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The latest news…

Mood: Oh, very good…
Listening to: Movie, or a TV series, rather. Quatermass and the Pit. It’s pretty good for being made in the late 50’s. But then I do like those old science-fiction things. This Quatermass thing has been done at least three times, I think. This series I’m watching now, a movie and yet another movie, I think. Could be that the last movie is a figment of my imagination. The movie I’m thinking of, however, is grand. One of my favorites.

So, an update.
I’ve been working and I’ve been playing some games. I got a new game from Steam the other day. It’s a hidden object thing. For some reason I really enjoy those games.
I also found a cassette to mp3 converter. And it works. I haven’t started converting The Lord of the Things yet, but I have converted Twinkle Twinkle Little Star with chickens and sheep, which I recorded off the radio AGES ago and it still cracks me up, and it works wonderfully. I guess it’s just the time consumingness I know will go into converting everything. But I will do it.. one day.
I wish I could post the melody here, but I’d have to make a video for it.. I guess I could try something… Using Minecraft animals. We’ll see.


So, I’ve started the process of me getting a drivers license. I called one of the local driving schools and asked what I had to do to get started. Like do I have to get my health checked, my eye sight and so forth. The lady I talked to, upon hearing my age, said I could have started driving ages ago. The only thing I needed was a first aid course and Night driving. So since I was talking to her anyway I got a place in the first first aid course coming up. And that was this past Thursday. It was more a refresher course, really, for me. All the knowledge was there.. it was just putting it all in the right order. And basically, it’s better to do something than to drive past and not try. Which eventually will cost you your license anyway.
SO. Yesterday I drive for the first time. It was the basic starting out type driving. Putting the car in reverse, backing up, stopping, putting the car in first gear and driving forward. And remembering everything your feet have to do. As of now it seems like a small nightmare, but it was the first time. And I didn’t blow anything up… Things will get better with practice. And I had fun, which is also important.
So yeah. I’m excited.
I sent a picture of the car to my parents yesterday.. with the words; “First time driving.”

Just so you know. This was NOT my fault. This was hubby, driving a lift into the car earlier this summer. I told my parents afterwards that it was a joke. He he.
And hubby also has been joking about this bump. Or… withheld the truth, is more like it. When he had made the bump, a friend of his came to help with something and saw the bump and asked if it had happened when we were at IKEA. Hubby hadn’t really answered… to which the silence was probably interpreted as anger on his part that someone would do a hit and run.
More people saw the bump and hubby continued to answer with silence.
So a lot of people think we’ve had our car hit by some asshole at IKEA.
But it’s been fixed now. Hubby and the neighbor spent a few weeks doing what people do to cars to make bumps go away.

So, if I should happen to crash the car, I’ll post it here.. and now say anything.. just be mad. Maybe people will think I didn’t do it. 😛
I’m not planning on crashing the car, tho. But I’ll keep you guys posted on my progress.

Be utterly excellent to each other.


I drove about a kilometer today. BOJAH!!!
Small steps and all that. We drive out to my father in law today and from the start of the long dirt road to his house I drove. I even changed gears.
I did not kill the motor. I did not crash into the fields. I did not run over the poor lady walking her dog. I feel so good right now. XD