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Friday night

Mood: Great!
Listening to: Well, I’m actually watching “Hoodwinked Too”.  Check this movie out. It’s hilarious!

Boy, have I had a relaxing day. The only strenous thing I did was to set the oven for when I made pizza for dinner. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll do stuff tomorrow. I was busy watching people do stuff on Twitch.
Yesterday I got my DVD’s of V: The Complete Collection. I was thinking that when I’ve done what I need to tomorrow, I’ll make a marathon of it.. Unless I find out that there’s more stuff to watch on Twitch.  We’ll see what happens.
As for now… I want to have another drink, but I don’t want to run to the bathroom all night. It’s annoying that I’m well tired, and it’s only 8.20 pm. But there is nothing on TV and I’m bored. I’ll see what I can find online. Maybe I’ll find that Dark Tower wiki I found last night.
I’m sorry for not having anything of interest to tell you. Idk. Lemon, vodka and coke is an amazing mix. Try it out.

Wednesday meh’s

Mood: Meh
Listening to: July Crisis – Till I lost control.

I can’t really call them meh’s either. They are more *sighs* I think I need food, but I don’t have anything that I’d like to eat. I had scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast, but I should have had some bread with it.. but we don’t have bread I like. I know.. first world problems.  But if the bread makes you ill or makes you feel like crap when you eat it, why eat it?
Right now I’m waiting for Jan to get home so we can take a trip to the store. I just hope he remembers. If not I’ll be a little pissed at him. The sucky part is that he leaves his mobil in the car and won’t hear it if I call. And he doesn’t check it regularly, so I have no way of knowing if he sees any texts I send him. Ugh, annoyance.
OK, meh level has been risen to a nod. Music helps. But only if it’s somewhat upbeat.
Oh, great. It’s raining again.
I had some visitors in my garden earlier today. Deer. Roe deer, to be exact. They were having a great time under my apple tree, munching fallen fruit. I can’t really start removing those now. I mean, I’ve been leaving the fallen fruit for so long, a lot of animals rely on those reserves during the winter.
And I’m back again. I didn’t get bread, because we didn’t go to the store where they have awesome bread… so I looked for bagles instead, and they didn’t have that either. So chocohugs it is.

Not the best thing for me, granted, but it’ll keep me till I start dinner. But these are delicious. One of my favorit snacks.
And now I really want bagles with cream cheese. But I’m making japanese curry today, another one of my favorits.
I should go get things ready for dinner. I have potatoes, carrots and onions to peal… and dice. This is going to be sooo good. I can’t wait =D
Mood gone from nod to perky.  Chocolate is AWESOME!!

Sunday Round-up

Mood: Pretty good.
Listening to: The real James Heaney playing Demon’s Souls.

