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It’s a Dragonborns life for meeee~~

I love Skyrim. I’ve only reached level 38 so far, but I love it.

I can’t remember if I’ve told what I’ve done, but here it is. On my PC Skyrim I’ve given her, I think her name is Cora (because Dani got fucked up), Daedric Armour, Daedric weapons, more health, Magica and stamina…because I can.
Things are loads easier, let me tell you… lol.
Why Dani on PC got fucked up? I gave her too much money in one go… so the amount became negative. And I tried to reverse the amount.. 999 gold at a time. It took too long, so I deleted her and made Cora.
So far I’ve completed The Companion quest line, The Collage of Winterhold quest line, I’ve gotten a few houses; Breezehome in Winterhold and Lakeview Manor outside Markarth. I’ve married Farkas (yay!) and the steward I had from Markarth kind of died a little in a bandit raid we had.. SHE STEPPED IN FRONT OF MY BLADE!!! Not my fault. So Lydia is my steward now, and doing a well job.

I’ve found almost everything there is to find on the Skyrim map, I think.. although I’m sure there are some hidden stuff strewn around the place.
There are some stuff I wonder about; like I talk to the Graybeards about knowing locations for shouts, and they direct me to places I’ve already found. I know I need to explore caves and such to find more, but I’ve found pretty many so far.
I’ve also killed a cook, killed an emperor and want to kill a guy named… I can’t remember.. gah. He was a commander guy Astrid from The Dark Brotherhood gave me up to. Maco? Something along those lines. I finished The Dark Brotherhood quest line, too. Although, the Night Mother keeps wanting to talk to me, and I’m done with her. Ill go back to the sanctuary, but only to torture prisoners.
Speaking of quests. In The Companion quest line you become The Harbinger. This is because Skjor dies and later on Graymane (?) dies. But you manage to save Graymane from the void or whatever, and send him to Sovngard. Both Farkas and his brother, Vilkas, thinks that he’s on the right idea, so you heal them of their lycanthropy. And thusly you can marry one of them.

Anyway… speaking of Skjor. He dies. But.. I was playing yesterday and…well… Aela and some other girl was out..walking Skjor, so to speak…

I couldn’t stop laughing. It’s nice of the girls to hang out with the dead on their day off.
And speaking of weird. I decided to do a Skyrim tour. Like I started in Riften and walked to all the towns in Skyrim. Large ones, at least. On the way I came across a castle with meanies in it. They attacked me.. Threw everything they had at me.. and I was suffering a little. When I was done killing them I continued on my way.. and I saw someone running towards me. I thought nothing of it until he was at my side, saying “Good to see you, dear”. Farkas! Who let you out of your cage?? I can imagine him, sitting at home and suddenly getting tingling in his Cora senses. “She’s in trouble!” and then set of running to save me. It’s a nice, romantic idea, and I know that’s not the truth, but still.. Leave me alone!
I “hired” him as a follower so keep him safe. I do not want him to die!!! I don’t know what I’ll do if he dies. Well, I resurrect him, but it won’t be the same, in a way. Silly, I know, but still… So we ran along, killing things.. and he almost died a few times, so when we got to Winterhold I told him to go home. I have a feeling that if he’s on his own he’s good, he can’t die.. but as soon as he’s with me and he gets in trouble, he can die. So it would be best if he was on his own all the time. I guess…
I’ve done a few more wanderings, and Farkas and some other Companions were found by me, killing a bear… I laughed, because it was comical watching them running the same stretch of road, back and forth, for a few minutes.

But I do my best to keep him alive. I’ll always look out for my man. I just wish he’d wear the Daedric armour I gave him. I mean.. I gave it to him so he’d be safe, but he won’t wear it. It’s a mind boggling thing.

I know I need to revisit a lot of the places I’ve been. I know I’ve missed a lot of hidden secrets and stuff. Some of the places I’ve already visited are harder to get into now. One such place is Silversomething something, and I can’t get a gate to open. You’re supposed to take a helmet off a pressure plate, and the door opens..and I’ve done it SO many times, but it doesn’t want to open. I’m starting to get really annoyed. I guess I’ll wait a little and see if it’ll respawn or something.
Another thing that’s a little annoying to me is the fact that people keep telling Farkas that he’s stupid. He’s not. He’s as bright as the sun. I’ve seen him read! I’ve seen him dabble in alchemy… even though, from behind, it looked like he was dabbling with something else… :/

Knows how to swing a broom…

But he is a man of few words, but he makes you feel very special when you come home from a long day and he just sits there and looks at you lovingly.

But all this new camera stuff is something to get used to…

I’m sure even the best model gets closed eyes pictures every now and then. I forgive you.

