These dreams

Mood: Pretty good. A little tired, and you’ll find out why.
Listening to: Rooster Teeth’s The Patch #46

I had a ton of dreams last night. I mean wow. At first there were kittens stepping in paint.. or one of them did. And the white one listened to me when I told her not to step in paint and to show me her paws to show me she hadn’t. <.<
Then there was the ghost in my dad’s bedroom. There was this dude in bed with a tablet for a pillow, and the ghost was poltergeisting him, dragging him out of bed and so forth. And I was telling the ghost to leave. Over and over. And then I told him to give back Jan, and suddenly his hand shot out of the bed cover sea and I saved him.
Needless to say I woke up from this dream and my face felt pretty hot. So I must have worked hard or ,subconsciously, felt embarrassed. It took some time for me to get back to sleep again. “We’re not gonna take it” was looping in my head.
When I finally got back to sleep I had a dream about Ryan Haywood from Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunters. We were driving around, talking about his love for his wife.
Yeah, I have no idea. Really, I don’t. I get the ghost thing, I think, because I watched a “Are ghosts real” from a scientific point of view last night.
And the kittens with the paint. I think that might have, also, been a clip of twin kids doing a paint footprints up a wall prank. one kid steals a purse, the purse owner calls for help and a guy runs to her aid. The kid runs around a corner and hides and his twin is on the top of a building with shoe prints up the wall.. and the aid guy is all “what the heeeeell?”
The Rooster Teeth/AH thing might be because I watch their Minecraft show before bedtime. Everything else is just vivid imagination.

So, there’s been a think I’ve been wondering about for ages. Why do people hate Phil Collins? You know.. from Genesis.
When Genesis started up Peter Gabriel was the lead singer. The band did some weird prog-rock thing. Gabriel came on stage dressed in strange costumes.
Anyway… Gabriel and the band grew apart and they all decided that Gabriel should leave the band, and he agreed. After a lot, and I do mean a lot, of searching for a person to replace Gabriel and not finding anyone, Collins took the part of lead singer. They followed the prog-rock genre, but eventually decided on regular pop. It’s not like Gabriel and Collins hated each other; Collins helped Gabriel on one of his albums getting a new drum sound or something. And it’s not like Gabriel didn’t strike it big after he left Genesis.
Genesis might not be the greatest band in the world, but you can’t say that there isn’t a song they have that you won’t sing along to when it’s on the radio. OR a song Collins solo’s that you won’t air drum to (“In the air tonight”).
So why hate? I don’t get it. If they are fine with what happened, why can’t we be?

Anyway. Just airing out my thoughts.

Be utterly excellent to each other.


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