening to: TheRadBrad playing AMY on Youtube. GO BRAD, GO!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! DON’T GIVE UP! =D

Not a whole lot has happened this week. Not really. Same old. Working, playing Sims… The only thing that is really bugging me about Sims 3 is that the family I’m playing with the most, the Deans (Eddie, Susannah, Jake and Hedda), won’t leave the dog, Oy, alone. They get up in the mornings and line up to play with the dog. They don’t care of the poor thing is tired, hungry or anything… And THEY complain about being hungry, stinky and all that as they are lining up to play with the dog. It’s like Oy has a hold on them, and in this vicious hold they all suffer. Hedda is the only cat person, so the cat gets minimum of pettings and stuff, cause Hedda got school. OK, the others give her some affection too, but it’s still not as much as the dog. Not to mention the horse. Jeesh… He’s a great runner, but some of the things he wants to achieve, like jumping a bull hurdle or whatever… which I’ve given him and he has done… won’t register.. So I don’t know if he has to do it away from home or what. I did go to a horse park thing with him and had him jump stuff, but that did nothing. But I AM going to play later. I need those pets to grow up.. lol.
I’m thinking about maybe having Jake move out. He’s so moody it’s not even funny. I’ve never had a Sim that pissed off in the mornings sometimes. It’s not even funny. But he’s becoming a good writer.. or tale spinner.. which is kinda funny. I should also stop giving people a sense of humor as one of their main traits… Susannah does, and she laughs as everything.. and I do mean everything. Yell at the dog for pissing the floor, laugh at him being sad. Yell at your daughter for skipping school, laugh it off a second later. Watch as the police wrestle a burglar, laugh as the burglar runs off. One might think she’s mental…
But yeah… for eveyrone’s sanity I think I should give them jobs… And it’ll be easier for Eddie to achieve his live goal… unless I change it.. I don’t know, yet.. we’ll see…

Oh yeah… Movie tonight is “Heavy Metal”, and I’m really stoked on it!!!
So I guess I’d better gather some cats and put them in the cat contraption.. lol.
I seriously wonder how many people tried to get cat sprayed after South Park did that episode.

Anyways. I might make Snicker doodles later. I haven’t decided yet. I have everything I need, just not the will, I guess.. Not yet, anyway.
Oh, going to Sweden tomorrow with Linda from work.. and Gunn, a friend of hers. I’m looking forward to it. Should be great fun =D
If I remember it next Sunday, I’ll list what I got.. hehehe…

Enjoy your Sunday, people..


