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So many annoyances

Mood: Annoyed
Listening to: Lobosjr play Dark Souls 2

So, why am I annoyed, you may ask. Well, let’s start with me getting a retro popcorn maker. That’s not the annoying part. The annoying part is that it broke after having been tried ONCE! Yes, I turned it on, as per their instructions, let it heat up for 2 minutes, as per their instructions, turned it off, put the popcorn in and turned it on again.. OK, so technically I turned it on twice, but let’s not split hairs, here. It popped beautiful popcorn. I was happy. I was thrilled. This was last Friday. Then on Sunday, getting ready to watch a movie with the gang, I gleefully go to make popcorn, and the fucking thing doesn’t work. It doesn’t turn on. I was pissed off. I tried two other plugs, and nope. No life in that poor little machine. So I wrote the internet company; and told them about how it isn’t working anymore. It was rather short, I must admit, but I was hoping they’d get back to me and say “That’s too bad. What can we do for you to make you feel better?” But no. Nothing. So on Tuesday I wrote them another email.  A little more detailed this time, with my order information and all that. Still nothing. If I don’t hear from them before tomorrow, I’m calling them. If that doesn’t fix things, then I’ll just have to talk to someone else about it.
And more annoyance.
I’m still waiting for mum’s boyfriend to get his ass to Turkey. Or should I say, WE are still waiting. My mum is really upset with him, and rightly so I might add. She is really caught between a rock and a hard place. And I can totally sympathize with her situation. One the one hand she loves the guy and wants to trust him to do the right thing. But on the other hand. For her own sanity and all that… to break up with him. So that she doesn’t have to deal with all his faff. But if she does, she won’t see her money. I really hope it’s not true, but I think that’s what he’s waiting for. And what’s not to say that he’s not already in Turkey and is spending all of her money on “the good life”.
Even MORE annoyance.
With my cell phone company I have an eBill type thing. Like, I get a message from my bank when the phone company sends me the bill. Then I have to log in and click “pay” to get it payed. That’s all fine and dandy, but the annoying part is that it takes them ages to take the money from my account. On the due date is when they do that.. and that’s usually 14 days after I’ve clicked the “pay” button. WHY?!?!?!? I don’t want to have to keep this in mind every time I go to pay for things.. that I don’t overspend.
And one last annoyance.
I am so sick and tired of having to wait for fucking work. I am sick and tired of seeing boss daughter getting more hours than me. What? I don’t matter? I don’t have bills to pay? Seniority don’t matter at all.
No, I have one more annoyance.
Where the hell is my pillow case??? Why can’t I find it?? Why did it disappear? It should be either upstairs in the pile or downstairs dried. WHERE IS IIIIIT?!?!?!

I should really blog more often. I think I need to vent more often. I hope I can post a more up-beat one next time.


P.S: The person I bought the ring from on ebay. I’d be super happy if you could send the ring soon. It’s been two days…

Suddenly don’t know what to write.

Mood: Meh
Listening to: Mitch playing Resident Evil 1 remastered. He used to work for GameFront, but GameFront decided to stop, so yeah.. Luckily he, and James, are still playing games and uploading things to Youtube. Never give in!

Yeah, I’m having a Meh day. I was feeling fine, but the Meh-mess suddenly floated upon me and I can’t shake it. For now, anyway. I’m sure I’ll do better once I’ve seen hubby and know he’s alright. I mean, I know he’s alright, but listening to him cough like he does… it’s not good. Maybe he should go to the doctor. I will suggest it to him.
I’m also feeling Meh because Mum’s boyfriend STILL hasn’t gotten his ass to Turkey. I don’t think he’ll ever get his ass there. Not until my mum dumps his ass and he’s free to get all the money. I hope he proves me wrong. For my mothers sake.

I also want to get a popcorn maker. It uses hot air to pop the corn rather than butter or oil. Such healthy. And the machine looks totally adorbs. Retro. I’ll air the idea with hubs when he comes home.

Anyway. I need something to cheer me up. I have an idea…


Be good to each other.