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Sunday Round-up

Mood: Tired, but splendind.
Listening to: Some guy playing Alice (in wonderland) on Youtube.

So.. a week has past and I don’t know how I’ve done with my commandments. I think I’ve done good.
Let’s see:

1. You shall not have other gods before Me.
Well, that one I’ve broken every single day… so that’d be 7.

2. You shall not make for yourself a carved image – any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.
I made a knitting pattern with a reindeer… does that count? I mean..  I know it’s not carving… but it is making an image of a creature… And how discriminating it is for those who do wood carvings for a living. Some of that stuff is like works of art…. I’ll give it a 1… seeing as I only did a reindeer pattern… And I haven’t knitted it yet.

3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your GOD in vain.
OMG, I think I’ve broken this one the most… I’ve lost count… idk… 50?

4. Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy.
I remember that today is Sunday and it’s supposed to be a resting day. I have rested.. but I’ve also loaded the dishwasher… 1.

5. Honor your father and your mother.
I do that every day. I love my parents and I am so happy they are still friends even though they are divorced. 7.

6. You shall not murder.
Oh, dratt…  I tried to do my best here, but I’m afraid I have killed three spiders. 3.

7. You shall not commit adultery.
I haven’t done that this whole week… or the week before… or the week before that.. etc. And I’m not going to next week.. or the week after that.. etc. I’m not planning on becoming an adult any time soon.

8. You shall not steal.
To my knowledge I haven’t stolen anything. Except maybe some looks.. and smiles.. I don’t know if that counts.

9. You shall not bear flase witness against your neighbor.
I… he hasn’t done anything wrong so that I have been put in the possission to bear false witness, or true witness, against him…

10. You shal not covet your neighbors house; you shal not covet your neighbors wife, nor his male servent, nor his female servent, nor his ox, nor his ass…donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.
No problem. He doesn’t have a wife, nor a male and/or female servent… not an ass or ox… and his house is almost like ours, but I think ours is better now after the stuff we’ve done with it.

That means I’ve broken some of the commandments alot and some not at all…
And it’s very easy to break the ones that are easy to break.. and it’s easy to not break those you don’t want to break.. I’ll never stop honoring my parents, I’ll never adult, I won’t murder… except insects, but I don’t think that counts.
What I’ve learned from it? Haven’t got a clue. I just thought it’d be fun to see how it works for a atheist.

IN other news…
Nothing much has happened this week. I’ve been working and going about my business.
Soon I’ll be making chinese pancakes for our dinner later. I’m making Chinese chicken marinated in oystersauce.
I’ve never made it before so it’ll be interesting to see how it all comes out.

And later today we’re finally getting our movie night back.. yay!
I’ve switched to daylightsaving.. did it last night… it’s 11am now… I hope people will turn up.


