Monthly Archives: March 2012

Sunday Round-up

Mood: good, but I’ve got a cold 🙁
Listening to: My music has been stolen again, so while I’m waiting to get my Ice Box back, I’m listening to Mitch from GameFront play Demon’s Souls on Youtune. These guys are hilarious. I’ve been watching James’ walk through of Skyrim and Dark Souls… and it’s just hilarious. At first you get annoyed at him, but then, after some time passes and you manage to stick through it even though you’re annoyed at him, it’s just the way James is… and when he fucks up royally you just go “Ah, James… ” with a bit of a chuckle and a head shake.

So yeah.
It’s been a while. I haven’t had a whole lot to post about, really. Been working and that’s about it. Oh, also been to Askim with Linda and two friends of hers. Zizzi, the plus size clothing store, opened up a store there, so I thought I’d check it out to see if they had any Opening Day sales items… and they did. Not a whole lot what I thought it would be… But I did find a really smashing top… it was 320 kr off, so of course I’m jumping at the opportunity. It’ll be so heavenly to wear when it’s hot outside and I’ve just gotten out of the shower after working on the new porsche we’re planning on making in the front of the house.
But we had a great time.. well, I did.. I can’t speak for anyone else, really. And we had a really lovely lunch at a small restaurant/coffee shop type place. Chinese… was so good.. They got crispy chicken and I got beef with veggies in Teriyaki sauce. Yummy yummy.
I’ve also gotten a tripod for my digital camera and I was hoping I’d get to go out and take pictures of Betelgeuse and Andromeda… but of course it’s been shitty weather… But today it seems promising. Cloudy, but I’m hoping they’ll go away.
Other than that I can’t say much has happened. If I get some cracking pictures of Orion later on I’ll post them. But I think I’ll need a greater zoom lense for my camera. I’ll add it to the list as well.. lol
But now I’m going to make me some tea and just sit and relax.. and hope this cold goes away soon…