And the fucking Blades!!! They want me to kill Paarthurnax.. So far he’s been more helpful than the Blades! Seriously! I will not kill that dragon unless and until he attacks me! Just imagine killing of the one person in the world that has the most knowledge of everything. So what if he used to be Alduins lieutenant. He’s not any more and the fact that he’s been sitting at the top of the world, contemplating his navel, and peace, ever since the last dragon, except for him, died, speaks volumes! The Blades are supposed to serve me.. I’m not supposed to do whatever the hell they want me to do. In this one thing I’ll wilfully disobey them. Vehemently so! I’ll protect him with my own life.

I think that’s about it. I should start the Dawnguard quest thing soon. The vampires around Skyrim are starting to get really annoying. I’ll kill them all. I won’t become one of them. I remember I saw one, running across country and over hills. I got really suspicious. There is no way she wasn’t up to something.. so I killed her. It’s better that way.
I know I have to go back to Solstheim, too.. and I’m not looking forward to that. Oh well. There is work to be done. The life of a Dragonborn is an action packed one.

Skyrim Madness

So, I’ve been playing Skyrim, like you do, and getting along pretty nicely with Dani. Having to do it all over again was good, I think. Yeah, it was a bitch, but never the less, I’m actually enjoying it. I’ve tried to do more or less the same thing, but it’s impossible. I did join the Companions and Farkas and Dani went to get the sword shard thing and on the way she healed him with her healing hands. And let’s just say.. Farkas is a fucking tease! Upon healing him he says. “Hey, that feels good.” Oh, her poor fluttering heart.
I’ve also tried to get her Thane’d in the same towns as before. So I got her to Falkreath and she was accosted by a female orc who called her a milk drinker. So what if Dani drinks milk? She drinks other things, too. Anyway, Dani told her that she should be talking to her that way and the orc insulted her more. So she told her to stop and it didn’t go well. The orc drew her sword and Dani and Lydia went medieval on her ass. Fool.
I have yet to fight more dragons at once, tho. Not from the lack of trying. I feel that if I’m in a town when a dragon attacks there are more people to help bring it down. Make them all feel accomplished. Especially the guy who bitches about being on guard duty when his cousin is out fighting things.. right after he’s killed a dragon!!! Can’t please some people.
Speaking of dragons. Dani was out walking one day and suddenly a dragon and a giant spawned in front of her. The giant was momentarily inside the dragon before it jumped on its back and they flew away. And this was before she looted a bandit camp. Nothing exciting happened, really. But it was funny when, as she was looting, she turned around and Lydia had her mouth open, like “What the hell are you doing?”

I also have to confess that I.. kind of got… Skyrim for PC. I broke down and it was Black Friday and it was cheaper…
I’ve played it, and it’s so much faster on load screens than the ps3. I’ve also discovered mods. And I’ve discovered that mods aren’t good for me. I upped the carry weight level, upped health, magicka and stamina… and went overboard with gold. I made a bobo… so I went in minus goldwise instead of positive. I could buy a house and stuff, but I couldn’t shop in normal stores and the cart guy wouldn’t take me. Luckily I hadn’t gotten far, so I started over again. Now I have a Daedric armour and sword and loads of gold. Hehehe.
I won’t cheat more than this tho, I think. I did get all the shouts on the first one, but I won’t this time. The same with spells. I’ll just pick the ones I want…
The only thing that really annoys me about PC is that in the heat of the moment, when I’m frantically clicking my mouse, the screen will go out of Skyrim and go to desktop. I’m sure I know how to fix it, tho.. I’ve figured out that I can fix it now, without having to close the game, which is good.

Well, I’ll watch the rest of the Youtube vids I want to see, and then I’ll play some Skyrim. XD
I’m really enjoying it.


Oh, horrors of horrors.

Mood: Somewhat depressed.
Listening to: A documentary about Jonestown.

So, the terrible thing that happened… There are more things than one, actually, but I digress. I was going to play Skyrim yesterday, to continue my Dani adventure, and I saw that my new Snake person had DEVOURED DANI!!! HER SAVE WAS GONE!!! All her things.. all her achievements… gone. 🙁
But I made a new Dani.. and I’ll try to do the same thing over again. I know I’ll fuck it up, and I think I already did 😛
But whatever. She’ll marry Farkas anyway and all will be well. I got to level 4 with her last night. AND! While Farkas and Dani were looking for the shard of the sword thingie, she got an amulet of Mara. SCORE! It still sucks, tho. I wanted to prepare a little better for the shard finding, but Farkas was in a hurry. I wanted to get a familiar or a flame thingie. I COULD go back out.. I think I might. OH, and no strange things happened when she got to Riverwood. No dead elf in the middle of the street. However.. she did kind of kill a possible hired companion when she was brawling with a bard, to have him stay away from the lady in the market place in Whiterun. I have no idea how it happened. She was brawling, winning the fight, then suddenly this lady springs to her feet and starts attacking. I COULD have let her live, I suppose, but Lydia was having none of it. She killed her dead, man. Oops. But I did get a smashing nice armour out of it. Really nice. XD
So yeah.. I guess I have to grind loads now to get her up to level 18 again, and then continue where I left off… If I remember what was going on. I know I have to go to Riften and be swayed by the guy with the accent. I’m looking forward to that. At least now I know a little what’s going to happen. Oh well.