The Thing From Another World – a Lene Movie review

In celebration of the new The Thing movie being released today, I thought it’d be cool to do a Lene review of what got it all started.
This is one of my favor it movies. Those who know me know I do enjoy the old cheesy scary movies that were made in the 50’s and 60’s. This one was made in 1951.
So, let’s get started… oh, and *SPOILER**SPOILER**SPOILER**SPOILER**SPOILER*
Something has crashed on the North Pole and the American Air Force is sent to investigate. They find a UFO which they plan to get out of the ice its stuck in, but sadly they manage to blow it up instead. They find an alien, though, and manage to get it back to base without ruining it. They put it in a storage room and break a glass to keep it cool. They also put guards on the darn thing, but they are being careless and the heating blankets they use to keep themselves warm melt the ice the alien is in and soon it is set free and starts trying to kill everything that moves.
Of course the scientists and army people are butting heads over what to do. The army guys wants to keep it on ice and the scientists want to thaw it out… because that’s what you do when you find an alien life form….especially out where no one lives. Of course its the best place for it, no one other than the people on the base will be killed it the alien life form decides humans are on the top of its “Damn, they taste delicious” list.
But I digress.
Of course there is love in this movie. There has to be in these movies, in the old fashioned “Shucks, but you’re pudry, lady. Her’s get married and have lots of sex and babies” way.
But before tha the army guys start to chase the escaped alien while the scientists try to save it. At least the dogs are willing to play with it…in a “ZOMG!! KILL IT BEFORE IT KILLS US!!!” kind of way. It cost the alien an arm… Good thing it did, cause the scientists analyze it and find out it is bloodless and that it’s a cross between a beetle back and a rose thorn…. or a vegetable.
And thus Carrot Top came to Earth.
One thing I will say about the movie. There is a lot of talk. Good thing it’s all relevant to the story.
Unfortunately the head Dr. scientists guy wants to marry the f’ing hand and make it his bitch. A true vegetarian if I ever saw one.
The scientist Dr. guy finds out that someone has been in their greenhouse and, of course, since he knows best, doesn’t tell anyone. They find a dead dog and then decide they HAVE TO find it first so that they can communicate with it. I don’t see how they will be able to. Have you ever tried to talk to a vegetable? (not the human kind.. that’s mean!!!) It’s pretty one sided.
Pretty soon the thing starts attacking people. They find it in the green house and manage to capture it. The doctor gets his ass chewed out by the army guy, and he finally gets wise and maybe the army people are right… but he still thinks the scientists are the ones to handle it.
He also tells his co-workers that he has been giving the arm blood and that the darn thing has started to bloom. Sometimes sciency guys can be so annoying.
The army guy figures out that the blood is missing, and his zomg, perdy lady shows him the doctors notes.
The higher up army guys people wants them to keep the thing alive.
A big question soon arises. What to do if the thing attacks since nothing seems to harm it. It can live in extreme cold…
I know.. how about KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!
and they try just that..
When that kinda works and the thing jumps out the window to put itself out, they set to work trying to kill it. Since the thing has turned off the oil heater, they will try electricity.
Science is apparently more important than lives, according to Dr. Mengele science Dr guy.
I do love the fact that the door the army people barricade was in inward swinging door. And as the thing walks very slowly towards them, the Dr. idiot turns the generator off. He gets tackled and they run back to the thing, who is patiently waiting for them to get their things in order to kill him. As they wait for it to get into the butter zone, the doctor runs towards it and tried to reason with it… and it clobbers him. It ends with the thing getting killed and the reporter guy, that I totally forgot to talk about, gets his story.

Keep watching the skies, guys and gals.

Sunday Round-up

Mood: hungry
Listening to: Nothing

As you all know the rapture has been postponed untill later. I’m sure we’ll hear about it at one point.  Well, december of 2012, innit?
At least I think it is… however, I don’t think this theory holds much water either. Just like our chalanders, the mayan or inkaen chalander has to stop at one point. It’s been going on forever, it’s about time it got a rest too.

Hmm.. what else.
I helped Jan change tires on the car. He’s out sick from work now because of his knee, so I have to help when I can. But I have to admit it is pretty cool to have equipment that sounds like the real deal.. like drill bit thingies on compressed air and all that.. sounded like a real petrol station.

Other than that I don’t really have much to report. I wrote a new movie review, but I won’t post it till the 28th.
And I have been thinking about the 10 commandments… not the movie, but the actual commandments…and how an ungodly creature like myself can stack up to them. So, for one week I will take note of all the commandments I break and how often I break them. I think I already have nr. 6 in the bag (Thou shalt not kill), however, I might slip.. I’ll try my hardest to not, though.
So… incase you have no idea what the ten commandments are:

1. You shall not have other gods before Me.
2. You shall not make for yourself a carved image – any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.
3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your GOD in vain.
4. Remember the Sabbath day, and keep it holy.
5. Honor your father and your mother.
6. You shall not murder.
7. You shal not commit adultery.
8. You shal not steal.
9. You shal not bear flase witness against your neighbor.
10. You shal not covet your neighbors house; you shal not covet your neighbors wife, nor his male servent, nor his female servent, nor his ox, nor his ass…donkey, nor anything that is your neighbor’s.

