Monthly Archives: March 2013

Time for an update, right?

Mood: Pretty good. Got a tiny head ache, but I just took some pain killers, so hopefully it’ll go away soon.
Listening to: The Rooster Teeth guys playing Minecraft. What can I say, I’m an addict.

So yeah.
Nothing a whole lot has happened lately, except for me working a whole lot more than I am used to. An more pay means more shopping. Yes, I want on ebay and got stuff. I got some useful stuff too. Like eyelets for shoes. I really need those. And I got a hard cover thing for my cellphone. It’s really cute and I’ll post a picture when I get around to taking one.
I got some wallets too. I couldn’t decide weather to get the black one or the pink one. I’m still waiting for them to be delivered. It’s being send from Asia, so it’ll take some time. I’m expecting them in mid-April. I really don’t get that, tho. The cell phone covers got here pretty fast, and they were sent from Asia too. China… Honk Kong. The wallets are from China too… I really hope they get here soon, tho. U want them.

I also have a small grievance. More an annoyance, really. I decided long ago that I won’t have any kids. Kids annoy me. Like little kids… mostly under the age of 5. After 5 they tend to be more reasonable and you can actually talk to them without loosing your mind. If I wanted something small that depends on me for everything, I’d get a puppy.
What really annoys me is people who are all “Oh, just wait till you have your own kids” whenever I get annoyed at screaming toddlers. No, I won’t wait till I get my own. I won’t have my own to get annoyed at. And when I say that they say “Oh, you’ll change your mind. Just wait…”. NO! I won’t change my mind! Just because you want to get preggers and have kids doesn’t mean that EVERYONE wants one. It pisses me off that they can’t see that I don’t want to have kids! Sure, it’s not very normal for a woman not to want to have kids, but as soon as I figured out that kids piss me off I decided that it’d be best for me and for the potential kid not to be. A puppy you can leave at home all day without problems. Do that to a kid and you get problems.
I’m pretty sure my mother is sad that both me and my brother have decided we won’t have kids, but that’s our choice. Honestly, we’re enough people on the planet already, and I do see it as a very selfish act to have a kid. Of course I understand that if you love someone you’d want to mix genes with that person, to have something that’s “yours”, but I can’t help but think of all those kids that need parents. And of course I see the irony of my statement. How can I damn others when I’m not willing to take on a kid of my own. Well, I’m not going to increase the population, so that’s how I justify things.
And I still want a puppy.
Just keep your comments to yourselves. I don’t want to hear about how I’ll change my mind. No, I won’t. Having a kid is not appealing at all to me.

Minecraft Diary

I have finally figured out that an Enderman will rage when looked upon from a window. I finally had two of them outside my house and I looked at the one nearest to my house. It started to rage and seemed to look around for whomever was looking at him… and then he teleported… INTO MY HOUSE!!!! With luck the space I was occupying only had enough headroom for me, so he was standing in the middle of the room, shaking with anger. And then the battle of the bed started. I walked up to it, sword drawn.. and swung at him. He hit me, I hit him, it started to rain and he teleported away. As he disappeared a spooky howl sounded. I don’t know if this means war… I’m scared now. Really, really scared. What if he’s hiding in the floors below? Dare I go down to check?