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Sunday Round-up

Mood: Great =D
Listening to: Hang on.. I need something.. There – EclipseTen playing Diablo 2 with some people.. posted on Youtube. He had a video of the Beta of Diablo 3 a few days ago. I’m so jealous…

A new week has passed and I’ve been working. I’ve also gotten sick. Yeah, that happened last Sunday while I was at work. I was hungry, got an apple, ate it without washing my fingers first. Stupid of me, I know. I felt a scratch in my throat on Monday, Tuesday my nose started running, Wednesday I was even runnier, Thursday I started getting a little better, Friday better still, Saturday even better and today I’m good. Not all the way back to normal, but hey.. when will I ever be. I’m still sniffly, but not as bad as I was. Worst part is that it’s all caked goo… like when I blow my nose it comes out all pale yellow and icky. And what I caught up is about the same. But it’s better to get it out than keeping it in.. seriously… blarch. I’m pretty glad that, even though I did get sick, I’m getting better so fast. I think I only had a slight fever when I was at work on Wednesday. But it’s not the first time I’ve been working with a fever, feeling like death.. not that I did on Wednesday… At the factory I worked before I had to work… I could of course have called in sick, but then they would have been one person short.. and being the duty conscious person I am, I worked… did the best I could… almost coughed up a lunge in the process… but that’s how it goes sometimes. Sick Days are for when you’ve got something serious the matter with you.. not when you just have a cold… But that’s just me. I’m pretty sure people will be rawr at that, but it’s my opinion.

So… Less than a week till Christmas. My mom gave me money to get me something nice I wanted. Ages ago I bought 12 dinner plates, small plates and deep plates from the store I used to work.. and I noticed that, the store that started up when the other one went bankrupt had the same series, so I noticed them having serving-plates and -bowls, and I had mentioned to mom that I wanted the serving plates.. cause it’ll look really cool… But unfortunately it turns out that the series is discontinued and there were only two serving bowls left… so I got them… Oh, yes. Imma rock them! Thanks for the lovely gift, mom. I really love it =D
My dad gave us all our gifts when we were visiting, and I loved that too, dad. Thank you very much.
From my grandma I got a decorative tree thing… acrylic… with lights inside that changes color. It’s really cool.
From my brother I don’t know yet. I think I might get some Stephen King books.
OH!!! And when Jan got home from work yesterday I got a note from the post office telling me my MOM has sent me yet MORE Christmas gifts… O.o Whaaat??? I’ll pick it up tomorrow. Wonder what it is.. Yes, when I get it in the house I’m sure there will be gift squeezingness.

And then there is the movie today. We’ll be watching Santa Claus conquers the Martians. I’ll be starting drinking soon, so I won’t be too worried. Oh, yes. I’ve discovered that 7-up and vodka is DELICIOUS!!! Almost as good as Captain Morgan and coke… but yeah.. that will be my poison of choice tonight.

Other than that nothing exciting has happened. Except that I hate people.. lol. No, not really. But some costumers are really annoying when they get all buddy-buddy with you just because you’re nice to them. I mean, seriously. I’m nice to all my costumers. To think you get special treatment doesn’t make it so. If I REALLY like you I’ll give you that little bit extra, but mostly it’s reserved for nice, little old ladies. I made one of them squee on Saturday when I was at work. She said she was just a little old lady pensioner and I told her I didn’t believe for a second that she was old… and she squeed. It was kinda cute. The girl I worked with also told me something I had forgotten. We had worked together earlier and a costumer asked me if we had some specific candles, and I asked her how the candles looked and all that, and the more I asked her, the more excited she got… until I had to tell her that “sorry, we’re all out”. She, my coworker, almost pissed herself laughing… and when she told me about the incident, I almost did too.. I wasn’t aware that I was doing it.. like raising a persons hopes, only to dash them on the rocky shores of “sorry, we’re all out”… But the thing is, we have so many things that look alike, that sometimes you have to get to the bottom of what they are after to know what they are after. Like one costumer called us and asked if we had a “Kii-boward” (that’s the closest I can get.. remember this is in Norwegian). I asked her what it was for, I thought she was talking about a key-closet thing, which we don’t have. And she told it was to play on and that she wanted to talk to someone that knew what she was talking about. As soon as she said it was to play on I realised it was the cheap ass keyboards we sell, and I told her that, yes, we do in fact have them. So yeah, you have to have a thick skin working with people. Some of them can be really nasty. But then there are those nice, little old ladies that just makes your day. And not only them, really. Just a costumer that takes your joke and laughs… I was wrapping a lantern for a costumer. It was round and when I finished I told the costumer that I hoped the person receiving the gift didn’t have a volleyball at the top of his or her wish list, cause he or she will be very disappointed… and she laughed. I guess that’s what I really enjoy about the job. The interaction.