It’ll be a toughy, but I’ll try really hard…


The New Rapture

Mood: I’m doing alright.
Listening to: some guy playing Dark Souls on Youtube..

It’s Friday the 21st of October, and it’s supposed to be the day of the rapture….you know.. the one that was supposed to happen in May but the guy said he was off by five months…
So.. it’s almost 3pm here, which, if the time is the same, means the world will end in 3 hours.
Ok, so it’s not really an end of the world.. Just all those who are devoted christians will be swept off their feet and taken to the promised land, and will be sitting on a cloud, sipping virgin margaritas while laughing at us ungodly fools.
So.. if it’s not at 6pm tonight but sooner, I’ll be here, trying to report live as we go. However, seeing as I have to upload this thing it won’t be too live. Never mind.
I could post this and if there isn’t an update from me that will mean the rapture happened before time and I am more christian than I thought… I don’t know if the rapture means the internets will go down… If it does then this will get boring pretty fast.
Seems that people aren’t taking it as seriously as they did back in May.  I haven’t read anything about people walking around with signs telling us the rapture is near.

Ok.. I think I’ll just post this now, and I’ll add updates later as we go along…

Lene, for now

So.. it’s 5:17pm and nothing has happened yet.
Well, when I say nothing I mean nothing of rapturous nature.
I have  had some beer sausages… sooo tasty.. and I’m making dinner.
But beyond that nothing exciting.

To quote the musical version of “War of the Worlds” by Jeff Wayne…. If you have a chanse in the future, check it out. It’s one briliant piece of paranoia inducing music.
“It seems totally incredibble to me now
that everyone spent that evening as
though it were just like any other
From the railway station came the sound of shutting trains
ringing and rumbling softened almost
into melody by the distance
It all seemed so safe and tranquil”

It’s like 5:40pm now…
eating my dinner..

Like.. I’m only assuming since it was 6pm last time that it’d be 6pm this time.. idk.

7 min to go… *looks out window* S’just getting dark…

6 min… Will they like knock on the door or something?

5 min… Well, at least most of my friends will be around… lol

4 min… *hums texas ranger theme* “when you’re in Rohan look behind you.. cause that’s where the Ranger’s gonna be…

3 min… ahahaha… good times…

2 min… I must say I’m disappointed at the lack of covarage. Maybe people freaked out too soon…

1 min… Good dinner, though… Beef Stroganoff.. sooo tasty mmmmm… and with the 14 chickens we bought today we’re set for the future, whatever it might bring…
No, they aren’t live chickens.. Frosen ones… so that OMGOMGOMG!!!AAAARGH!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK CHARLIEHOOOOORSE!!!!!! (I’m just kidding… 😉  It’s 6pm now.. and nothing…
Oh well..


Sunday Round-up on Sunday

Mood: Great
Listening to: Alice Madness Returns Soundtrack… It’s a game that has this really bumping fighting theme. I really like it.


Or should I say evening? It is, after all, past 8 in the evening. But the theme thing I’m listening to reminds me that I have to put the Psycho theme on my cell phone for Halloween. Not that I celebrate it, but it’s fun to have for those special occasions XD.
So yeah… about my new cell phone. I was distressed to find that it all of a sudden started to drain power really fast. It usually lasts at least two days with normal, for me, use… and suddenly it drained half it’s power in a day… I was slightly miffed at this… I downloaded an app which is supposed to kill programs you don’t use… It didn’t help me one bit. So I was looking around on it and Jan told me to try one of the things which show what programs are running.. and if they need to be running etc. and you can shut them down.. .so I did… and that night I plugged the cell to the power cord to juice it up… In the morning, yesterday, when I woke up, it was full… This morning when I woke up it was at like 70% or something.. and now it’s at 55%. That means the battery life has increased greatly, and I am pleased as punch…

