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Happy Christmas!

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So, Christmas is well and truly over.. We’re waiting for New Years Eve with excitement, however I think it’ll be a quiet and rum filled day.
The Mayan Chalender ended on the 21st, and as you know there was speculation that things would not go well for the world. It seems, however, that people were out of their minds and the world didn’t end. No way…
Jan and I were waiting for 12.11 pm (that’s when it was supposed to end) and when it came around we were looking around and at each other, hoping something would happen. But nothing. We were kinda disappointed.
Any who. I’ve been working a lot lately, not used to it, so I was pretty tired when Christmas came around. Linda and I had a great time at work on the 24th, tho (Our Christmas eve when we open pressies and eat loads of food), and it’s become a tradition, it seems.  Jan was really sweet too. He made us smoked salmon and scrambled eggs sandwiches for us to enjoy. It was so delicious.
And then I made dinner. Dried lambs ribs which is re hydrated and then steamed. It’s an old recipe :p
Camilla and Espen were here too, which made it extra nice. And now we come to the pressies:
I got what I wanted from my parents and brother: Money.
From Camilla and Espen: a gift card (which is really great. It was from H&M’s and as far as I know they are the only one selling Hello Kitty socks and they also have those nice nail files I like… and nail polish).  And we got a gift basket with cider, jams and other preserves.
From Linda: A scarf which was really nice and Winnie the Poh socks.
From my boss: A lovely flower. Which is really bad because the poor thing won’t survive her.
From work: I wasn’t really supposed to get anything, but they sent one of these too many, so I got one anyway. A loudspeaker, rechargeable for iphone, ipod, mp3 android cells etc. It has a REALLY nice sound to it.. much better than the cheap crap I had.
From my aunt and uncle: A really swanky handcream and an pre anti-wrinkle cream.
Father in Law: a toaster (joined for both Jan and I).
From Jan: A really nice necklace with a peace sign.
From Jan’s coworker: A gift basket with cider, jams and other preserves.
I think that was about it.
And now I’ll continue enjoying myself and the great food I’m making.. and all the candy and goodness we have.

Be utterly excellent to each other! 😉

Finally an update

Mood: Good, but I’m sick, so pity meeeeee DX
Listening to: Some guy on Youtube making ghost videos with his friends. If he wasn’t a tutorial making guy of “how to make vids” and stuff it’d be a lot more believable. Gotta give him props for trying, tho.

So. I haven’t written in ages. I’ve been busy and lazy. I’ve also been to Kiel on a mini cruise with Jan. Of course we weren’t alone. Jan’s oldest sister came along with her two kids, Jan’s youngest brother came along with his partner and their daughter and her boyfriend, a friend of Jan’s who helped him with some stuff.. and he brought his wife, and a work buddy of Jan’s who brought along his wife and their daughter. Their daughter is just cute as a button, by the way. If I were to adopt anyone, it’d be her.
So we left on Saturday 8th of December, got to Oslo by train at around 11.35 or so. I hurried to the tourist office to visit Camilla and get the cheaper buss tickets for the buss to the boat. Before that, tho, I told them that they needed to go right to the buss platform…. keep this in mind…
I got the tickets and hurried to the buss platform. On the way I got a phone from Jan asking where I was. I said I was at the buss platform and where the hell they were. And he said “Oh, we’re going to the buss platform?”
So I had to guide them from wherever they were to where I was. They finally made it… and I was stressed. But we all got on the bus in time and got to the boat. Well on the boat we found our room and settled in, somewhat. We had a room at the very front of the ship with a view of the “King of the World” spot. So, I sat in the window as the boat left port and Jan went out on deck. After that we hit the first nice bar we could find. This was around 2:30 pm… and we kept it going till around 2.30 am. No, I wasn’t drunk. I wasn’t even tipsy. But I did have a great time.
The only down side to the trip was that all the stores in Kiel were closed because it was Sunday. There was a big ass shopping mall there which was open, but the stores in it were closed. So we wandered about for a bit and found the railway station… where there were some stores open, luckily. We also found a Pizza Hut where we had pizza. I also got to try out my German… I found out that I could fool the locals, but when they started responding in German I was stumped :p
But it was fun while it lasted.  We got back to the boat again and shopped and everything one usually does when one has access to duty free stuff. But we did see that a lot of the things there, although the packs of the things were larger, it has about the same price as in Sweden.  The only thing that is way cheaper in Germany is booze. I got three bottles of Captain Morgan “Spiced Gold” all brought into the country legally. Two bottles brought in by Jan and myself and one bottle brought in by Jan’s brother who didn’t bring in anything else.
But now I should start to get ready for work.
If I remember anything worth mentioning about the trip, I’ll do so when I remember.