The other terrible thing, which is more terrible than losing a save… My dad is ill. I don’t want to go too much into it because he doesn’t want it out there, so I’ll just leave it at.. he’s ill.. and he’s getting it taken care of. But it means that I have to go home to help him and stuff. And that’s fine. I’m happy to do it. I’ve already been at home once. It was a good trip. We cleaned most of the house, so that he doesn’t have to worry about that when he’s recuperating.
But yeah. One day at a time. 🙂
Stay positive.

And some good news.
I got a new winter jacket. It’s SO awesome! I love it to bits. I am wondering if I want to get some new winter shoes, too. I have some, but they are really tall and cumbersome. If the winter shoes are awesome too, I can trade in my nike shox sneakers for the time being. =D
I’ll ask hubby, who is awesome, by the way, if he minds driving me to the mall tomorrow.
And he is awesome because he cleaned the kitchen and the entrance hall while I was away.
But now I’m going to the store.

Be good to each other, and yourself. <3


The Mad Mad World of Skyrim

So many things have happened. Dani has been a good girl and stayed away, for the most part, from Farkas. OK, so she did drop by one night and saw him. But he seemed a little annoyed at her for not talking to the one guy by the hidden door at night. She’s still a little sore at the guy for thinking she’s not a good match for the Companions. But she has travelled. And she has become Thane in Flakreath and Morthal. She revisited Flakreath one day and suddenly two dragons attacked. The battle music started up and one of the dragons fell from the sky… DEAD! The other one soon fell, too. But seriously.. WTH! Why?
What happened to it? Did they crash in mid-air?? I think animals in Skyrim has a magical power.. the power of teleportation. Dani and Lydia was walking from somewhere, I can’t remember the name.. but it has the most beautiful Aurora Borealis.
On the way they saw a dragon, but it flew away… Then they happened upon some bandits who seemed very reluctant to attack Dani. They just stood there, looking at her..with their swords raised (not those swords. Get your mind out of the gutter). But she killed them and continued her way towards Whiterun. THEN! They came upon a mammoth in the middle of the road. They stopped to let the beast get into the wilderness so that they could pass, but before that two saber cats attacked them!!! They killed them but then suddenly the mammoth was on them!!!! I’m not ashamed to admit I ran for her live. Who knows if there were giants nearby, how many there were and if there were more mammoths. She was not taking any chances.
She got back to Whiterun and went to the Bannered Mare to have a drink. As soon as she entered she was accosted by a guy wanting to drink with her. After the day she had had, she needed a drink, and she agreed. His name was Sam Guevenne, and he was a tricky one. They got drunk, apparently, and she woke up in Markarth. Gods knows what happened to her during the night. But from what she heard, they had one hell of a time. To the list of offences: goat kidnapping, blaspheming statues by fondling (she seriously needs to get laid) and messing up the place. She eventually, after threatening her way across Skyrim, apparently she’s a mean sober (sorry, Ysolde, she’s just hungover and not in the mood for your shit), she finds Sam in Morvunskar.. and that after killing so many people. But he seems happy enough, and he is Sanguine, the Daedric Prince of Debauchery. He gives her his staff (not…) which will summon a Dremora to fight with you. This turned out to be great, because now she could hit all those places she has stopped before. Like finding the missing books for the orc guy at the College of Winterhold. This is where Lydia died before, but now they took on everything with ease and got the books. They also took on Shimmermist Cave. It turned out there was a strong Falmer in there with a steam powered Dwarven Centurion. The first time they went through there they were wrecked. With the Dremora they got wrecked. When she told Lydia to stay back and not fight.. she did it. She killed them all! =D
And when they came out of the cave a guy ran up to her and handed her a sword, telling her to keep it safe until he came back. And that’s the last she saw of him. *shrug*
I know, really, what she needs to do next. She needs to continue her main quest line.. to talk to the elven guy, Melborn in Solitude. With the major fuck-up with Bale (<3), I know what I need to do. But yeah….
With the Dremora it’ll be easier, I hope.
OH! I need to take a picture of Dani in her sexy dress anyway.. so I might as well do the thing.

I better get her ready…