In other news… we had a personal meeting thingie last week. Going over things that’ll happen next month. After Halloween, which we know is on the 31st, but we recon that most people will be celebrating on the 29th, everything halloweeny will be taken away and advent will be put where Halloween was… in the store, that is… and since advent is here soon, it means Christmas will be coming really really fast. Not that we’re the first store that has christmassy things out already. Stores have started putting out Christmas candy already. too soooon.
Hopefully I’ll be able to take a trip to visit my parents in November, but I don’t know, yet. Jan has to find out if he gets time off, and I have to remember to tell boss lady if I am to leave. I hope we can, cause that will take care of most of the Christmas gifts. Speaking of which, I have no idea what to get Jan… Last year I gave him a suede jacket for winter… this year.. I have no idea…
One thing that I wish for the both of us is a Bosch Tassimo coffee maker thingie. It’s sooo cool, cause you can make cocoa, tea and other coffee drinks… AND it has a steamer which will fluff milk and make it tasty.
But I’ll have to think about what to get Jan…especially since he gave me the cell phone.

Oh, and apparently the Rapture will happen on Friday the 21st.
Might be just me…but if I discovered that the world was ending, I’d make sure my calculations were right before announcing to the world that the time is up…
However… it could be that the guy that figured it out in May knew it was off by five months, just to see how people would react, to see if people started killing each other etc. That if they did people wouldn’t be ready… idk. It’s a thought… lol..
Most likely, and it’s, in my mind, 100%… he’s full of shit and should stop scaring people.
Will it be at 6pm this time too? I don’t know if I’ll be working this time, but if I don’t I’ll keep an update on my blog with the countdown…

AND finally… Some rants.
Anna Anka, you suck!!! You’re so full of yourself it’s sickening. I don’t blame Paul for kicking your ass out the door. Before teaching women how to keep their man, maybe you should be able to keep a man of your own.

And then there’s “Sigrid søker selskap” (Sigrid seeks company)
It’s a program on Norwegian TV about two guys and a girl looking for company.
Ragnar is am elderly widower, Ove a single young guy and Karin the only woman… and Sigrid is the host.
The only reason I started watching the show was because one of Karin’s dates is a guy I know. So we have to watch to find out how it turns out.  So far the guy has made it to the finals… along with another guy who works at the same mall at me, in the sports equipment store. And Ove, the young guy was on a date with a girl, hairdresser, working at the salon at the same mall as me.. lol
Needless to say that she didn’t want to go on to the “next round” with him. Nor did any of the other women.. which was a bummer…
However… he did find some girls, four to be exact, to go on a camping trip with him… One of them was a no show, and another told him that she didn’t have those feelings for him and that it wouldn’t be right to go on… but they could be friends if he wanted to… and he said NO! So she left…
So, seeing as there can only be two in the final he had to pick between Miss No Show and the two others that wanted to be there… The host told him that since the one girl was a no show it was an easy pick… all he had to do was step up and pick the girl he didn’t want to be there.  AND HE MANAGES TO PICK ONE OF THE TWO GIRLS STANDING IN FRONT OF HIM INSTEAD OF THE NO SHOW CHICK!!!  If I was eating pop corn I would have thrown it at the TV.
So… host lady told him he couldn’t pick the one he picked cause there had to be two in the final and he couldn’t have a picture as a “date”… so it’ll be exciting to see how the lady he wanted to throw out wants to be with him now, knowing that she’s not “it”… and if the other girl he wanted to stay wants to be with him… I’ll find out on Wednesday.
It’s also kinda funny cause I saw Karin at the mall where I work.. and she was on her way into the sporting store *eyebrow wiggle*… and the guy I know had told Jan that he was going to visit her later that day (He works at the same place Jan does.. Apparently the cleaning ladies there got tired of him hitting on them all the time and they entered him into the whole thing.. lol)… they used to live almost right next door from each other.. before he moved…  Trying to cover up, mayhap???

Anyroad… That was a whole lot of nothing.. lol
It’s almost a year since the long hard winter of 2010 started. Oct. 21st.. lasted six months… but we’re ready for it now.
I’ve even gotten new snow boots. Suede boots… My dad gave them to me as an early Christmas gift. I saw them and wanted them and called him and asked if he wanted to give me an early Christmas gift.. and he said sure…. and they are sooo cool.