As you might know I work in a store. It’s not retail, I don’t think… We get our stuff from a warehouse which gets their stuff from manufacturers. We sell everything from candlesticks to lip balm, from yarn to candy. ANYWAY. It’s getting close to Halloween, and even though, until a few years ago, we don’t celebrate Halloween, we sell loads of Halloween stuff. To me it’s as commercialised as Valentines Day. Which I don’t celebrate either. When I was a kid we went around begging for candy on New Years Eve, dressed up as.. whatever we wanted to. After I moved I found out that here they go around and beg for candy around Christmas. Mostly dressed up as a mini Santa, I suppose. They had never heard of the New Years thing..
So… being a nation which doesn’t really celebrate Halloween, I get asked a lot when it is. I had one costumers say “Oh, I thought it moved around each year”. Well, kind of, but only in the way that makes it easier to celebrate. Like moving it to the weekend before and so on. Another costumer said “I thought it was earlier in the year….”. No, that would be Valentine’s Day. So, the second Halloween is over we have to demolish the store to get the new stuff in… Yupp, that would be Advent things.. and Christmas things.
Mind you. The Christmas candy has already hit the grocery stores.  I do love Christmas, don’t get me wrong. I just think we could hold things off till the last two weeks of November. Of course we need to load up the stores now to make the most money, but I just know some people are going to bitch about it. Especially with the new concept store we have now. Sure, we have all the same things we used to have, but less of some stuff and more of interior stuff, like candlesticks and tablecloths. If you’ve been eyeing something this week and holding off buying it, then we might not have it displayed next week because we rotate the merchandise much more than we used to. And if you looked at something this summer and hope we still have it… well, you’re shit out of luck. Even with the old concept we changed with the seasons. We will not be keeping the lovely spring/summer colours when it’s all dark and autumny outside. And yelling at me won’t get it all back. Come back next spring. We might just be getting things back. I think most people, even if they are thrilled with how the store has developed into what it is now, miss the part where they could get what they want when they want it. Most people don’t like change. I had one costumer tell me that -nille as a whole had lost itself in its development. It wasn’t the same and all this new stuff was just… not good. Yes, we used to have things that you could use once and then throw away. Yes, we are a little more expensive now than we used to be. But guess what. With the price comes quality. If you want cheap crap then there are other stores… I won’t name names, but you know who you are. But one costumer out of the hundreds we get in every day won’t dampen my mood. The rest of them seem happy with our selection and those are the ones we want to keep.
Enough of that, though.
What makes a well grown up woman, getting close to her retirement, start to spread rumours about former work colleagues?
Yeah, I have no idea. I just don’t get it. The people in question used to work together. They liked each other. Then the bookstore they worked in got shut down, and they were shifted to the same brand name bookstore close by. The old lady can be said to not really give a fuck… so she’d close the gate before she should and so forth. And the manager of that store found out… That and that she had been sitting behind the register, reading. A lot. And eventually the old lady found out who told on her. And that’s when she started spreading rumours. I had hitched a ride with her one day, and we talked about her co-worker, since we both know her. I like her, she’s a great girl. And the old lady said she liked her and she was great and there was nothing bad about her. A few days later she came over to me and said “Do you remember what I said in the car? Well, forget it. She’s a terrible person! Watch what you say around her, or it’ll come back at you.” Knowing this great girl I told her what had happened, and she knew somewhat what was going on. Yesterday at work the old lady was at it again.
The worst part is, she doesn’t care who she tells. If it was my workplace, and she was my employee, I’d fire her. But I guess it’s not that easy. But it makes for such a terrible feel around the place. I’m glad that this sweet girl has people who know her around the place, or she’s be lonely. The old lady has spread so many rumours around that she’s made other people in other stores whisper behind her back. It’s not right. Not right at all.
Anyway. I should make some dinner, I think.
Hoping to make a new update later in the week. Maybe I’ll make a Minecraft entry. I made a creative mode world. The house is AWESOME! And I have cats and dogs… and livestock. And now I just have to make sure I never lose the house. Maybe I should make a huge arrow in the sky. Hmmmm….

