Happy December 1st

Mood: Good!
Listening to: The Simpson’s on TV.

And so this is Christmas, and what have you done? Another year over… a new one just begun.
OK, not yet, but it’s’ only like 30 days.. Holy shit….
I, however, am already filled to the brim with Christmas spirit and I’m REALLY looking forward to spending this Christmas in the sole company of the love of my life. And it seems like he doesn’t have to work on Christmas Eve either. =D
This just keeps getting better and better ^_^

I have, also, finished my Christmas gifts. Well, there is one more I have to get, but honestly, it’s no big deal.

Finally my movie site came back too… finally…
I know he must have fought hard against the evils of the world to free himself and come back to us, but our G foiled them all! You go, G!
And it’s New and Improved site too… Looks rather fancy, if I do say so myself.

There is a lot of things going on now, so this will be a rather short entry.
I’ll elaborate more on Friday, if I have the time.

Happy happy ^_^


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