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Follow me as I venture in the land of Minecraft.

Minecraft update

A lot has happened in the world of Minecraft over the holiday. Omega was made OP or Admin. He takes the role to heart and will totally fuck yo up if you even try to grief the GameFront server. Speaking of servers. He took me on a guided tour of the old GameFront server. When I was teleported there, this was the first thing that greeted me.

I had a laugh. I remember the old series. Or I thought I did. I had forgotten so much, I found out, when I started rewatching it. My god they were so bad. Hehe. And, shockingly, or not… James really haven’t changed. I take that back. He has changed. Before he used to be the guy who ran headfirst into adventure, throwing caution to the wind. Now it seems Morgan has taken that role. It’s good, tho. It means James doesn’t get killed that often. And he still can’t manage his inventory.. lol.
So I got temporary Admin powers so that I could fly around.

We miss you, Zac.

We miss Mitch, too. He should guest star more often.
Not now, though. James and Morgan are on a quest. A major adventure to save some children from their evil father who has lost his mind. They, James and Morgan, found a book. And the book told them to go to the Temple of Light (made by Omega)

In the temple they were told to go to a house on a hill.
Sadly I don’t have screenshots of that.. I stupidly forgot to do that when Omega showed me. What I DID take a screenshot of was Omega pelted by arrows, fired by his skellie hordes.

The adventure isn’t done yet. The children haven’t been saved. I have every confidence that James and Morgan will do whatever they can to find them and bring them to safety. If possible.
Watch the new GameFront Minecraft Show on GameFront Walkthrough on Youtube. I find it funny, don’t know if you will.

Also, after MUCH fishing and hours and hours by the pond I finally got enough saddles to saddle all the horses on the island. Did I mention that the horses love me? I have three free range horses. Ryan,

Xanthe and Abraxan. It’s always special when you stand by water, fishing, minding your own business and turn around to a horses nose in your face.

YEEES! I made a Lucius. How could I not? He’s all white. <3

If there are more screenshots to take and stories to tell I will.
Take care, guys.
And be utterly excellent to each other.


Drunken Sunday entry Whoaaaaaaaa judo-chop!

Listneing to: James and Morgan playing MInecraft.
Mood: So damn good… Sambuca is your friend!

I just saw Birdemic 2. God damn, it was bad. And I do mean BAD!! No offence, James Guyen, but I thought Birdemic was a thriller or an action thing.. not a comedy.
So yeah.. I had to drink alittle to get through it. Man, that Sambuca sneaks up on you and whacks you hard. Almost like the home made turkish candy thing. really good, ybut damn dangeriso. Good thing one does now care about the mistakes one makes while writing. Will be more fin at al later date, maybe. Cheers.
So yah… Minecraft.
Omega_Appeltaart is making a masterpiece of a thing. It’s so damn awesome!






As beautiful it is underneath, it’s fantastic on top.2014-02-28_15.37.34



And that’s a few days ago. Now it looks even more fantastic. I haven’t gotten a screenshot yet.
And I’ve started building a hopsital. Monsoon Poultry Hopsital.
Name might get tweeked. It’s HUGE..
I should really either check my eyes, get sober or load the iamges on photobukcketr. They are a little blissyr.

Maybe this was a bad idale.


This is what’s happening…

Mood: Pretty good
Listening to: some woman translating french from a trial in Kongo where Joshua French has been accused of Molands murder and is now sitting trial for said murder…

Let’s get to it.
I think you can find an earlier entrance from be regarding the farce of a trial when Moland and French were arrested and put in trial for the murder of a chauffeur. They were found guilty of murder, espionage and a few other things.
Last August Moland was found dead in the cell they shared. Norwegian coroners did an autopsy and found out that there were no illegal means which killed him, that he died, unfortunately, by his own hands. The Congolese police concluded, last autumn, that it was a suicide. But then the Congolese military stuck their nose in it and they found some trace of a drug, I don’t remember the name of, and that this was proof that he was killed.
Watching and listening to how the prosecutor is nitpicking the strangest things… it’s like.. mind boggling. There’s a man’s life on the line here and the prosecutor is stuck up on why the conclusion to the Norwegian KRIPOS autopsy is on the front and NOT in the back like it’s supposed to be. They are focusing on the wrong things. It’s annoying. It’s laughable. It’s sad… and they could have done so much better. I know they can do so much better.

