Drunken Sunday entry Whoaaaaaaaa judo-chop!

Listneing to: James and Morgan playing MInecraft.
Mood: So damn good… Sambuca is your friend!

I just saw Birdemic 2. God damn, it was bad. And I do mean BAD!! No offence, James Guyen, but I thought Birdemic was a thriller or an action thing.. not a comedy.
So yeah.. I had to drink alittle to get through it. Man, that Sambuca sneaks up on you and whacks you hard. Almost like the home made turkish candy thing. really good, ybut damn dangeriso. Good thing one does now care about the mistakes one makes while writing. Will be more fin at al later date, maybe. Cheers.
So yah… Minecraft.
Omega_Appeltaart is making a masterpiece of a thing. It’s so damn awesome!






As beautiful it is underneath, it’s fantastic on top.2014-02-28_15.37.34



And that’s a few days ago. Now it looks even more fantastic. I haven’t gotten a screenshot yet.
And I’ve started building a hopsital. Monsoon Poultry Hopsital.
Name might get tweeked. It’s HUGE..
I should really either check my eyes, get sober or load the iamges on photobukcketr. They are a little blissyr.

Maybe this was a bad idale.


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