Splice, a Lene movie review

Finally, it’s on my TV!!! After years of waiting to catch it on the Internet, it’s HERE!!! Wheee….
I don’t know if any of you have seen it, but apparently it’s about aliens.. or DNA from an alien.. spliced with a toad. (IT’S REALLY ABOUT SCIENTISTS MIXING DNA FROM LOADS OF CREATURS, MAKING A THING FOR MEDICAL BENIFITS) Idk.. I havne’t seen it before, and I’ve forgotten the back story.
OK, yeah… Aliens.. more of them. A science lab has two of them, introduced them to each other and they mated.
Of course, there are bad people in this movie, the “company”, meaning to shut down everything. So.. the clincher, I guess, that they mean to slice alien DNA with human DNA, cause that’s always a good idea.
So instead of being shut down, the science people decide to go ahead with it.. like I said.. always a good idea.
Also the science people are into each other… and I foresee bad things in the future.
Oh, good… the female scientist has hijacked the embryo.. good times. And splicing commences.
WHAT??? They have a fake uterus???? What the eff??? Ugh, movie love… I need Ice cream for this…
Shit… so stuff happened while I was getting ice cream… the female scientist got her hand bitten by the splice thing and male scientist has to save her by breaking the fake womb. and they put the splice thingie in an incubator. Then they got up enough courage they went back to look at it, but it’s dead… but no.. it’s kinda cute, actually. I have to admit that this whole setup reminds me of Species.
Anyway.. they figure our how to feed it, and she slowly grows.
Too bad I won’t be able to watch the whole movie, but at least I know it’s there now.
Oh yeah.. the movie. Dren, the thing, got ill and male scientist tried to drown her. And when he actually saved her he got all “OF COURSE I KNEW SHE HAD AMPHIBIOUS LUNGES HAHAHAH!!!”
And she goes of growing. OK, so it’s not alien DNA. The two thingies at the beginning were made. Like by the science people.
And now Dren has escaped. This is why women shouldn’t be scientists. Not when they get too attached to things they make. I’m not saying that men are cold, but can just as easily get too attached too.
Oh ,great… She escaped again… and evolved… growing wings. And she’s in love with male scientist (Poor thing must be soooo desperate).
Damn, I have to got to bed. I’m tired and I have a headache. And it’s about time.
Male scientist is dancing.. ugh..
Oh yeah.. female scientist used her own DNA to make Dren.
(Next day) OK, so I watched the whole thing and let’s just say that the last 30 min were action filled.
I have to admit that I missed some things.. like the two mating things were made to help people with something.. Serum made or something, and the two scientists were asked to do something by the bosses. I thin it was to make the making of the two mating thing public, and later they did have a presentation introducing them to the world. The only problem was that the female mating thing turned into a male while the scientists were busy taking care of Dren. So at the presentation the two male mating things turned into two spike wielding killing thing.. and they both died, splattering blood all over the front row.
The bosses get mad and start to investigate what the hell happened.
So… Dren danced with male scientist and found out she needed luuurv. Female scientist is a bitch and taked Dren’s cat away, only to give it back a few days later, but Dren is pissed off and stabs the cat with her poisoned stinger in her tail. Female scientist slaps her for it and Dren attacks her and steals the key to the padlock that keeps her lock in. Just as she’s about to take her tentative steps into freedom, female scientist hits her over the head with a shovel.
Later the male scientist comes home and he goes to see her. And, even though they know nothing about Dren, I mean.. she might have a downstairs like the one in “Teeth”, he has sex with her. Female scientist catches them in the act and leaves. He follows her and they have a heart to heart (but honestly, seeing as she used her own DNA… it’s like making love to her, right? He could say that he was lovin’ her DNA.. not Drens…). Before they had sex, though, female scientist tortured Dren a little.. like removing the stinger from her tail and anything that made her look human.
After they had their heart to heart they go back to take care of Dren. They find her ill and later she dies. They bury her, and while they burning her stuff their boss turns up. He demands to see what they have been up to and is taken out by a not dead, but a changing Dren. She takes off and they follow. Male scientist loses his flashlight in a pond and tried to get it back. Dren is hiding in the pond and drags him in.  He gets back out and passes out, and as female scientist is watching, Dren comes out of the pond, fully changes into male Dren. He chases her, catches her and rapes her, and at the climax male scientist stabs Dren with a branch. He turns and attacks, knocking male scientist down. Female scientist knocks Dren with a huge rock and before she can deliver the final blow, he stabs male scientist with his stinger, killing him. Female scientist throws down the rock, killing Dren.
The screen foes dark, and you know what it’ll say “A few months later”. But it doesn’t. Instead you see female boss person talking to female scientist. I have to admit that I missed most of what she daid, but I got the underlining message. “You get money to spend if we get what’s in your belly.”
And she goes for it, cause “What’s the worst that could happen?”

I’m expecting a Splice 2. And it reminds me of The Fly and The Fly 2.
It’s a good movie, but I need to watch it again, I think.. lol
The CGI is seamless and they did a good job at it.

Not a Sunday Round-up

Mood: Meh
Listening to: Meh

I’m meh because I don’t really like how my blog looks after the majow update we did… and I’m meh because I can’t play Sims 3 with the defrag going on my computer.

So.. This christmas, since it’s been ages ago now.. hehe.. I got:
From my father: A very nice meal when we were visiting last year.. and money… With that money I bought Sims 3 – Generations and Pets… and a bottle of Captain Morgan.. delicious rum <3
From my mother: Money, with witch I bought 2 serving dishes for the plate, saucers and stuff I bought ages ago.. Nice to have an almost compleet set.
And I got earrings.. pretty nice ones too… There is still some money left over, so I’ll be getting some other stuff when I go shopping.
From my brother: Money, with which I’ll be getting some stuff when I go shopping…
My grandmother: Money, I got a book with that money.
From Jan: A very lovely necklace. I need to get a longer chain for it… I need to remember that…
From the kids: Tea. LOADS of it… I haven’t opened it yet… I want to savour it..
From my boss: slippers… they are so cool.. and warm.. and nice.
From Linda, my co-worker: DVD – Super 8. I really like this movie!
From Ellie: Nothing yet. I’m still waiting. I love getting christmas gifts after christmas XD
From father-in-law: double waffle iron.
From mother-in-law: 4 bags of coffee.
I think I’ve remembered everything.. if I haven’t, then I’m sorry. I can’t think of EVERYTHING!

Other than that I don’t think there are any other news…
It’s a brand new year, 2012, the year of the supposed DOOOOM!  Ok, so it’s not till the 21 of December… but it could have been on January 5th and I wouldn’t worry at all. All these fear mungorers are getting on my nerves. Even the Mayans that are left say that it’s not a big deal, not to worry. So I’m calling bullshit on this.

No more news for now… I’ll update when I can be arsed.
OH, and the picture in the heading is mine, btw… so I didn’t steal it from anyone.