I’ve been playing Minecraft, as you know. And the GameFront server has been smashed together with another server. Which is pretty good, cause the old one was terrible.
So… a few weeks ago I was sitting there in my house, minding my own business, when Omega_Appeltaart asked me to come visit his island. Which was essentially on the other side of the world. I got in my boat and shoved off. Many a peril I didn’t experience on the ride there. It was event free. And I don’t mind that. I prefer not meeting creepers and zombies and whatnot. I was also pleased to be out of the house/castle, because Enderman had a nasty habit of visiting me whenever it was raining.
So I got to the island and it was pretty darn awesome. We started mining and then James, from GameFront, logged on and said that everything we just did would be deleted and that the merger of the two servers would happen that night. We were a little unhappy, but took it in stride.
The following day I asked Omega if he still wanted me to move to his island and he said of course. So I got some pointers from him and Boryoku, to go to his place and then take the tunnel that leads to the island. So I did. Got a little lost on the way… stopped by Hexaloons place, by accident… but finally found my way. Man, it’s a LONG way. But I eventually came to my new home island. What I like about it is that there are torches everywhere so no monster will spawn.
So I built a new house and it looks like a huge stone monster crawling out of the sea onto the beach.
I have to say that Omega is a very hardworking guy. You should see some of the structures he’s made. I have no idea where he’s picking it from… and if it’s from his brain, then that brain must be working overtime.
So far, the only thing I’ve contributed, apart from the house, is a waterfall..
He has even made a spider crushing machine. I love that thing, honestly.

here is a glitchy spider getting out of the cage

Here spiders are getting crushed XD


And here is one glitchy world…

That last one happened last night. I had done something and was heading back to the spider crushed and I had to stop and watch the wonders of the un-world.

Also, we had griefers on the server. These assholes came in and ruined all the hard work so many people have put into Spawn Town.
I seriously don’t get people. What sick pleasure do you take from doing this?
This is like top level arseholery.
There are also creepy people on the server. The same day the dickheads rolled in, there was a guy asking people if they had skype. I’m not going to throw accusations out there, but damn…

Anyway.. I have to go.
Be utterly excellent to each other.


Minecraft, again…

I was fishing by my lonesome in my own private world, and this happened…










Yeah, I have no idea how something can go up a waterfall… But it’s fun, though..

Minecraft, the waiting….

Mood: Pretty good. Just had some Japanese curry, so I’m very satisfied.
Listening to: Minecraft music. I was playing on the GameFront server, but then I got kicked.. and now I’m waiting for the server to get un-whatever it is…
Nice music, though. I’ll give them that.
Anyway.. I decided to post a screen shot I took the other day, before the weekend, the very long weekend without being able to mingle on the server because apparently some tosser thinks s/he’s all that.. and a bag of crisps. You’re not, so just stop, please.
The screenshot is of what looked like a cruise ship on the horizon where my house is. No one believed me. And since no one visits my blog, except A LOT of spammy gits, I’ll still post it. So there.

Minecraft cruise ship on horizon…

So there you go.
One of these days I’ll make a boat and find out what that is. But I can only do that if the server starts working…
I’m not giving up, though. Not now when Mitch is back too. I just hope they’ll make him a regular.

If I find more interesting things in Minecraft I’ll try to take a screenshot and post it. No promises, though.. hehe

Be utterly excellent to each other.


Minecraft entry, update…

Dear Journal.

I had heard news about a new type of creature entering my realm. Something called horse. It was supposed to be about the same size as a cow, but more regal in stature and you could ride on them.
I wanted to find such a creature, make it my friend and bring it home.
I looked for a long time on the nearby plains, but there were none to be found.  I finally decided that maybe they hadn’t come to my realm after all, that maybe I would have to move to a new realm for them to appear. Disheartened I went on with my normal life, planting wheat, potatoes, carrots and so forth, making new buildings. One of them turned out to be a stables. Maybe, just maybe, if you build it, they will come.
One day I wanted to have a walk. I picked up my compass and headed out the door, walked in one direction as far as I could and then headed back home. Somehow I missed my house…and I eventually got lost. For days I walked around in the wilderness, finding monster houses with crates, finding saddles and horse armor. I found villages, jungle dungeons and desert dungeons. I experienced more on those days and weeks than I have in such a long time. But after circling around the same snowy peak five times in ever increasing circles, I decided that I needed to get home. I walked onto a plain and found what I had been looking for. I finally found a horse. It was majestic!  It became my friend and I rode it into whatever direction I thought was home. On the way I somehow blacked out and when I came to the horse was gone with my saddle. I walked back to the plain and found a village…and more horses. Elated I made a chest and put all my things in it. I decided to jump of a cliff so that I would teleport home. It worked.
I then found my map and looked for the huge H I made outside the village. I wasn’t really that far from home. It would be easy to get back to the village, find a horse, tame it and bring it home.
I found a lovely gray steed, jumped on its back and.. he threw me off. I tried again, and again he would have nothing to do with me.
I tried and tried and eventually he loved me. I broke his will, but he will be loved, treated with all the respect he deserve. And I brought him home.
I then started to make him a run. A horse like him needs to be out in the fresh air all day, and nice and snuggled up warm at night.
After the run was done I decided to give him a mate, so I went back to the village and found a nice brown filly. When I brought her home they seemed to like each other very well.. after I gave them golden apples. And they made a tiny foal. It is a male horse and he looks exactly like his father. I have been thinking about a name for him, and I have decided I will call him Man (A Horse named Man… from the movie A Man named Horse).
I am happy with my expanding family, but it has also come to my attention that there are things out there that looks like horses but are called mule. They are able to carry great weights. I hope I will find one of those one day.
All I need now is a cat…

