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Merry Christmas!

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Yes, it’s the 26th of December and Christmas eve has come and gone. I should have posted earlier, but I’ve been busy with visiting my dad and then getting Christmas into the house when I got home.
My dad is doing OK. He is still getting his treatment and he has good days and bad days. We’re still taking it one day at a time, not planning huge things ahead of time.
This time, when I visited home, I saw my aunt and uncle..and I haven’t seen them since my grandfathers funeral. It was nice to sit and chat with them because they are such a wonderful pair to talk to. This is aunt and uncle on my mothers side. I also saw my aunt and uncle on my dads side, and I haven’t seen them since last year.
Also, while I was at home, we celebrated Christmas with delicious food and gift opening. It was just my dad, my brother and I, but it was  just right.
So, I might as well write what I got.
Dad: Money. He knows me so well. XD I got an Elgato Game Capture so I can start streaming when I get it. I’ll do easy stuff at first.. like Minecraft, just until I get used to things. Then I’ll hit the harder games.. like Dark Souls and Silent Hill 2&3.
Brother: Lego Star Wars. We were really struggling to find things for each other. So, when we visited Platekompaniet (like Gamestop, I guess, but with more music), I found the game and was like *_* I WAAAAANT! and I gave him a CD.
Mother: Money. What can I say. She knows me. And since hubby got so many knives this Christmas, we need a knife block. I’m going to have a look for it on Monday before work.
Kids: Just Dance 2016. I was hoping for it, and they delivered. I’ll try it out tomorrow when hubby is at work. XD I haven’t been dancing for a long, long time, and I totally miss it and feel unhealthy because I haven’t.
Father in law: A roe deer.

Oh, but it lights up too…

I guess we’ll put it out….next year…somewhere…
Hubby and kids: A necklace. Sadly, the style isn’t quite me, so I’ll exchange it for something I’ll wear everyday.. I hope I’ll find a bracelet. I told him that I hoped he wouldn’t be mad at me if I did that, and explained that I’d rather have something I’d love to wear than have something I’ll never wear at all. I think he saw my point. 🙂 And if he didn’t I’ll thank him for the lovely present after I’ve exchanged it.  I mean, I did thank him already, but I thought about it, and I concluded that it wasn’t me. Faith, hope and charity is a little too Christian for me.
Bosslady: Lotion and shower gel. Was something with honey and lavender or something. Smelled nice.
Grandmother: Nothing yet. Will get it when I visit my dad again in January. I think it’s money, but it could be something else.

That’s about it. I can’t really think of anything else to… Oh, wait. I just thought about something. I went to the liquor store to get some Bacardi Strawberry Daiquiri for myself and the woman at the register asked for my ID. I showed to her and she said “oh, you’re well within the margin.”
I went to Sweden with some friends of mine, got a 3 liter carton of wine for myself and some wheat beer for hubby and I got carded again. She looked at the ID and went “Oh, but really… ” and then she said something I didn’t hear and then told the old guy behind me that she’d ask for his ID too, and we all laughed.
You had to be there….

I think that’s everything for now. I’m sure to upload again when I think of more.
It’ll probably be a Skyrim one. I’ve gotten a little farther on my PC one. I’ve entered a new land I can’t remember the name of.. but it’s not a nice place. There are things everywhere trying to kill you. But she’s strong, and she can take it…and I have codes. 🙂
But I do want to go back to Skyrim so that I can get going on the main quest…and then when I’ve done that maybe do the Companion one.. So that I can finally marry Farkas <3.

Merry Christmas, everyone. Be good to yourself and each other.