Well, I should start dinner. I’ll update if there is something worth updating with, but I doubt it.

Sunday Round-up

Mood: Sooo fiiine… I finally got some sleep..
Listening to: TheRadBrad AGIAN!!! playing Dead Space.
So yeah.
I’ve been working loads lately, and despite that I have had some problems sleeping. Day before yesterday I woke up a lot and just couldn’t get some much needed rest. I kept dreaming strange shit. Then yesterday I woke up at 4.10 am and couldn’t get back to sleep. And I had a full day, 8 hours, at work.. and we were busy. Like crazy busy. But we had fun too. I normally do 4 hours or 6 hours, which is fine.. but those extra two hours on your feet really take it out of you.. add to it being tired as hell… last night before I went to bed I took some painkillers and I fell asleep around 10.45pm and slept soooo well till like 4.45am when Jan went to work.. Had problems getting back to sleep so I read for about an hour… Fell asleep and slept to 7.30am… turned over and slept till 9am… it was aaaaall kinds of good.
So now I’m enjoying a nice cup of hot chocolate before taking a lovely long hot shower before I got more work. I only got 4 hours today.. and 4 hours tomorrow.. and then I have a day off.. yay! It’s been like 6 days on, so it’ll be nice to have a day off.  I might actually get to start getting things ready for Christmas.

Other than that… Nothing much is going on, really. It’s just work, work and more work… I’m basically overworked and underdrunk. OK, maybe not so much overworked, but totally underdrunk! I haven’t had the time to pick me up some Captain Morgan. I think I need to do it on Tuesday. And I have to remember to pick up some ice cubed and some limes.

I also got movie night tonight, and I just hope I get home in time. There shouldn’t really be a problem. I get of work at 6pm and the movie starts at 7pm. I hope Jan picks up some snacks. I don’t know if I’ll have the time. Although, I think I might be eating dinner while watching that movie.. lol. Oh well.

Man, it’s such a nice day. I think it’s freezing outside, but it’s sunny and nice. I should go outside and take a nice walk… HAHAHAH!!! yeah, right.

Well, time for my shower. I’m really looking forward to it.



Mood: Tired, but FUCK YEAH!!! IT’S SNOWING!!!
Listening to: TheRadBrad playing Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Always fun to listen to grown men whimper like little girls.
And I got payed today, so YAY!!! WE GOT FOOOD!!!

I ttok a picture up towards the prison next to the house, because their light makes the snow stand so much more out when you look at it. But it just looked like fog. That was kinda depressing, but there you go… can’t have everything.
It is really coming down too.. =D Huge, fluffy flakes. Sweet… Hope it continues a little. And it stays cold.. I don’t want it to go away.



Sunday Round-up

Mood: Good, but tired
Listening to: TheRadBrad playing Dead Space with his girlfriend.

Good Morning.
So… I’m tied. I’ve been working lately… and it really does take it out of me. All that smiling and being friendly.. shit.
We have had some really annoying costumers being annoyingly annoying, but that comes with the trade. But I’ve got a few days off now, so I’ll do the best I can with them and maybe start to get things tidy for Christmas.
At work I am kinda in that christmassy spirit, but that’s because I’m surrounded by christmassy stuff. When I’m at home and look out the window I have to admit I’m not feeling it. I hope we get snow soon, or at least colder weather…cause this is kinda depressing.
But yeah, my feet hurt and I’m tired, but at least I’ll get a movie tonight. And I’m making chicken for dinner. Yummm.
Needless to say that I am hungry, but I have no food. But I’m getting paied soon. And that bottle of Captain Morgan is mine!!! MWOAHAHHAHAHAHAAA.
I also think I’ve hurt my gum… like between two of my teeth. Feels tender and weird. I’ll wait and see if I get an abscess or whatever, then I have to go to the dentist. Not that I mind, cause my dentist is groovy…but it is annoying, and would figure, getting a dental problem now. Finally get some money and I have to use it on stuff I don’t want to use it on.  I want to use it on Christmas gifts and nice stuff… and food… we need loads of food.  We need beef and pork for our fondue evening on Dec. 22. Oh, and sausages. And lamb… and more pork. with crackling. I love crackling.
If you want to know how to make delicious crackling, let me know. It’s easy, really.

But now I’m hungry and should see if I can find some food..