Another Minecraft entry.

Dear journal.
Eons ago, it seems, I made an iron golem for company. I kept him enclosed in a fenced off area, but I felt sorry for him. To be outside, to watch all the monsters walk past without having the Chance to interact with them… only to have the Chance to do so if they spawn in his enclosure. So I let him go. I cut down the fences and let him go. I feared that he’d jump of the mountain, he did look longingly out into the distance. But he eventually walked off and I think he won’t be coming back… or at least lurk around the base of my mountain.  I don’t know how long he’ll make it in the wild, tho. If he picks a fight with an enderman, he’s screwed. Same can be said about a skeleton but on a smaller scale. If he does die I’ll rebuild him. I have the technology, I will make him better, stronger, faster…. or maybe not.
I also went away for a few days. I decided to go into the jungle and see if I could find a mine. I didn’t. But I did dig down and I found plenty of diamonds. I am pleased about that. But I think also the jungle was haunted. Whenever I started to mine I suddenly started to see green streaks across the field of my vision. It made me very unwell, so I had to cut the mining to a minimum. I also think it in some way made things I had mined go away. How it did it I have no idea, but a small part of the diamonds I mined went missing. As soon as I left the jungle my vision went back to normal. Strange things are going on in that jungle, and I don’t think I want to find out what it is. I’ll stick to my side of the world.
I also am continuing my Enderman experiments. I have had one teleport into my house, it was standing right next to my bed… I was too stunned to take a picture of it, so I really want to have that happen again. My theory is still that I can make an Enderman rage just by looking at him through a window.
I will post more when I know more.

Minecraft Diary

I have finally figured out that an Enderman will rage when looked upon from a window. I finally had two of them outside my house and I looked at the one nearest to my house. It started to rage and seemed to look around for whomever was looking at him… and then he teleported… INTO MY HOUSE!!!! With luck the space I was occupying only had enough headroom for me, so he was standing in the middle of the room, shaking with anger. And then the battle of the bed started. I walked up to it, sword drawn.. and swung at him. He hit me, I hit him, it started to rain and he teleported away. As he disappeared a spooky howl sounded. I don’t know if this means war… I’m scared now. Really, really scared. What if he’s hiding in the floors below? Dare I go down to check?