Sunday Round-up

Mood: Meh.
Listening to: July Crisis – Till I lost control

I think I need food. I am kind of hungry. But I don’t want anything.
I ordered some stuff off of ebay weeks and weeks ago. Cuticle scissors and a ginger grater. I got the scissors about a week ago.. No news regarding the ginger grater. I can’t wait to get it. I’ll start making good foods again. Or.. the dishes I’m making will have more grated ginger and garlic in them. I was watching TV earlier and I saw a huuuuge steak, and I remembered having beef in the freezer. I should make something with it. Cut it up and boil it in gravy for hours and hours till it’s so tender it melts on your tongue. I need beef.
I also am starting to hate my computer more and more. Now Java is borked on it. I can’t get anything using java to work. I can’t log into my bank.. I can’t get the chat room on the movie site to work. It’s really frustrating. It keeps telling me that I don’t have java installed on my computer, which is bullshit because I KNOW I have java installed. I’ve installed it like three times trying to get the fucker to work. So I have no idea what to do. I could delete the whole thing and install win7 on it. Maybe that’d teach it a lesson.
I was watching loads of movies this morning. “The guy from Harlem”, “Peter Pan (2003)”. OK, so not loads. I was looking at some rifftrax vids on youtube and they had one on “The guy from Harlem” so I had to check the movie out. That thing is bad. I can see why they decided to riff it. I want to order the movie with riffs, but it’s kind of expensive. I could wait a month or so, see how the economy holds up. I seriously need to win the lottery. At least enough to balance out the expenses. My friend Linda suggested I’d take up a loan at the bank. Yeah, but I need to be able to pay the loan back too without starving each month, so I am deciding not to go that rout. Not that I think any bank would give me a loan. Not that I have bad credit. I have no credit cards and I refuse to get one. I don’t want to spend money I don’t have. I’m scared to death, almost, of debt. But I don’t earn a whole lot of money, so why should I get a loan I can’t repay? Besides… I’d rather ask my dad for it :p
I think I know what I need… some upbeat music.
Well, I’m back from the store. I got garlic baguettes for dinner today. I can’t wait. Delicious Mexican stew thingie with lovely garlic baguettes. I also got pork crackling. Soooo good. And I got coke for the movie later today. I think I’m going to need it. We’re watching “Biker Zombies from Detroit”. I haven’t watched it before.. and I’ve heard it’s painful to watch. Only time will tell.
Oh, yeah. Peter Pan. I haven’t seen the movie in ages. And even though it’s a good story, I can’t help but really dislike Peter. Why? Well, because he’s a douche. Just see how he irks Hook so, calling him old and unloved. Psha! I say. Why, if I were one of the pirates I’d love on Hook so bad. But only if the Hook was played by Jason Isaacs… I love his wickedness. Yeah, I know. But look at it this way. Hook is a pirate, he’s supposed to be mean. Needless to say I didn’t see the part where he gets eaten by the fucking crocodile. Stupid kid.
I was thinking about writing a movie review if it, but I can’t be arsed. I am not in the mood to. I need a really, really good movie to write a review about. I need a good movie that inspires me to write. I have’t seen one of them in ages.
I hope I get out of my funk.


Mood: Good, a little bloated.. otherwise spiffy.
Listening to: James from GamefrontDotCom play Demon’s Souls. Hang in there, man. You’ll get there one day! *shakes fist of victory*

So. I really have no idea what to write about. I worked on Saturday, had a great time, like always. I’m really happy I have such great coworkers. And I got new shoes. =D
shoeYeah, it’s one of those sneaker wedges. At first, when I saw them, I thought “Ugh. What the hell?!”, but the one of my coworkers got some, and I saw more of them in the hallway at work, and I thought “They aren’t really that bad. I don’t have to get gold colored ones. I’ll get classy ones like Linda E. has (coworker).” And so on Saturday I got them. I had to remove the Velcro strap thingie on the front of it. If I’m going to wear warm socks in my shoes, I won’t be able to strap it on, so might as well remove it. And they looked better for it. Idk, but I think of Velcro straps as something only small kids wear. Usually, when I was very young, my mother would get me new sneakers with Velcro straps, and I’d hate them. I wanted to tie my shoes like a grown-up.
Speaking of work. The toilet there is retarded. Or should I say; the toilet paper system is retarded. It’s a “one ply at a time” type deal, and I feel like Sylvester Stalone in Demolisioin Man, when he’s using foul language at the mashine thing on the wall and it fines him credits… I feel like that when I tear off one ply at a time. Makes you want to swear. A lot!
What else is new…
Oh yeah. The Ps3 pack thing I was planning on getting, with a move pack included, is scrapped. The store where I was going to buy it doesn’t sell it anymore. So I decided to get a new slim one… with 500 Gb. And Dark Souls. And Little Big Planet. I still have to wait till after New Year. I can’t wait. XD
Jan and I have also started talking a little about what to do in the other living room… or den. Like we did up the other living room/den last year, we’re going to do the same in the other room. Rip down the walls, isolate it and put up new boards. I’m going to go with a safe latte color there too. I’ll just beef it up with spiffy curtains and stuff. But that won’t be started till after New Year either. First of it’s too cold now.. or will be too cold soon, and second, we need money to do it, so I need extra time to save up. And we’ll get rid of the cottage couch thing we have here. It’s nice and all, but it won’t go with the new room. It’ll turn out gloooorious. I already know how it’ll be in my head. And I can finally throw out the curtains we have now. I think they came with the house.
So yeah. Nothing a whole lot interesting is going on. Not really. I should make another movie review soon. I just don’t know what movie to review. I’ve seen some movies, but not really any good ones..worth reviewing.
So, I guess I’ll update whenever I feel like it again.