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The world must be ending.. this is nuts..

Mood: Very good
Listening to: The AH crew play Minecraft.

So yeah. We’ve celebrated Norway’s Constitution Day, also called National Day. And hubby’s birthday.. on May 17th.
It was a very quiet day. Like, almost, always we didn’t do anything. I say almost because normally we do nothing. Eat and watch TV, that’s about it. But it’s good food. I can remember we being out of town twice on the 17th. Once when we visited my parents and another time when we ran out of town for hubby’s 50th birthday, two years ago.
But yeah. We grilled pork chops, had tomato and onion salad, regular salad and hasselback potatoes.
And I made a Daim ice cream cake. It’s sooo good. I’ve never made it before, and I was pleased to see that I can actually make cakes. I made an almond meringue bottom, which I’ve made once before and it didn’t go too well, and the ice cream.

It was really good. Take my word for it.

Other than that it’s not really anything new going on. Except for I’ve been playing a lot of Minecraft lately. The world I made has no abandoned mine shafts, no spawners, hardly any spiders and it’s just hills and grass. I’ve been walking about a lot too, but I can’t find anything. I’ve been digging and I can’t find shit. Well, I find iron and diamonds and stuff.. it’s annoying!!! I want to find stuff!!! I need string!

Gah, this was a poor entry. Sorry about that.
I’ll try to have some things happen to me before the next one.

Be good to yourself, and each other.



Mood: Seriously meh!
Listening to: Nothing.

Two days in a row? Has she gone mad?
No, but she is slightly pissed off. Hubby came home from work, he has done so more than once, but I’ll stop bragging. The thing is, when he’s come home from work he’s upset. He’s pissed off by the pricks he’s working with.
They are all between 20 and 30 years old, and they all seem to think themselves masters of everything.
A few days ago he came home and said that two of them were fighting because one of them said the other didn’t know how to do her job… and kept bitching about.
The next day he came home and said that one of the machines had stopped and they spent hours.. HOURS!!! fixing the problem. And when they were done they didn’t even get a thank you from the person in charge of the thing. No, instead she bitched about not being allowed to try and mend it herself.
And now he doesn’t want to go to work. It has never been like this. He is never sick, or he is, but he goes to work anyway.
He had fractured ribs and he went to work, mainly because they asked him, but still.
His shift has gone to hell in a handbag, mainly because the head office picked the wrong person to be shift supervisor. If he had gotten the job instead this shift would have kept the same standard it had all those years ago, before the new guy.
It’s going to be “fun” to hear what fucked upedness these idiots will come up with next to make his life sour.
Personally, I’ve had it with these fucking assholes. All of them. From the prick who doesn’t want to get his hands dirty to the fucker who doesn’t have balls to tell people off.

A friend of hubby, what a piece of shit he is! We asked him for help, just borrow a saw so that we could get straight lines cut and all that.. but seriously.. he said no. No, he didn’t want to help. And we suspect it’s because he’s not getting payed. Well, shit. You are a piece of shit, sir. Whatever happened to doing a friend a solid? Next time you need help, don’t come to us. Seriously!
I have half a mind to spilling all your dirty secrets to your wife. You wouldn’t like that, would you. Well, good thing I’m a nice person…sometimes.
It is tempting to do some light blackmail…but I’d better not.

It’s good to rant sometimes… and to vent.
I feel drained now. Until it builds up again.


I’m stuck!

Mood: Meh
Listening to: Nothing! I don’t dare play music on my computer anymore! Not while I write.. which sucks, because sometimes I need inspiration.

Yeah, I’m writing. We finished our book, it’s being proofread right now. At least two people have read it and they seem to enjoy the first chapter.
So, while I wait for that to be put on the market and whatnot, I’ve started writing on something else. It’s like a murder-mystery thing. But now I’m stuck. I suck at transitions. I have loads, LOADS of things written down, but to get to all that stuff, I have to think up all this other stuff, like every day stuff and it’s like.. meh.
I don’t know, maybe I’ll leave it for now. I told myself I would write yesterday, but if you have writers block, you have to step away. Banging your head on the keyboard will do no good. I’ll think on it and then we’ll see. Maybe I don’t need to get into details. I’ll think of something.

I got Dead Space! =D
I don’t dare play it! D=
I think I’ll wait till I get a new monitor that has hdmi. That way I can sit at my desk and play. I don’t seem to have the want to play on the big TV. It’s a whole thing and I just can’t be arsed. I want to sit here and play…
I know, I’m being stupid. Well, I have a headache, so give me a break!

I finished reading Doctor Sleep by Stephen King.
It is an AMAZING book. If you have the chance, read it. It didn’t turn out exactly how I thought it would, but I guess you can’t have everything.
And I started over reading The Dark Tower series. I love them so much. I talked my friend, Keri, into reading them, and she seems to like them… or the first one. I don’t know if she has started the second one yet. I’ll talk to her later, I can ask her… just in case you need to know 😛

Other than that there is not other news..
Well, my dad asked me if I wanted his car.. for when I get my drivers license. I told him thank you and I don’t need that big a car. I want a sedan.. with tinted windows and a good stereo. But I need to start driving again. Seriously. I’m never going to get it if I keep this up. I’m a little disappointed in myself, honestly. But, in my difference, hubby has been busy with work and other things.
I know I’ll get there.. Might just take a little longer than I thought.
If I win the lottery I’ll have someone speed teach me.. lol

Be good to yourself, and each other.