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Gaming and me

I honestly can’t say I remember my first experience with a console or handheld device. I think it might have been a Nintendo Game & Watch; Donkey Kong jr.

I still have it. It uses LR44 batteries, and I haven’t played it for years. I remember it being very difficult at the time. And I remember that last time I played it, a few years ago, it wasn’t really that hard at all. I need to get some batteries and play it again. My brother had Donkey Kong, which was a lot cooler because it was a flip open type thing.

This one was a lot more challenging, but I’m sure it’d be a breeze now. My parents has a flip open thing, too. It was called Green House and you had to kill slugs or caterpillars. It wasn’t that fantastic, but it was entertaining and I still have that one too. My best friend had one too, but I can’t remember what that one was.
Later my brother and I got a Soundic MPT-03. Or at least I think it was that one.

It has some spectacular games on it. Break away, 3D bowling, 3d soccer.. or soccer. At least I think it was the Soundic. If it wasn’t that one it was the Emerson Arcadia 2001. But the Soundic looks a lot more like the one I have in my minds eye.
It was alright, I guess, for that time. We were young and didn’t have anything to compare it to. Not until my brother bought his Commodore something. That was fantastic. The graphics were AMAZING! compared to the bit thing of the Soundic. I remember he had a Donald Duck game. You had to get the right item on the right shelves and not break anything. And then there was the Olympic games. We got pretty good at wiggling that joystick.

It had some fantastically big floppy disks. And they seemingly could take a beating. I remember high jinx involving some leftover fireworks on a plate or something which were set a light… and floppy disks melting.. and still working.
There were also cassettes that he needed to play some games. I can’t remember which games, but it doesn’t matter. It was probably one of the fun ones.
Sweet 8-bit fun.

After years and years had passed we finally got a home computer. The games got better along with graphics. We, my brother and I, started playing games like Diablo.. and whatever else we could get as a demo for free.
There was one game which came with the computer. “The Lost mind of Dr. Brain”. I didn’t beat that one till after I moved here. It was a lot more fun to play it with the kids.
Another thing that came with the computer, and I don’t think it can be defined as a game, was a newspaper making thing. You could write articles, put in pictures and stuff. It was really fun. Especially after I figured out that I could direct translate things into English. And then all of a sudden things made no sense at all.
I can’t remember if I started playing The Sims before or after I moved here. I think it was after. I think the kids started playing and suggested I’d do it to.
So after I moved here I started playing more. I got my own computer, so it was easier. I played Diablo II, Sims 2 and later 3… and other fun stuff like Worms.
I also played Worms on my dads computer. I remember naming the loser team after all those dicks who teased me as a kid.

And now I have a PS3 and still my lovely computer. It’s old, the computer is, but she’s working and that makes me happy. I am planning on building a gaming computer for myself. Since I bought some games on the Steam summer sale, like LA Noire and Don’t Starve, I need something that can actually handle it, and I’m afraid my old girl can’t. But on her I have Minecraft, Starbound, Terrarria and more.
On the PS3 I still have some games I haven’t tried. Well, one. Dead Space 2. I wanted to save it. If I get a Roxio game capturer I’ll make my first playthrough of it on Twitch. At least, that’s the plan. And there are still games I want for it. Like Lego Harry Potter.
I’ll keep submerging myself in the pleasures of gaming. There still isn’t enough hours in the day. And there are all these distractions… Like music and Rooster Teeth.. and blogging. It’s a good thing I plan on getting old.

Stay toasty.


Lene tries new stuff:

Today: Smoothies.

A friend of mine said these were delicious. So I decided to try them out.

This can contains:
1 apple
1/2 mango
1/3 banana
1/2 orange
citrus juice and passion fruit juice.
What I thought about it? Meh. It was sweetish, sowerish, thickly not pleasant.
Of course, it’s a taste thing. This didn’t appeal to me, but I’m pretty sure there are LOADS of other people who love them. My friend being one of them.. especially the orange one.
They also had a pink one which I tried…

This can contains:
1/2 pressed apple
5 strawberries
1/4 apple mush
1/5 banana
5 aronia berries
passion fruit joice
How did I like it? Not at all. This was even worse than the orange one. Where the orange one I could drink the whole can, this one I couldn’t even finish. I took one sip, tried another one and then gave up.
Again, personal taste.

It’s kinda weird that I didn’t like these. I love fruit and know I don’t eat enough of them. So this could have been a wonderful addition to the fruit I eat. So I guess I’ll have to stick to eating the fruit and veg I normally.. just try to eat more of them.
So, in conclusion. Even though I didn’t like them, you might. So try them out if you want to.
And I urge you to try at least one new thing a month. Challenge yourself to try new things. I hope I find something new I can try out. If I do I’ll post it here.


What can I say. I suck.

