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Happy New Year

Mood: Good…
Listening to: Rockets going off… and the TV

Happy New Year, guys…
OK, so it hasn’t come that far just yet, but five more hours and I have a brand new year to ruin for everyone XD
Just kidding.
I don’t even hare new years resolutions. I could of course make some, but I don’t see the point… I’ll go along with it till I go “Meh, fuck this shit..” after about a month… But then there’s is always the “I’m gonna be a better person” thing… but how can you improve on perfection?

I kid… I kid because I love…
But anyways… Nothing really happening here today. I had a great dinner today. Moose steak…. I told you I was going to have moose…. Well, if the kids had been here I would have had to make something else, probably turkey, but seeing as they are busy kids they have parties to go to.. friends to hang out with…

On a side note I got my Christmas present from Ellie, the most excellent of friends… She gave me a Nintendo ds cover with a pen thingie and stuff… very good… and I got a Hello Kitty beanie… loved it… But it says on the note attached to it that it will kill me when I sleep… so I’ll be chaining it to the wall…

Happy New Year everyone… party down, be responsible… and if you can’t be careful, name it after me…


Merry Christmas everyone

Mood: Happy
Listening to: some guy on TV talking about the railway between Bergen and Oslo

So… the loot of this christmas was…
My Father – Loads of love and money
My mother – Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, loads of love and money
My Brother – Resident Evil – Apocalypse, Resident Evil – Degeneration, loads of love and money (and I found out alot about him that I didn’t know)
My Jan – Fridge… but we knew that ^_^ And lots of love, of course
The Kids – Shampoo/conditioner and chocolate…
Ellie –  I don’t know yet… it didn’t get here…
and from Jans parents – towels and a raclette grill… which I’m looking forward to trying… should be amazing to make cheese burgers on.
Well, basically lots of love from everyone… what can I say.. I’m fantastic ^_~

So yeah….. I had a really nice day yesterday… I ate, I drank, I ate some more and too much… and am now paying the price. I have a toilet with my name on it… But no stress… it was amazing how no stress there was.
And today we have leftovers… and maybe I’ll be able to eat more today than I did yesterday.. lol… It was delicious… but I think I snacked too much… far too much… and sadly my tumtum was full of candy… so today… a late breakfast and nothing till I eat dinner… maybe an apple if I get too crabby…

So that was my day…

Talk to you guys later…
Have a wonderful day


It’s the day before christmas

Mood: Great
Listening to: Christmas carols ^_^

Yes, it’s the day before Christmas and I’m not done yet. I have yet to get the house done. But I’ll get that done today.
I have the food for tomorrow, the tree is lovely (no pictures.. its shy), the house is clean… and my relaxation has been on full blast throughout all these pre christmas days. No stress… I love it. This is what Christmas is all about.

I made cookies too… Reindeer, hearts and dogs.
I tried to get individual pictures, but it seems that my camera has been drinking and couldn’t get a clear picture of them. So these are them…
The reason the doggie looks a little… shocked… He and his fellow puppies were dropped from a great heights by mistake and he was the only one that survived.
And the reindeer has started to lose their antlers.
But they are all good… Even though I hated the dough.. man it was pissing me off.. I was trying to roll it out, and half of it got stuck to the rolling pin.. even after I had drenched both the surface of the dough and the rolling pin in flour.
So yeah… 11 doggies, 10 reindeer and 9 hearts… some of the hearts got broken too when the puppies died… 🙁

Other than that all I can do is wish everyone a Peaceful Christmas

Christmas cheers

The Gingerbreadhouse

Mood: Good
Listening to: Nothing

So yes.
I put my gingerbread house together yesterday and I decorated it today.
Sadly I had some esembly difficulties yesterday, and I don’t think it’ll be OK’d when the building people come to check it out. And it totally lacks plumbing and electricity, which actually might be a good thing…
It looked great last night when I went to bed…
And today I did good… I breat one egg white to stiff peaks (so proud) and made royal icing. Put the icing in a bag and started making really nice patterns on the house… then it went splosh and I had a huge turd like blob of icing on my roof… So I just grabbed a knife and smeared it all out.. and thenI put the chocolate buttons on it… and that’s when the roof, well, half a roof, fell off… but I put it back together again with icing, so hopefully no one will notise.
And after that I put gummi people on the side of the house… looks really good…

And now it kinda looks like santazombies are taking over the house… heh heh heh…


Happy Christmas… soon…

Mood: Happy… even though I woke up at 4:45 am and couldn’t get back to sleep… so I got up at 5:50 am
Listening to: Mythbusters

Yeah, I have no idea what happened. Jan went to work at 5 am, and did try to get back to sleep, but I didn’t even flinch when I put the lights on in the bedroom when I decided to throw in the towel and get up, so I must have been done with the sleep thing.
So yeah. It’s been a while. I’ve been busy, but not too busy. Just “I can’t be arsed to write anything” busy. But it’s not like I haven’t been thinking about what to write. So this might be a very long entry. I have a lot of issues this time.

