The New Rapture

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It’s Friday the 21st of October, and it’s supposed to be the day of the rapture….you know.. the one that was supposed to happen in May but the guy said he was off by five months…
So.. it’s almost 3pm here, which, if the time is the same, means the world will end in 3 hours.
Ok, so it’s not really an end of the world.. Just all those who are devoted christians will be swept off their feet and taken to the promised land, and will be sitting on a cloud, sipping virgin margaritas while laughing at us ungodly fools.
So.. if it’s not at 6pm tonight but sooner, I’ll be here, trying to report live as we go. However, seeing as I have to upload this thing it won’t be too live. Never mind.
I could post this and if there isn’t an update from me that will mean the rapture happened before time and I am more christian than I thought… I don’t know if the rapture means the internets will go down… If it does then this will get boring pretty fast.
Seems that people aren’t taking it as seriously as they did back in May.  I haven’t read anything about people walking around with signs telling us the rapture is near.

Ok.. I think I’ll just post this now, and I’ll add updates later as we go along…

Lene, for now

So.. it’s 5:17pm and nothing has happened yet.
Well, when I say nothing I mean nothing of rapturous nature.
I have  had some beer sausages… sooo tasty.. and I’m making dinner.
But beyond that nothing exciting.

To quote the musical version of “War of the Worlds” by Jeff Wayne…. If you have a chanse in the future, check it out. It’s one briliant piece of paranoia inducing music.
“It seems totally incredibble to me now
that everyone spent that evening as
though it were just like any other
From the railway station came the sound of shutting trains
ringing and rumbling softened almost
into melody by the distance
It all seemed so safe and tranquil”

It’s like 5:40pm now…
eating my dinner..

Like.. I’m only assuming since it was 6pm last time that it’d be 6pm this time.. idk.

7 min to go… *looks out window* S’just getting dark…

6 min… Will they like knock on the door or something?

5 min… Well, at least most of my friends will be around… lol

4 min… *hums texas ranger theme* “when you’re in Rohan look behind you.. cause that’s where the Ranger’s gonna be…

3 min… ahahaha… good times…

2 min… I must say I’m disappointed at the lack of covarage. Maybe people freaked out too soon…

1 min… Good dinner, though… Beef Stroganoff.. sooo tasty mmmmm… and with the 14 chickens we bought today we’re set for the future, whatever it might bring…
No, they aren’t live chickens.. Frosen ones… so that OMGOMGOMG!!!AAAARGH!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK CHARLIEHOOOOORSE!!!!!! (I’m just kidding… 😉  It’s 6pm now.. and nothing…
Oh well..


9 responses to “The New Rapture

  1. Reality Monitor

    Damnit! Did I sleep thru the apocalypse AGAIN?

  2. Seems like it..

    The dude that keeps bringing us these tidings has gone into hiding now..
    One would think that third time was the charm, but I guess it doesn’t always work… lol

  3. Reality Monitor

    Sunday movies – I could set up a chat room, but have no way to put the movies on the same page. It would be possible to download and run a movie in a separate window from the chat page. Any interest?

  4. Reality Monitor

    Playing around with the following – Think this would work?

  5. that seems briliant, RM.

    It’s easy to open to windows and make one of them smaller while watching the movie..
    It’s great =D

  6. Reality Monitor

    Sounds good then. Send the word out to anybody from the old group you have an email of.

  7. I’ll try to round up the old gang.
    I hope I have emails stored.. I should have… I hope I remember all the names…
    Don’t be surprised if you get one too, RM 😉

  8. Reality Monitor

    I’d feel insulted if I didn’t. 😀

    Look forward to seeing you on the site.

  9. Hope all of us get there..
    I’ll be sending them out now :3