Minecraft diary entry

I think I have finally figured out this map thing. I got lost again and I had been wandering around for ages, and I didn’t want to kill myself again. I also found discarded things on the ground. Wooden axes I haven’t used in ages. I’m unsure when I threw them away, and it was a mystery to me. But I had more mysteries to solve. I prayed to a higher power for a way to find my way home and suddenly an image appeared in my head. They were of all the areas I had been to in this world. But still it didn’t help me. I needed to make some kind of marker so that I could spot where I was in the map. Before I got that, collecting cobblestone to make the marker, I found my way home.
I studdied th map deeply and finally found the hut I made to keep the emeralds and diamonds safe. I hurried there and on the way leaving stone pillars with tourches on them to point the way.
“There and back again. A miners tale…”
I set out at dawn, walked through the day and night and got there about mid-day. Then I walked home again. I found caves on the way there that I need to have a better look at. I need more gold and redstone. Especially if I’m going to make a railroad 1 km long.
I have no idea how to measure that. I guess I’ll just have to build and see. If I am correct, 1000 blocks is 1 km. Which means I’ll need about 15 stacks of 64 of tracks and power rails in between. And this is where I need gold and redstone. I hope I find it soon.
And when I’ve found it, I hope I find my way home easily enough.
I’m still at a loss about the endermen. I don’t like how they rage like they do for no reason. I know that if you look at them they get mad, but I thought you were safe when watching them through a window. At least that’s what’s stated in the encyclopedia.
I’ve also made a quilt for my floor in all the colors possible. It looks really nice. And in the second floor I’ve made a Slytherin carpet… of course.
One thing that I discovered on my travels was a village that had potatoes and carrots. I have to admot that I stole some from them. None of them were willing to trade reasonably. One emerald for 18 of wheat??? NO!
They also want an absurd amount of wheat for bread. One loaf… An amount that if you had that wheat you could make loads more bread than one. It would be fun to see how far they are willing to go.
I long to make a baked potato and pumpkin pie.
I’ve also read in the encyclopedia that if you dig to the center of the earth and then elevate yourself 6-7 levels, you will find diamonds more easily. I tried it and it worked!… and then it stopped working.
I’ve also gotten two dogs… and they had a puppy. I think three dogs is enough, for now. I had a weird thing happen the other day. I was watching a skeleton outside my house, decided I didn’t want it there so I broke the window and shot it with a bow and arrow. Of course I killed it, but when I turned around the tree dogs were watching me. The weird part was that I had them sitting by the enchantment table on the second floor. I didn’t think they’d be able to move while sitting. Would have been fun watching them, tho. Just imagine it… all three dogs scooting across the floor *giggles*.
I’m going to continue baiting the endermen… sooner or later I’ll find out why they rage. I’ll put it in my journal when I find out.

Minecraft Diary entry: new…

Dear Diary.

I have had some horrible days. I moved on from my old home and found a mountain to dwell on. I like the area. I have woods near by, snowy woods, swamps and seas. I also have loads of new grounds to explore, and I have been. I’ve got enough gold and iron now to make whatever I need. Although, even though I wasted a lot of the gold on a Tower Of Pimps (see RoosterTeeth on Youtube.. they have a Minecraft let’s play which is hilarious), I feel I have enough. Of course it doesn’t hurt to have more.
So, I was exploring and found a craves which had almost everything I’d ever want. When I came to the surface again I realised I was lost. So very, very lost. I started to walk, and I walked and walked… and I realised that I might fall of a cliff and die, so I made a shelter, made a chest and put all the important things I wanted to keep in it; gold, diamonds, enchanted books and so forth. I even had the foresight to write down the coordinates to the shelter. I went on, hoping I’d find my way. After days of walking I got caught out in the rain… and after circling the same mountain range three times I made another shelter, put all the thing I wanted to keep in a chest, wrote down the coordinates and jumped off a cliff. It was the only way I could think off to get home. It was first when I got back home that I noticed I had forgotten to write down the z: coordinate. *sighs* I DID take a screenshot of the first shelter, so I had the z: thing there, but I tried to find it, but… I almost got lost again. And it was on this reconnaissance mission that I found the exit to the massive cave I had been in, and it was RIGHT ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE FUCKING MOUNTAIN FROM WHERE MY HOUSE IS!!!! I could punch a baby.
Needless to say I haven’t found my secret hideouts yet, but I won’t give up. The new map system sucks, by the way. Having loads of tiny maps doesn’t help me at all! I know I can stitch them together, but ain’t nobody got time for dat!
So, I was out looking for cows. I needed leather to make books. Damn it, I have an enchantment table and I intend to have hieroglyphs jump from the bookshelves to the book. It’s cool! So anyway.. I was run-jumping to make up for lost time, I had found a tiny hole to dig for coal and iron, and I thought I was lost when I got up… so I ran.. and jumped.. and suddenly the ground was gone. I had time to look up and see that hole I was falling down.. and I looked down, seeing the ground come screaming towards me.. it was dark.. and was thinking: “FUUUUUUUUUCK!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!! NOOOOOOOOOO!” and a waterfall caught me and placed me gently on the bottom of the chasm. I was relieved. I hardly ever make sounds when I play, but this time a moan of defeat escaped me. I managed to find my way out and eventually made my way home. I think I need to make some kind of marker so that if I get lost again, then I might stumble upon them and get home faster. I’ve tried stacking cobblestone and putting torches on them, but that’s not good enough. Maybe if I plant them closer…
And Endermen! I had one outside my house… and that was something I noticed in the other house too…. they raged… They aren’t suppose to rage if you look at them through a window, but they did. I looked at them and they started to shake with rage. I was worried he’d teleport into my house and attack me.
Please tell me it’s something new and that I don’t have psyco endermen in my game…
Callisto sure is a scary place.