The first thing is “Why the hell do they make TV series from good movies?”
Case in point Smallville.
There are so many things that happen in Smallville that totally contradicts what happens to Superman later in life. And by later in life I mean Superman as Christopher Reeve. He is the only Superman. Yeah yeah, I know you americans hand LOADS of Supermen, but Christopher Reeve is what I grew up with, so he is the only Superman…
Let’s just first of all mention in passing the relationship Superman has with Lex Luthor in Smallville. Of course it could happen that they got hit by a meteor and forgot all about each other, but this is Superman we’re talking about.
I saw an episode where Superman was human… Yeah.. like in the movie. And Lex’ dad, who was a babbling fool at a sanitarium, suddenly became normal, yet inhumanly strong, as Clark was being brought back to life from a gunshot wound. (You wanted it, Clark, you wanted to be normal… Good going..)
So, everyone is all 🙁 because suddenly Clark’s body goes missing, but it’s OK. He comes to at the North pole or where ever the crystal thingie is, and it turns out that Lex’ dad got taken over by Clark’s real dad. And of course he tells Clark that he can never go back to being normal again. EVER… Huh… *scoffs* Then what exactly happened in the movie when Christopher Clark became human??
Basically I think I’m thinking far too much about this.

Other peeves.
The leading douch of fashion here in Norway, Jan Thomas
Mr Botox, himself, has the nerve to judge women who have a totally different taste than he has. And basically his taste is… well, it sucks.
He called the Prime Ministers wife’s dress a.. rag was it? Giving it, probably a cast of the die… 2… idk, I couldn’t care less..
I just don’t like how he rags on peoples personal taste.
What’s even worse is that Eli Hagenagrees with the douch, and says that some women should ask for help etc. Yeah, did anyone say ANYTHING at ALL about that ratsnest you have on your head, lady???

Yeah yeah, I know that I’m basically doing the same thing to what they are doing. But come on.. they are easy targets.

Jan Thomas; I like my men rough. I don’t want a metro sexual.  I don’t mind men having dirt under their fingernails. I’d rather have them have dirt under their fingernails than having funk pumped unnaturally into their face making them resemble a cross between a duck and an alien.

Eli; before you judge other people, sort out your hair…

Now, I know I’m not the most attractive person in the world, but at least I have the decency and respect for other peoples choices than to rag on them.

But now I’m getting firewood..
Had to vent.. feel somewhat better…


Honey, I’m home

Mood: good,  but I’m freezin my ass off
Listening to: the TV

Yes, I’m now back from my holiday… on the ice planet of Hoth…
OK, not really, but we did drive past where the beginning of Star Wars V.. the frosen bit… was recorded.

But yeah… I’ve been away… taht’s why I havn’t been online too much…
I had but a few days visiting my mum, my brother and my dad… so I decided I’d be with them and just check out emails and stuff once a day…
But now I’m home, and it’s bloody freezing here…
it’s like the inside of the rebel base on Hoth…

I should do something to get warm…

Good to be home, ya’ll….


Happy December 1st

Mood: Good!
Listening to: The Simpson’s on TV.

And so this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over… a new one just begun.
OK, not yet, but it’s’ only like 30 days.. Holy shit….
I, however, am already filled to the brim with Christmas spirit and I’m REALLY looking forward to spending this Christmas in the sole company of the love of my life. And it seems like he doesn’t have to work on Christmas Eve either. =D
This just keeps getting better and better ^_^

I have, also, finished my Christmas gifts. Well, there is one more I have to get, but honestly, it’s no big deal.

Finally my movie site came back too… finally…
I know he must have fought hard against the evils of the world to free himself and come back to us, but our G foiled them all! You go, G!
And it’s New and Improved site too… Looks rather fancy, if I do say so myself.

There is a lot of things going on now, so this will be a rather short entry.
I’ll elaborate more on Friday, if I have the time.

Happy happy ^_^