Mood: Pretty good.
Listening to: RT podcast crew playing Diablo III

A LOT has happened since the last time I posted.
Update on my feet. They were smooth as a babies butt. Now they’ve started getting rough and hard skinned again. Would I recommend the Exfoliating Foot Sock? Oh, yes. I’m totally getting a new pair and I’ll totally exfoliate my feet again. So, for me the effect of smooth skin lasted for about a month.

I’ve also had a birthday. Before that I cut my hair. I’m still quite blond. Actually more blond now than I used to be. But I’ve got short hair now. I was supposed to look like this:

But the hair dresser cut it too short.. and I think she got too hung up in matching the color. I’m not displeased with the hair-cut, don’t get me wrong. I just have to get used to styling my hair before I can get it to look like this. One thing I’ll try to do a day I don’t have work for a few days is go nuts with the blow-dryer and spray wax.

So yeah. My birthday. The big 37. Well, it’s not really THAT big. But it really doesn’t matter. I feel 20 in my head.
For my birthday I got money.
Mum: A beautiful necklace with matching bracelet and ear-rings. Silver with sapphire, I think. It’s purple stone.
Dad: Money!
My brother: Captain Morgan and Dr. Sleep by Stephen King.
Granny: Money
Aunt and Uncle visiting for my Mother’s 60th birthday: Money.
The money is really going to come in handy. Before my vacation started a costumer came in to get some stuff. She told us that she was having a party. An opening of a FUCKING TATTOO SHOP RIGHT UP THE STREET FROM ME PARTY!!!!! So yeah. I need the money for ink =D

We’ve also been away for our vacation. We went to Gudbrandsdalen to go fishing. I was lucky. I was so lucky! I caught the biggest fresh water fish I’ve ever caught. It was about 1,2 kg. and, without the head, as long as my lower arm. 40 cm long/15,5 inches long, big, fat, pink in the flesh. I can’t wait to have it for dinner.

As for the luck. I had a big tangle of line I was untangling, and as I started to reel in the line to recast the sucker was on. The fishing rod looked as if it was going to snap in half.. it was bent so bad. And I couldn’t get the break on the reel, so as I was trying to reel it on, it got to a point where the fish was too heavy. But eventually I won. I was so happy. I was ecstatic. It was such a rush. Now I know why people fish for salmon. Imagine reeling in for hours… It took me a few minutes to get this one on land. And I really didn’t want it to get away so I grabbed the gills, over the back, and squeezed. I looked like I had been in a very bloody battle. I cut the throat and it was gushing. Ah, memories. 🙂
She even had eggs.
So, we were going to be away from Wednesday to Sunday, but when we woke up on Saturday it was raining, and the forecast said rain the rest of the day. So we went home. It was just as well. We went home to our new shower. =D
The day before mum dad and my brother came to visit, we decided to put up a new shower. We were supposed to get help, but then he said he couldn’t. Of course.
So, without instructions, because even though the pamphlet said the QR-code would bring us to the instructions, the link didn’t work. So we had to work blind. We had a picture of it, so we knew how it would end up looking. It took us half a day to set up. And it was worth it because it is AWESOME! I have like a tropical mist shower in the shower head. I love it.

What else…
Oh yeah. While we were camping we were fishing in the water outlet for the power station. It’s totally safe, unless you jump in.
I fish in the outer thing, but there are two outlets where you can fish. They get filled with loads of floating stuff, though, so it makes fishing hard.
The first day we were there I noticed a strange smell, but I thought nothing of it and fished. I looked into the outlets and saw what looked like a boat fender thingie. The next day it was there still. The last day I took a closer look and saw that what I thought had been where you attach the rope on the fender thing, was actually paws. The more I looked the more it dawned on me that this was most likely a dog. A dead, bloated dog. So many things went thought my head. What I was hoping for, even though it’s really sad, was that the dog accidentally fell into the water and drowned. What I hope didn’t happen to it was that it was thrown in . It still sucks, though. And it made me sad.

There’s the outer thing where I fish. The opening in the right corner is where the outlet is.. and so is the one next to it. The one with the branches in it is the one the dog was in. Of course, I’m not sure it was a dog. I couldn’t see the head. It might have been some other kind of dog-like animal.
Also, if you look closely at the picture, about in the middle of it.. that’s me.. =D

Also, hopefully I’ll start getting my drivers license. It would be so sweet.
I also got some Trind stuff to make my nails suck less. It’s Nail Repair and Cuticle Balsam. I have to use this stuff for two weeks, and then I’ll let you know if I like it or not. If it has helped.
I guess that’s it for now.
If I can think of more stuff I’ll post it. I’ll try to do it more often. Especially since I’ll be trying out new stuff, foods, products and so on, to see if they are any good and to let you know/see (maybe) the results.

But now I have to get ready for work.

Stay wonderful.