Sunday Round-up on a Sunday… whaaat?

Mood: Great
Listening to: A gamer chick on Youtube playing through Amnesia: Justine. I’m just waiting for her to start screaming. Seriously, everyone playing this game seems to start screaming….

Hello and good day.
I basically have nothing new to talk about.
I still love my new phone… I downloaded a free Tom, the talking Tom Cat app for it today, and I was having fun with him, having him sound like a castrato… lol.
I was working yesterday and that was good. I had a good time at it too…except for the killer headache. Pills didn’t touch it. Got home, had some food and Pepsi Max, and it helped. I think it might have been caffeen withdrawels, and since I don’t drink coffee and we didn’t have tea at work, I couldn’t drink that. I DID, however, have green ice tea… but I don’t know how much caffeen it has… It’s good though. Especially AriZona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey. Can only get it in Sweden, so I usually get a few bottles when we’re over there. I read something disturbing, that AriZona was stopping the production, but as I read on I found out it was a bullshit.. So I was very happy about that.
Right now I’m enjoying a nice glass of vodka and coke.. with ice cubes. So gooood. I love it.
I’ve also made a few knitting recipes, for wrist warmers. One for Tardis wrist warmers and one for MST3K wrist warmers. I tried making the Tardis ones and they look kinda weird… I’ll take some pictres of them so you can see.
I’ll have to get yarn for the MST3K ones. I think I might have some somewhere, depends the thickness etc.. color… I want black, purple and blue…
I’ll take a picture of the finished product anyways, so yeah…
The Tardis ones looks like trumpet sleeves, which is kinda nice, but idk… Seeing as they are blue they kinda go with nothing.. lol.
Anyways. I’ve been spending my week doing nothing much…
I’ll try to do some movie reviews… I’ll see what movies I can find that are somewhat interesting.

So, I hope you all have a nice weekend and an enjoyable week…



11 responses to “Sunday Round-up on a Sunday… whaaat?

  1. Reality Monitor

    I haven’t been watching much in the way of movies lately – mostly wallowing in the TV shows of my youth – namely: Quark, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and The Goodies. I DID watch the old Heavy Metal movie last night – but that’s not worth notice since everyone’s familiar with it.

    In other news – it’s one week till the premier of season 2 of the Walking Dead here in the US. Season 1 was spectacular so the bar is set high – hope it maintains the quality. Did you see season 1? What did you think?

  2. No, I haven’t caught much of it yet. I know it’s online and everything, but this is a series I want to watch on TV. I think I might just buy the DVD for it. It’s a zombie series.. can’t be that bad.. lol

    Starting new seasons is always a nerve wracking deal. I was the same way with Dexter and season 3. I daren’t watch it because season 2 was so great…

  3. Just wanted to check in with you guys. I’m still alive. Surgery went well. Now the waiting game. RM, if you want to know about a really nasty little mutant, look up Merkel cell carcinoma. I maybe got it removed in time. Miss you guys so much. Nobody else gets me like you all did.

  4. G!
    I’m so happy you gave us an update on yourself. I’m glad to see you’re still alive, and that you’re able to type. 😉
    I really really really hope that it was all removed and I’ll cross my fingers, send out positive vibes and watch an old movie just for you :3
    Might have a stab at Barbarella again..

  5. Barbarella, you are a brave one. I so want to start a site again. we will see how it goes. I would defiantly need a little help with admin stuff. I’m back at work. People treat you weird when they find out you have cancer. Miss you guys/gals. One of the flash-candy members (Copsvette) was part of my cancer support group. Small world. I’m also having a girl in Norway design a T-shirt for me, I’ll resist the impulse to ask if you know her.


  6. I tried to make a movie review of it, but, like the movie, it was shit.

    People get weirded out when it comes to illnesses. I think it’s because cancer is like a taboo, for some reason. That since you have it everything in your life must revolve around it and therefor we shouldn’t talk about it, but most likely it’s the very thing people want to talk to you about. Weird how that goes. Of course, luckily, this doesn’t go for all people.. Some are still able to talk to you in a normal way and treat you the same as before. Sure, you had cancer and was operated on because of it.. they removed the cancer.. not your sense of humor… hopefully.. <.< That is a very small world indeed. Must be strange to meet someone from "movie world" in real life like that. Personally I can't say I have ever esperienced it. And thank you for fighting the urge. I don't think I know of anyone that designs t-shirts... hehehe... If you need any help at all, just let me know, and I'll try my hardest to do what I can for you :3

  7. Reality Monitor

    Soooooo glad to hear from you G! Also glad to hear that all is well so far – you know we’re all pullin’ for ya! I haven’t had time to look into it too seriously at this point – but it does sound like it’s pretty nasty. Generally speaking, there have been some impressive advances in treating the big C – so the odds are definitely in your favor.

    Cancer is a taboo for ‘some reason’. Sure is and it’s because it still frightens the hell out of people. People have an instinctive response which pretty much boils down to the “fight or flight” response and in these situations it comes down to “flight”. They’re afraid of the disease. They’re afraid of saying the wrong thing. Understandable, just not very helpful.

  8. too true…

  9. Hey G … Great to hear from you! It’s also fantastic to hear that the doctors were able to remove the carcinoma in time . A lot of people beat the odds and I know you’re going to be one of them.
    I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t think about you, GBO, RM and all the other crazies from Flash-Candy. I’m looking forward to when you’re back on your feet again and ready to put together a new site. Stay Strong!


  10. I’m working on it Skyguy. I’ve found a whole bunch of new stuff also. Some foreign, some just really obscure. The thing I’m wrestling with is what video format to use. Flash is not seen by a lot of devices now. Also, some type of (yuck) membership to keep the leeches out. Docs say i’m doing very well and am on the winning side of the statistics. The next two years will tell. Like Steve Jobs, I have/had a very rare and invasive cancer (Merkel). The good thing is they think they caught it in time.

  11. That’s great news, G. I’ll keep sending out those good vibes to you to keep you on the winning side of the statistics.