Anyways.. I’ve got work tomorrow (yay)…
I hope everyone is doing well.

Take care

Barbarella, a movie review by Lene

First off I have no idea why I decided to download this movie, but I did and now I have to watch it. *sighs*

The special effects used at the start of the movie during the credits are amazing. Well, basic and…ok.. not really amazing. Inventive.. I’ll give them that. They would have been better if they did NOT show the reflections from both camera as the visor goes down and of her hands when she takes of her gloves. And I love how her hair is not effected by the zero-g she’s supposed to be in. Must be a special space shampoo or something. And after like 3 minutes and 30 seconds it becomes clear why this movie was made. Nudity.
I read on IMdB that Barbarella was based on a comic, and it made me want to find out more about it. And I did. Let’s just say… grown comics… <.<;;
Another thing. Her spaceship. It’s so not how I’d decorate mine, to be honest.
Again I must stress that I have no idea why I downloaded the movie. I really had no wish to look at Jane Fonda’s naked boobs. But it has been years since I’ve seen it, the movie.. not her boobs… and I think I’ve always missed the beginning.
OMG! A green sparkler is attacking her ship!!!
It must be great to have a spaceship you don’t have to navigate. Wonder if that’s the function of “cruise control” on a car. I shall get my drivers license, get a car and find out.
A pink spaceship? That’s what I would have done to mine… or make it a blue police box…
OMG!!! EVIL TWINS!!! … ca

(This is where I figured out that this movie review was shit.. so I stopped…)

F**k me, I can’t do this… *hangs head*

All I can say is.. the movie was made because of boobs and nudity.. and probably for the movie makers to see how far they could go with the comic theme.
As I’ve said I found out from ImDb that it used to be a comic, and honestly the movie makers could have done far far worse… both sex wise and other.. lol

The first time I saw it, ages and ages ago, the only thing I remembered was the sex machine thing. Honestly, it’s a hard thing to forget. Not to mention her costumes… and the sex…
Even if, in the future, they find out that sex is redundant, I very much doubt people will give it up.
And I think only people who never get any find it redundant.

There… I tried…
The movie is shit!!! Go watch something else, for the sake of your fathers!

Sunday Round-up on a Sunday… whaaat?

Mood: Great
Listening to: A gamer chick on Youtube playing through Amnesia: Justine. I’m just waiting for her to start screaming. Seriously, everyone playing this game seems to start screaming….

Hello and good day.
I basically have nothing new to talk about.
I still love my new phone… I downloaded a free Tom, the talking Tom Cat app for it today, and I was having fun with him, having him sound like a castrato… lol.
I was working yesterday and that was good. I had a good time at it too…except for the killer headache. Pills didn’t touch it. Got home, had some food and Pepsi Max, and it helped. I think it might have been caffeen withdrawels, and since I don’t drink coffee and we didn’t have tea at work, I couldn’t drink that. I DID, however, have green ice tea… but I don’t know how much caffeen it has… It’s good though. Especially AriZona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey. Can only get it in Sweden, so I usually get a few bottles when we’re over there. I read something disturbing, that AriZona was stopping the production, but as I read on I found out it was a bullshit.. So I was very happy about that.
Right now I’m enjoying a nice glass of vodka and coke.. with ice cubes. So gooood. I love it.
I’ve also made a few knitting recipes, for wrist warmers. One for Tardis wrist warmers and one for MST3K wrist warmers. I tried making the Tardis ones and they look kinda weird… I’ll take some pictres of them so you can see.
I’ll have to get yarn for the MST3K ones. I think I might have some somewhere, depends the thickness etc.. color… I want black, purple and blue…
I’ll take a picture of the finished product anyways, so yeah…
The Tardis ones looks like trumpet sleeves, which is kinda nice, but idk… Seeing as they are blue they kinda go with nothing.. lol.
Anyways. I’ve been spending my week doing nothing much…
I’ll try to do some movie reviews… I’ll see what movies I can find that are somewhat interesting.

So, I hope you all have a nice weekend and an enjoyable week…